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Invitations to Speak At Info Marketing Events
I just got an email invitation to speak at someone’s event. I read the email with interest. AND, so as not to embarrass the individual who sent me the invite, I’ll not give you specifics. The email told me that “they had recently started to follow my work.” Interesting. If they had only recently... Read more »

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Speaking Tip #1 – Be Yourself
When you see a great speaker there can be a lot of memorable things you notice. BUT, no matter who they are, chances are that they are being 100% authentic. That is the SINGLE BIGGEST SECRET about being a great speaker. Don’t try and copy anyone else. Don’t rehearse gestures. Don’t try and be a highly... Read more »

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Public Speaking Topics
If you’re considering jumping into the field of public speaking you’ll naturally want to know which public speaking topics are most in demand. Many people use the words: “public speaking” when they really are interested in getting into speaking as a profession. If you’re one of those people... Read more »

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