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The Seven Steps to Selling Information Products


I’ve broken down the “system” I teach into seven distinct steps. This should make it easier for you to learn and understand how to implement these ideas in a logical order. Each item has numerous subsections, but this is the basic blueprint for success in the information marketing business. I’ll detail exactly what you have to do at each step in a different chapter in this site. In SHORT, here is the system.

Step #1: Decide on a Niche

First you’ll need to figure out which group you’ll be targeting with your information products. Before you even develop the product you’ll need to really understand who you are targeting. You’ll also want to make sure that the group you’re targeting has an interest in what you’ll be selling.

Step #2: Write the Copy to Sell Your Product

The words, audio and video you use to sell people when they come to your site are crucial to making this business work. The “copy”, the words you use to sell, whether in print, audio or video are critical to your success.

Step #3: Create Your Product

After you write the copy, you’ll now want to develop your product based on that copy. You’ll have to decide whether the product should be in written, audio, video, or some other form. The answer will depend on what your potential customers would most prefer.

Step #4: Design a Website to Sell Your Product

After your product is done, you’ll want to have a place to sell it. Although you may be doing some selling offline, the bulk of your sales will happen online. So you’ll need a website.

Step #5: Drive Traffic to Your Site

Now that you have this brilliant product or service, you’ll need to find the way to tell the world about it. Getting people to visit your site will be your next challenge. You’ll learn how to do that both on and offline with both paid and unpaid means.

Step #6: Convert Your Visitors to Buyers and Opt-ins

Once you get people to visit your site, you’ll want to get them to pull out their credit cards and give you money. As a fallback to this position, you’ll want to get them to opt-in (to your list) to receive further information from you.

Step #7: Get Your Buyers to Buy MORE and more OFTEN from You

Once you’ve convinced someone to buy from you, the next step is to get them to buy more AND buy more often. You’ll learn specific techniques to make that happen.


This site is all about a “system.” A system that I’ve created to help you succeed in the information product business. Follow these steps, in order and your chances for success will be much, much greater. Now, let’s get started!