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Writing as an Information Marketer
Yesterday I went by Barnes and Noble. My new Kindle has not yet arrived. If you’re serious about the information marketing business, you need to be reading. A LOT! I picked up a Stephen King book. Not your typical Stephen King novel. This one is titled: “On Writing”. It’s his book about the CRAFT... Read more »

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Blog Posting Frequency When Selling Info Products
I was getting concerned about how often I had started to blog. I thought it might not be a good idea to be writing 3 or more blog posts daily. Then I read an article that made me reconsider how I was thinking about things as someone who sells info products for a living. My feeling is that people come to your blog for two... Read more »

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Your Writing “STYLE” and Information Marketing
One of the things that GREAT information marketing folks do is write. A LOT and WELL. If you don’t consider yourself a good writer, don’t worry. I never thought of myself as one either. My Dad was a historian and wrote close to 20 books. It’s not mandatory in the field of information marketing that you... Read more »
Better Writing
In college, I was the guy who LITERALLY got my letters sent back from my Dad corrected in red pen. Painful and annoying at the time? Absolutely. It now amazes me that I do so much writing. I am proof positive that you can get to be a decent writer if you keep doing it enough. Every morning I try and do blog posts for 4... Read more »

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