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Pointing Your Domain Name
Information Marketing Guide: Domain Name DNS Setup This video will show you how to setup your nameservers to point to your hosting account.  Read More →

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Registering a Domain Name
Information Marketing Guide: Domain Name Registration This video will show you how to buy cheap domain names for your info marketing business. I know that a lot of viewers on this website may have had trouble in the past, or are still having trouble, finding the right platform to get their domain names set up, and it’s... Read more »

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Information Marketing Domain Names and WHY They Matter
For anyone in the field of information marketing, domain names are CRITICAL to your success. I just saw an ad on TV for a new singles site for SENIORS. The name they came up with was pretty good: My “sick” mind immediately thought of a very demented off-shoot of the name: Read more »
The “RIGHT” Domain Name When Selling Information Products
If you’re in the information marketing business, the RIGHT domain name can be a HUGE asset. For a number of reasons, not least of which is the SEO value of the domain. Here is a recent email exchange I just had with someone regarding a domain name that I own: First email from the “interested”... Read more »