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Speaking and Information Marketing
If you’re in the information marketing business, then speaking has got to be something you learn how to do. WELL! The problem with most people who sell info products is that they watch the Flim-Flam guys who speak at seminars and try to sell people more than educate them. There is nothing wrong with trying to sell... Read more »

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Professional Speaking and Products
I just had a conversation with someone I had a meal with at the NSA convention in New York City. I suggested that she learn more about producing products and attend one of my events. Very self-serving, I know, but it was the God’s honest truth. The bigger truth for anyone in the speaking business is that few speakers... Read more »

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Public Speaking Topics
If you’re considering jumping into the field of public speaking you’ll naturally want to know which public speaking topics are most in demand. Many people use the words: “public speaking” when they really are interested in getting into speaking as a profession. If you’re one of those people... Read more »

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