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Assigning “LEVELS” to Your Info Products
The problem with MANY info products is they are often TOO basic or TOO advanced. It’s confusing. I’m sure YOU have bought products that seemed much too basic. Still others that were way over your head. This got me thinking. (YIKES – Watch out when THAT happens!) Why not give your customers a way to know... Read more »
A PRIMER for Authors and Others Who Sell Info Products
If you’re an author, speaker, consultant or any other type of information marketer, It’s always tough knowing exactly where to start. Which tools should you use and why? Should you use this one or that one, or the LATEST and greatest (or so “they” claim)? First off, let’s define the terms.... Read more »
When Selling Info Products: Motivation Without ACTION is BS
If you’re one those people who think “The Secret” was brilliant, you better get off this train right here. The idea that you can THINK yourself into a “wealth of riches” is patently absurd and ridiculous. I certainly don’t want to paint everyone with the same brush (and won’t here),... Read more »
How to Write Your Non-Fiction Book in 10 Days (or Less)
One of the problems I hear at every seminar I give is how difficult people find it to get their books WRITTEN. I have a solution for you. Follow these steps and you’ll be cranking out 4-6 books a year . . . if you so choose! First, go out and buy 300 3X5 index cards. Write down every single idea or concept you have... Read more »
Blogging: The 3 Essential Types You MUST Have in the Information Marketing Field
I do a fair amount of blogging about information marketing. More than most, fewer than some. The question I always get is: How can you crank out so much material? Here are my responses. 1. I like the field I’m in and find it easy to write about. 2. I am constantly annoyed or angered by behavior I see in regards to... Read more »