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Finding Your Niche
Information Marketing Guide: Information Marketing Niche This video will show you how to find your niche market for your information marketing business.  Read More →

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Registering a Domain Name
Information Marketing Guide: Domain Name Registration This video will show you how to buy cheap domain names for your info marketing business. I know that a lot of viewers on this website may have had trouble in the past, or are still having trouble, finding the right platform to get their domain names set up, and it’s... Read more »

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A “Clever” Info Product Idea (NOT MINE!)
Want to create a product that people will love? My advice is to LISTEN to your market. Frequently, they’ll come up with ideas you wouldn’t even have considered. Here’s an example. I was speaking with one of the members of my Publishing Coaching Group. I was saying how relatively easy it is for me to crank... Read more »
Creating Information Marketing Modules
Any and everyone who creates and markets information products needs a SYSTEM. A system that will make it both easy to CREATE the products AND easy for those who buy the info products to use and implement the concepts and ideas. I’ve found the best way to do that is to create modules. I define a module as a single... Read more »
Information Marketing Models and Gurus: Who Should You Emulate?
There are a lot of people who operate in the information marketing “space.” I recently watched a series of videos put together by one of those so-called “gurus.” Like many of these folks, he talks about how you can make MILLIONS of dollars. Let’s assume for a second that he’s right. Some... Read more »