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Finding Your Niche
Information Marketing Guide: Information Marketing Niche This video will show you how to find your niche market for your information marketing business.  Read More →

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When Selling Info Products, it’s ALL About the PREPARATION
In the information marketing business, there are certain MUST DO items if you want to succeed. Every morning when I get up, my goal is follow my DAILY PLAN. That plan includes first going downstairs and getting on the elliptical machine and doing my aerobic workout. After I’m done, I make myself a smoothie. This isn’t... Read more »

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Who do YOU “Listen to” in the Information Marketing Field?
One of the biggest problem in the field of information marketing, or any field for that matter, is trying to figure out WHO to listen to. There are a lot of folks CLAIMING to be able to teach you about various aspects of this field. Who do you trust? Who should you spend your time and money with? If you make a mistake in... Read more »

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Information Marketing MUST HAVE Technology
Whenever I meet people at one of my seminars or events related to information marketing, I always get a lot of questions about what TOOLS I’m using to do my work. I’d like to share with you some of the basic tools that EVERYONE who markets and sells info products SHOULD have. 1. A Shopping Cart System. No matter... Read more »

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The GYRO Defense
At 4AM today, I got up and drove to Barstow California. I had done the same thing a few weeks ago. Barstow is not a place I would go for a casual visit. I was there both times on “official” business. The first time was for my arraignment. The second time for my TRIAL. For what offense? The day after Thanksgiving... Read more »

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