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Finding Your Niche
Information Marketing Guide: Information Marketing Niche This video will show you how to find your niche market for your information marketing business.  Read More →

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A PRIMER for Authors and Others Who Sell Info Products
If you’re an author, speaker, consultant or any other type of information marketer, It’s always tough knowing exactly where to start. Which tools should you use and why? Should you use this one or that one, or the LATEST and greatest (or so “they” claim)? First off, let’s define the terms.... Read more »
How to Make Your Information Marketing Business “Competition Proof”
I compete against a number of other people who do what I do. In addition to creating and marketing my own products, I now create a substantial amount of revenue from coaching others in the info marketing business. But . . . let’s talk about YOU and YOUR NICHE. Do you ever get bothered, or even depressed when you see... Read more »
DONE FOR YOU Information Marketing
Most subject matter experts who want to sell information products have absolutely NO interest in understanding the mechanics of the process. That’s not what they’re excited and passionate about. That passion is reserved, in most cases, for their SUBJECT. Makes sense, right? So, what’s your move as someone... Read more »
The NEW Holy Grail of Information Marketing
For many years, people who are in the information marketing business would brag about their SIZE. LIST SIZE that is. I suspect that the bragging will soon shift to another number. Number of RSS subscribers. As email gets more and more difficult to get through people’s spam filters, deliverability of email will present... Read more »