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What Information Marketers Can Learn from Songwriters and Laundromats
Information marketers can learn a lot from two professions that seem to have nothing to do with the info products field. I have a lot of friends that are musicians. Most of them dream about being able to make a decent living. For many a musician, this is all about writing a song that gets picked up by an artist. If the... Read more »
Reselling Products and Information Marketing Revenue
I sell a lot of info products. Both for myself and with my JV Partners. The two areas that provide me with my biggest monthly checks are from and Earlier this week I was at a conference put on by the folks at GoDaddy for resellers like me. The conference itself was extremely... Read more »
Popular Information Products to Sell
Whenever I do a speech or a seminar where I talk about selling info products, I get people coming up to me afterwards asking me: WHAT SHOULD I SELL? They are often relative newbies to the field of information marketing and I try and give them my best advice. If you’re trying to get started immediately, you probably... Read more »