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My Sites You Should Visit

Need a system to run virtually every element of your business in the information marketing business? This site will give you the tools that you need to run a successful info products business.

Want to register domains for the lowest prices around? This site will show you how to get the lowest prices around to pick up or renew a domain name.

If you want to learn how to create, market and sell your own information products, this is THE site to visit. You’ll see how YOU can build your own information marketing “empire” in a week’s time.

This site is the single most comprehensive site that teaches people about the entire process of information marketing. There are lots of audios and videos on a variety of topics. It’s a great place to continue your education in the field.

If you want to hear the LATEST ideas and “buzz” in the information products business, this is the site to visit . . . EVERY day!

Want to learn how to get some individual help on your project? This site will show you how to get a reduced rate for one-on-one help. This is relevant regardless of the field you’re in.

Get together with me for lunch when I’m traveling. Up to 8 people can sit at lunch and ask me any question they want about any topic. Go to
the site to see what city I’ll be in next. It’s always fun to get to know you personally.

Want to get some personal mentoring in the information marketing business? Then this site is the one you want to visit. I’ve set up a way for people to work with me in a more “formal” arrangement that can be mutually beneficial.

If you reserve more than 50 or 60 domain names a year, then you need to check this site out. You’ll save yourself a ton of money doing it this way.

Want to learn how to speak like a pro? This is the site to visit to learn how to become a more “natural” speaker. Just 6 people MAX can attend this event.

This yearly event geared to authors and publishers is recorded each year. You’ll learn all the tips and techniques needed to make more money publishing books and other products.

People I Think You Should Meet

(Please note that at many of these sites I receive an affiliate commission if you buy anything. This will not affect your purchase price and I would NEVER recommend anything JUST to get paid!)

David Hamilton

David is the WebMarketingMagician. He is the person you want to turn to when you have technical questions and problems. Dave will help get your problems solved fast without burning a hole in your wallet.

Glenn Livingston

Glenn is the PPC king! In addition to having built a whole slew of successful niche markets, he now shows others how to do the same. He’s the guy you want to talk to when you have questions about pay-per-click advertising and how to research a market.

Bob Bly

Bob Bly is a very successful copywriter. He has also become a good friend. A number of years back I cajoled him into following my system for selling info products. He’s doing it . . . VERY well. I can’t say enough about Bob. Buy anything and everything you want from him. It’s ALL good!

David Oliver

David doesn’t SELL anything related to information marketing. He just runs a very successful niche marketing business. If you want to see how to do it right, take a look at his site and learn as much as you can. He follows my model to a “T”.

Terry Dean

There are very few people I both like and trust in the field of information/internet marketing. I’ve known Terry for a while and I’m happy to introduce you to him. To find out more about him, go to:

Other Sites I Suggest You Visit

Want to send emails that have maximum impact? Then you need to check out this site. You’ll be able to send emails that get people to take action and do what you recommend. This is a future trend you can’t ignore.

Want to make your WordPress site look super good and professional? This site will give you the tools to make it happen. After you do it, you won’t believe the difference.

Want to SPY on your competition? This is were you need to go to find out exactly what they are doing and how you can turn things to your advantage.

Where should you host your audios and videos that you create? NOT on YouTube if you want to keep them protected. Check out this site to help you out.

Want to set up a simple membership site? This is the tool you need. You don’t need to be a techie to protect your content in a way that virtually anyone can do.

This great tool will allow you to record and capture what you have on your computer screen. It’s the best one I’ve found for doing this. It’s simple and easy to use. ALL of my own screen capture videos were done using this software.