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How to Write Your Non-Fiction Book in 10 Days (or Less)
One of the problems I hear at every seminar I give is how difficult people find it to get their books WRITTEN. I have a solution for you. Follow these steps and you’ll be cranking out 4-6 books a year . . . if you so choose! First, go out and buy 300 3X5 index cards. Write down every single idea or concept you have... Read more »
Information Marketing BOOK SOLUTIONS from CreateSpace
One of the MOST ignored products for someone doing information marketing is their book. NOT an ebook. A good, old fashioned, PHYSICAL book! If you want to make the “big bucks” selling info products, don’t ignore this one. My self published books have been invaluable to my career in this business. They... Read more »
10 Steps to Self Publishing a PHYSICAL Book Everyone Who Sells Info Products Should Know
This is an overview of the steps necessary to get a physical book self-published. If you need more help, go to You can pick up my book “Publishing For Maximum Profit” for free. It will give you a LOT more information to help you. There are some minor/less important steps that have been... Read more »
Information Marketing and Book Publishing
A major element of success if you are selling Information products is the writing and publishing of a PHYSICAL book. I recently put together a coaching program with my good friend and JV Partner, Bill O’Hanlon. Bill and I are working together in two different areas. This one is all about showing folks how to get their... Read more »
Information Marketing Bootcamp Experience
I do an info marketing bootcamp for people every quarter. I’m right in the middle of one now. One of the things that always fascinates me is the type of people this event attracts. At this event there is an asset protection attorney, Michael Potter; a voice over artist, Bill DeWees: a relationship expert Andrew Hymers... Read more »