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Blogging: The 3 Essential Types You MUST Have in the Information Marketing Field
I do a fair amount of blogging about information marketing. More than most, fewer than some. The question I always get is: How can you crank out so much material? Here are my responses. 1. I like the field I’m in and find it easy to write about. 2. I am constantly annoyed or angered by behavior I see in regards to... Read more »
How Is Information Marketing is Like Math?
Information marketing is definitely like math! Here is a VERY interesting quote from a piece in today’s New York Times. The author of the piece is David Bornstein. He is quoting a guy named John Mighton, the founder of a school of math learning called “Jump Math.” “No step is too small to ignore,”... Read more »
What Does YOUR Information Marketing “Group” Look Like?
If you’re in the business of selling info products, seminars are part of the process. BOTH giving AND attending them. If you’re in the information marketing field, you’ll probably be involved in doing seminars. If not, I’ll be surprised. I just came back from a 3-day seminar myself. It was being... Read more »
7 Ways to Make Money in the Information Marketing Business in the Next 30 Days
Introduction: To build a solid business marketing and selling information products takes time. But, many people want to know: How do you START making money in the information marketing business RIGHT NOW? I’ve come up with some things YOU can do immediately to make you money in the next couple of weeks. Getting SOME... Read more »
The 4 P’s of TRUE Information Marketing Success
There are LOTS of people claiming to teach information marketing of some sort. Some promise you’ll get rich overnight. Others don’t make promises, but have ZERO credentials. It’s hard for me to understand how some people will get fooled into thinking that making money online should have different rules.... Read more »