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Blogging: The 3 Essential Types You MUST Have in the Information Marketing Field
I do a fair amount of blogging about information marketing. More than most, fewer than some. The question I always get is: How can you crank out so much material? Here are my responses. 1. I like the field I’m in and find it easy to write about. 2. I am constantly annoyed or angered by behavior I see in regards to... Read more »
Blog Topics for Information Marketers (and anyone)
What should I blog about today? This is a question that information marketers and others are asking themselves all the time. My question is a little bit different: What shouldn’t I blog about today? Why so different on my end? Frankly, I’m not sure. I subscribe to a number of industry publications. I follow... Read more »
Blog Posting Frequency When Selling Info Products
I was getting concerned about how often I had started to blog. I thought it might not be a good idea to be writing 3 or more blog posts daily. Then I read an article that made me reconsider how I was thinking about things as someone who sells info products for a living. My feeling is that people come to your blog for two... Read more »

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Blogging for Information Marketing Types
Blogging Ideas for YOU! Everyone should have a blog. Here are some ideas I’ve come up with that you should use when blogging. I hope they help! 1. Write about what your readers will actually CARE about. 2. Continue to evolve, learn and study in your area of expertise. 3. Don’t write about things others could... Read more »

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