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Your Speaking Promotional Material

I want to discuss the basic promotional materials that every speaker must have. I have worked with a lot of speakers to help them develop their speaking materials and I know what you need to have and what works best.  They include:  I Your book I Business cards  I Testimonial letters I One-page, faxable brochure  I Tiered brochure I Free giveaway items  I... Read more »

What to Say to People When They Ask What You Do

You will get asked the question in a variety of different circumstances: What do you do?  You should have a very well prepared answer to this question in two or three lengths. The first one you should have is what is often called your “elevator” pitch. This is a one sentence description of what you do. It should be sufficiently intriguing for people to... Read more »

Public Seminar Companies

Public seminar companies are those large organizations that send out massive numbers of brochures promoting every seminar topic you could possibly imagine.  If you aren’t on their lists, get on them. The public seminar companies would include Dunn and Bradstreet, Padgett Thompson, SkillPath and The Covey Institute. Watch what they are promoting.  This... Read more »

Speaking Organizations

There are a number of organizations that are relevant to speakers. Let me give you an overview of each. Before I do that remember not to spend all your time commiserating with your peers. It may be fun, but it seldom generates revenue.  National Speakers Association  Here is an area that my frank talk will get me in hot water. But as you can probably guess,... Read more »

Speaking Terminology: Keynotes,Seminars or Workshops

As a speaker, you need to understand some basic terminology in the industry.  A keynote speech (when the term is properly used) refers to a relatively short speech running from between 30 to 90 minutes.  Keynote speakers are usually showmen (and women). They are more motivational than informational.  A keynote is also a one way street. The speaker talks... Read more »