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Why YOU Need a Speaking Website
Every information marketer should be doing speaking as one component of their revenue mix. Some of you may really LIKE speaking. Or you may be doing it just because you feel you “should.” I recently completed a site geared specifically to the speaking side of my info products business. You can make upwards of... Read more »
Speakers and Information Marketing
Anyone who speaks for a living (or wants to) needs to understand the business of selling info products. Speakers selling info products is nothing new. When I first got into the speaking business I watched the successful speakers. All of them had “stuff” to sell at the back of the room. The problem is that the... Read more »

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Speaking Tip #1 – Be Yourself
When you see a great speaker there can be a lot of memorable things you notice. BUT, no matter who they are, chances are that they are being 100% authentic. That is the SINGLE BIGGEST SECRET about being a great speaker. Don’t try and copy anyone else. Don’t rehearse gestures. Don’t try and be a highly... Read more »

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Professional Speaking and Products
I just had a conversation with someone I had a meal with at the NSA convention in New York City. I suggested that she learn more about producing products and attend one of my events. Very self-serving, I know, but it was the God’s honest truth. The bigger truth for anyone in the speaking business is that few speakers... Read more »

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Public Speaking Topics
If you’re considering jumping into the field of public speaking you’ll naturally want to know which public speaking topics are most in demand. Many people use the words: “public speaking” when they really are interested in getting into speaking as a profession. If you’re one of those people... Read more »

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