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Testimonials on this site: The testimonials on this site definitely do NOT represent the “average” person that buys ANY of my products. I’m sad to say that VERY FEW people actually take action and do anything. The material is very good and those who DO take action generally achieve pretty good results, BUT, the vast majority, probably 98% of people do NOTHING. The testimonials on this site represent those who HAVE done SOMETHING. I only hope that you are one of them! I make no promises about your results. That’s up to you. The information is solid. The testimonials represent a VERY SMALL portion of the people who buy this product, much to my chagrin!
“Fred Gleeck’s coaching services have become an invaluable part of my business success. I have been collecting email addresses on my website for many years, but after just one idea from Fred Gleeck, my list literally doubled in 12 months and visitors to my website went up four-fold. His unique insight has resulted in significant sales for my company that simply would not exist otherwise. If you want to bolster your business, then you need Fred Gleeck.”

Roger Simmermaker, Author
“I so appreciate that since I first found you among the cyber sea of info-gurus you have been nothing but professional. You have not inundated me with B.S. offers; you have not assaulted me with blogs; you have not clogged my inbox with crap. In short, you have treated me exactly the way that I wish to treat my respected business associates. Thank you. I’m looking forward to meeting you & hearing what you and your partners have to teach.”

Seth Ginsberg
“Fred, I count on you for consistently superior advice on how to find my way through the maze of internet advisors. Every issue of your “Fred Gleeck Insights” is a gold mine of information that is directly helpful to people like me who are trying to get established. Based on the advice I see from others I have to believe that you are equally valuable to tried and true internet professionals. I just want to say thyat I have never been dissapointed in any of your products. You consistenly provide more for the money value in everything you produce. Thanks for everything. Keep the newsletter coming. Don’t change a thing!”

Paul Stevens
“Fred Gleeck’s knowledge of internet marketing and his ability to teach it are both unparalleled!”

Don Hutson, Past President, NSA; Author, Speaker and C.E.O. of U.S. Learning
“I have been to a LOT of seminars and spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on business education in the last 12 months. I’ve been to many good seminars and many B.S. no content pitch-a-thons as well so I’m qualified to say that Freds was by far one of the absolute best valued seminars I’ve ever been to.”

Phil Barnao
“Fred’s seminar was absolutely TO THE POINT – no fluff – no nonsense . . . . candid, concise, well-structured, great handouts . . . material to think about and put to use.”

Bonnie Bienstock
“Fred is an expert in the field . . . so all of the questions were answered thoroughly.”

Khadyah Grant
“The specific, concrete information that can be applied immediately . . . I am now inspired to move into action . . . ”

Susyn Reeve, East Hampton, NY

“Fred Gleeck was passionate and specific. He gave me precise specific information that I could put to use tomorrow, and I will!”

Richard Aquitado
“Just wanted to say thanks again for a sweet seminar. I was so impressed! You can bet I’ll be back. And now that I’m on your list I’ll be keeping an eye out for when you’re in NYC for more Fred events.

Here’s a fun blog post that I wrote on the event: That Warm And Fuzzy Feeling: Fred Gleeck’s Latest Seminar

Elizabeth Purvis, Copywriter
“Fred, a sincere thanks to you for the free stuff you make available. It’s really been helpful. You’ve certainly got your act together in a big way! You’re the “real deal” —- you tell it like it is (no fluff, no bs), you’re a savvy business guy with a realistic, practical way of doing things.”

TJ Campoli
“Thanks again for your genius, creativity, knowledge, and great
presentation skills.”

Naomi Rhode, Past President, NSA; CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame; 2005-2006 President of the International Federation for Professional Speakers
“When I sat through your presentation a few months ago, I had no products,
and no websites. But as I learned more about your system, I was impressed by two things- that integrity was built-in to the success, and that you were personally using it yourself in several niche markets. So I followed exactly what you laid out- and 90 days later my online sales are in the thousands and growing rapidly! Wow! There are a lot of “experts” out there who are all smoke and mirrors. you’re the real deal, Fred. Thanks.”

Dave Hamilton, Tampa, FL
“A lot of great, useful ideas in a short time – very information-dense.”

Mark Sanborn, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., Past President, NSA
“Fred Gleeck’s enthusiasm and broad interests are infectious. The seminar was well-paced, informative and inspiring — thanks to Fred’s deft hand and keen interviewing skills. Highly recommended.”

John Ross Bowie
“Fred’s no-nonsense approach to developing a professional speaking career is both honest and inspiring. It’s a must!”

Joe Paretta, East Meadow, NY
“Fred – you were great! No one is ever going to take your seminar and yell ‘where’s the beef?”

William Howell
“Fred Gleeck’s seminar is filled with practical, ‘real world’ examples, contacts, phone numbers and expert advice from someone who is making big money publishing books and backend products. He shows you how anyone can do the same thing using his techniques in 90 days or less. If you are interested in publishing a book, creating a video, or making an audio program, he’s a guy you should get to know.”

Margarette Purdy
“Fred taught me the important steps to follow to publish my book and the importance of leveraging the value of my book by creating a backend for it.”

Peter Heymann
“Absolutely fantastic! The energy level was unbelievable. All of the speakers – everyone of them – were super! This is the first Fred Gleeck event I have attended and I have to confess I’m a certified Fred Gleeck fan!! The information presented was ‘high octane’ and very high value. I received a ton of great tips I can put to use tomorrow and start making money right away. I got up at 5 am this morning to attend this event, I would have driven all night if that’s what I had to do . . . the information Fred gave us was that good!!!”

Bruce Pea
“All meat, specific recommendations, all documented in handouts, illustrated with real world outcomes and delivered with conviction! Fred is blunt and practical so get ready to get real when listening to him.”

Jim Cathcart, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., Past President, NSA
“More profitable ideas per minute than I could imagine.”

Dru Scott Decker
“Thanks for the LunchWithFred and FredHotSeats ideas here! Thank you EVEN MORE for freely giving us permission to “copy” them! Somehow me thinks that most other “gurus” would have hinted around at the concept…and then charged us $495.00 to learn “exactly” what it is!


Jon Eklof

“Hi Fred – just a quick note to say you give such amazing content, not only in your seminars but in these emails too! I’ve just gone through a well-known email marketer’s email, and he does one about as often as you, but today you made me realise, all he ever does is pitch his stuff, or send me to a site he’s an affiliate for – but you just keep giving, and I really appreciate that!

I also really like your consult with Fred concept. Have a project in mind that could do with using your services on, and that would be a really great way to push it forward – so thanks once again.

Finally, don’t know when you’re due in the UK again, but please think about a lunchwithfred over here!”

Dave Baker
“Fred Gleeck is hands down one of the best teachers l have ever heard. He gives you solid, useful and practical ideas in a fun, fast paced, no nonsense professional manner.”

Joanne Mac Donald
“Attending Fred’s HOTSEAT was exactly the jumpstart I needed! There were
more practical and money making ideas in 8 hours than I could have learned on my own in 8 months, and Fred’s style of candid, sincere instruction made the session not only instructive, but enjoyable as well. I’ve already begun seeing a jump in sales from the suggestions Fred made. The value I got from this day was absolutely worth 10 times what I paid! I’d put my reputation
behind recommending the hotseat for anyone looking for some great direction in their online business.”

Dave Hamilton, Tampa, FL

“Fred Gleeck is amazing. He knows it all – and can help you use it all – in your website and internet marketing.”

Bert Decker, CSP, CPAE, Member: Speakers Hall of Fame
“Lots of info . . . lots of really great info . . . I walked away KNOWING I will be a millionaire.”

Galynne Goodwill
“High energy . . . . lots of ideas . . . practical insights . . . nice strategies .. . best part was it focused on making money!”

Charles R. Kuster
“Specific info from successful practitioners.”

Roger Fritz, Naperville, IL
“Practical and direct delivery of ‘how to’ information I can start using right now! I loved the fast pace.”

Pat Homan, Burnaby, BC, Canada
“The sheer variety of subject matter covered, and the willingness of the presenters to discuss elements in detail and answer specific questions. Military precision. Round table was great.”

Lynn Illingsworth, Burnaby, BC, Canada
“Thank you for your book, ‘Marketing Seminars’, and your emails. I became a better speaker within days! I used your ideas in my first seminar series in my new town. I made product money for the first time in my life. I also gained 2 consulting jobs.

My goal is to have a website in January. In the meantime, I send full color postcard thank you’s, matching my seminar topics, with product and service offers to attendees after the seminar. I bought a $1, 000 speaker’s course which jumped from speaking techiques to a full blown website without the middle part which you provided me. I feel as if I have an actual coach with simple action steps to take. Thank you so much.”

Chris Dutson, Herriman, Utah
“An idea a minute – great marketing information as well as technological how-to’s.”

Dianna Booher, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., author of 42+ books
“Fred’s passion is only exceeded by his knowledge. What a spectacular presentation!”

Scott McKain, Member: Speakers Hall of Fame
“Jam packed with lots of good info!! Practical! More than met my expectations!”

Larry Quicksall, Effingham, IL
“High energy presenters, clear delivery, follow-up materials available.”

Joel Montgomery, Geneva, IL
“WOW! The multi-faceted content. I can’t believe how willing all of you are to help all of us achieve your caliber of success. Thank you.”

Craig Campana, Butler, WI
“Personable and knowledgeable speakers . . . So much info and resources! I know what I know know and I know how to get the right info from the right people. High caliber stuff!”

Kymm Nelson
“The handouts will be excellent training tools for my staff: the speakers were very invigorating and informative and the roundtable discussion, what a must for every meeting of any kind.”

Laurie Ann Iadonisi, Ft. Pierce, FL
“The quantity of worthwhile info packed into a short time frame. Reinforced with time to sketch out an outline for production.”

Bill Cadman, Pittsburgh, PA
“Just wanted to let you know that of all the marketing/biz/self-improvement/motivational emails/newsletters I receive, I continue to think yours is the best – because of the personal/conversational tone and real day-to-day info/application/examples. Translated into $$ = your emails are important to my continued references to your biz; everytime my husband or I have a new biz idea/development, we instantly think of checking with you or your Million Dollar Rolodex first, as in, I wonder if we can get that service/product from Fred Gleeck?”

Theresa A. Markham, Esq.
“Wall to wall power packed content.WOW!”

Danny Cox, C.S.P, C.P. A.E.
“Content Packed . . . Fast Paced . . .Multi faceted . . . Stimulating . . Generous!”

Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE, Member: Speakers Hall of FamePast President, NSA

“Lunch with Fred was AMAZING. Fred is an incredibly knowledgeable and generous person and brilliant a marketer. I learned more in two hours about marketing my products than I learned over the past year! The lunch was worth 10 times the price! It was almost like having a one on one consultation with Fred.”

Scott Straub
“I finally received the mp3 of the publishing seminar and could hardly tear myself away from it long enough to enjoy my vacation. It made the plane flight fly by. Talk about packed with information, you couldn’t have jammed more into this event if you had used a crowbar.

Everything you produce is gold.”

Paul Stevens
“Superb content – wonderful delivery style . . . very relevant information – open to new creative possibilities – wonderful extra resources.”

Constance Weisensiel, New York, NY
“Each speaker gave at least 1 tip alone that was worth more than the price of the seminar.”

Ruth Houston, Elmhurst, NY
“Each person was a treasure of information and generosity of spirit that is hard to pick a best.”

Tianna Conte-Dubs, New Rochelle, NY
“I felt integrity and honesty end energy of people. They love what they do and it comes across.”

Nazy Massoud, New York, NY
“After the seminar I got the most out of Fred Gleeck. His info on multiple products at different price points was invaluable.”

Brett Goldstein
“I just attended a “Lunch with Fred” in New York City and I must say that this is one of the best $100 I have spent. Just the concept of “Lunch with Fred” will attest to his genius. This guy can figure out how to make money while he eats! Yes, he is making money off of me, but at the same time he is showing me how I can do it too. He never says “don’t copy my idea.” whenever he gets a new idea, he shares it freely and even encourages us to copy him.

I attended one of Fred’s Learning Annex events last year and was blown away by the wealth of knowledge he has in the area of information marketing. Since then I have purchased many of the products that he has offered. I always know I will get more than my money’s worth and he has not disappointed me yet. When I got the email from him offering the “Lunch with Fred” in my local area, I immediately signed up because I did not want to miss out. (He limits the number to 8 people). The chance to sit face to face and pick his brains over lunch was absolutely priceless. Any one of the many tips I picked up will increase my profits to make up for the cost of the program many times over. Fred really does want me to succeed and speaks from the heart, I do not think any one of us who attended the lunch felt it was a waste of money or time.

In addition to being able to sit and talk with Fred, I found the opportunity to interact with like minded people who would attend such an event to be priceless.

I felt like I connected with the rest of the group almost instantly. We are all in various phases of implementing what Fred has taught us, and were able to share a lot of great ideas. In fact, we plan to get together regularly to support each other in our different ventures. You just can’t buy that kind of networking connection!

Obviously, if you don’t know what Fred is all about, you may not fit in, but if you have attended his seminars or listened to any of his material and found them to be of value, I promise you, you will not be disappointed.”

Bill Song
“You’ve got to have “Lunch with Fred”! In two hours I got at least three specific ideas from Fred to implement immediately, several other ideas from our “lunchmates” and 120 minutes of non-stop tips, creativity, questions, motivation, fun and food. This would have been cheap at twice the price!”

Dr. Mike Cioppa

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears!”

Jim Rhode, Past President, NSA
“Entertaining . . . handouts loaded . . clearly understandable . . . available . . .confidence builder . . . Masterful presentation .. . Fred just keeps on giving.”

Ty Boyd, C.S.P., C.P.A.E; Member: Speakers Hall of Fame, Broadcast Hall of Fame
“I can use the content and resources provided to me to make money 24/7 through cyberspeace. I now know what I have to do to make that work, and I can’t wait to put this information to work.”

Terry Paulson
“The informal atmosphere and networking opportunities help open up and get into meatier and more specific comments, questions, suggestions and participation.”

Cathy Gilbert, Mt. Jackson, VA
“Actionable insider information from upbeat, real-life people who applied (and apply) these strategies and tactics to get the results I want. Their ‘how-tos’ and successes have not only given me information I’ll apply, but the courage to do so.”

Sallie Mitchell, Wilton, CT
“Explains material in ‘easy to understand’ method. Keeps students focused on material – no wasted time on info. Not needed.”

Nancy Bordner, Bonita Springs, FL
“Information well-organized to the point, great ideas to use immediately, small group lent to individualized attention.”

Cindy Paswater, North Vernons, IN
“The enthusiasm and creativity of the presenter, not to mention the amount of incredibly useful and viable ideas.”

Lorraine Allen, Norfolk, VA
“This seminar blows the competition away. Discover a marketing program so complete you’ll instantly receive the tools necessary to launch your success. This seminar is a must for anyone desiring to take their marketing campaign to the next level.”

Jilliana Raymond
“It was without a doubt the most productive 8 hours I’ve spent since entering the self storage business. I hope every self storage owner and manager in the country with the exception of my competitors, get the chance to hear Fred speak. It is quite apparent to me that the self storage industry will soon enter a fiercely competitive phase, I now feel armed for the battle.” ”

Mark Harris, President, West End Self Storage, Richmond, VA
“Packed with information – more useable stuff than several industry conferences combined . . . very much appreciated the honesty/real tone; great backup of videos – imaginative. Best of all: got me excited again about the industry. One of the best seminars I’ve ever done. ”

Catherine Ten Eyck, Vienna, VA, (20 years experience in the storage industry)
“Fred Gleeck’s Turning Calls Into Visits is the best telephone training product on the market. I highly recommend it. . . . Turning Visits Into Contracts is an entertaining and effective way to teach managers the importance of being professional. ”

Mike Burnam, C.E.O. – Storage Trust, (Over 180 storage facilities nationwide)
“In my area I have 2 large competitors within 1 mile. We are the highest price in town and we still maintain a 90% occupancy. And we have done this simply by following your suggestions. ”

Mike Corrigan, Stor-All, Merrit Island, FL
“A ton of information that was valuable in a short amount of time without being overwhelmed.”

Joshua Ray, Rockford, IL
” liked the killer style of selling . . . ”

H.D. Harvey, Wayne, PA
” Okay, Fred… we’ve known each other from a distance for a long time, now. You’ve done a teleseminar for my consultants, and some of them have even attended some of your events.

Everything I hear back from them is positive. Everything I read that you write is positive. Your comments about NSA (of which I was on the Board for 8 years) was right on.

But now, you’ve finally done it. You’ve got me to write to you personally and give you a piece of my mind.

I’m not one who writes a lot of testimonials or offers a lot of praise to others. If they do a good job, I tell them. But I don’t spend a lot of time writing and gushing over them.

But I have to tell you, Fred, that your latest Insights has to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. In fact, the past several have been nothing short of outstanding. And if someone can’t get (dare I say, “steal”) an idea or 10, they’re simply not paying attention.

You have been an inspiration to me for many years, and to observe your progress has been a Master’s course in how to promote yourself and grow your business. I don’t know very many people I can honestly say that work harder or smarter than you… and you have the results to show for your efforts

Please continue doing what you’re doing…you’re making a difference!”

Martin Howey, CEO, TopLine Business Solutions
“A formal letter to tell you how very much I enjoyed the seminar . . . I learned a great deal on direct mailing to commercial accounts and overall some new marketing approaches that I know will increase our bottom line quicker.”

Bobbi Schnee, Operations Manager, U-Store-It, York, PA
“More power and information packed into the time allotted than any other seminar. If you want to be successful you need to hear Fred.”

Morgan Davis, Mesa, AZ
“I can’t wait to take this home and use it at our facilities immediately.”

Jeff Dodds, Tulare, CA
“The tremendous volume of ideas to increase business.”

Tom Patton, Wilkesboro, NC
“Different perspective than the same-old, same-old. Many new ideas were presented and helped break through the old ways of thinking.”

Gwen Hurdsman, Phoenix, AZ
“The concreteness of the material and the ‘how-to’s? of using and implementing the ideas.”

Jennifer Johnson, Coeur d’Alene, ID
“I admit I was skeptical going into the seminar – thought it might be a slick sales attempt, but it was packed with valuable information and creative solutions.”

Caryn Flanagan, Granby, CO
“Your seminar last night in LA was great! Both Giles and I are really excited about using your program and developing our products. This email is just to say thanks for putting on such an informative seminar and being so down to earth inspirational. I am sure you will be hearing from us soon, and seeing us in person at one of your upcoming seminars.”

Angela O’Mara
“Fred’s seminar is full of immediately useful money making information. This is the real deal!”

Ken Greco, Spotsylvania, VA
“This was the most content rich seminar I’ve ever been to.”

Carol Covin, Bristow, VA
“I’ve been reading your newsletters for some time now, though this is the first time I’ve provided feedback. I had to throw in another reason for your list of why your unsubscribe rate is low: You don’t overload already busy readers with “pitchy nonsense” and numerous emails about the same products/services over and over without giving any real content. Another internet marketer (who will go unnamed, though you’ll probably figure it out) has made a good profit from selling his product launch tactics and I’m on (or WAS on!) lists by several people who use(d) those tactics. It’s annoying and overkill. Often you can’t even figure out what the product is from their pitches — everything is a mystery — but they load the inbox 3 or 4 times a week for several weeks. If I’m interested in a product, I’m interested, and if I’m not, I’m not — no matter how many times someone emails me about it. (And I’m definitely not interested when I can’t even figure out WHAT it is!) Tactics like that backfire on me and several other people I know who become just as annoyed, though they must be profitable because people keep using them??? Thank you for never doing that! Your newsletter is straight-forward and provides some good thinking points and resources (some for sale, some not).”

Beth Botsis
“Just finished your tapes and the videos and already put the information to good use. Your guerrilla tactics for Yellow Page ads gave me several great ideas and we changed the final proof of our ad just in time.”

David Meadows, Stor-USA, Heathrow, FL
“A ton of stuff in one days time!”

Amy Erion, Greeley, CO
“The many different ideas presented. I’m sure if I put must a few of your ideas into action. We will have a far more profitable year next year.”

Safean Weathers, Santa Rosa, CA
“Fred had tons of information to share with us which was backed up with facts and statistics. He kept the seminar interesting by sharing many of his own experiences – good and bad. The day flew by.”

Tisha Schweizer, Los Osos, CA
“Straight forward information – quantity of information covered.”

Terry Simon, Little Rock, AR
“Fast – upbeat – well developed – good examples.”

Olan Brevard, Memphis, TN
“Excellent marketing ideas that can be immediately implemented with minimal cost.”

Larry Thomas, Sycamore, IL
“Specific, focused, intense, informative, practical, well-prepared, good flow.”

Gregg Keith, Duluth, GA
“Presentation within the first hour was worth the seminar. The first hour paid for the seminar and the other ideas were gravy.”

Robert Starnes, Winston-Salem, NC
“In a nutshell – brilliant – I left Fred’s Publishing Bootcamp with my head spinning with creative and practical ideas to put me on the road to success. I highly recommend it!”

Bryan Evans, New York, NY
“Very informative, a lot of info in a short amount of time. Fred is very upbeat and knowledgeable about his subject.”

James M. Hartigan, Yonkers, NY
“Great ideas to motivate self starters.”

Fern, Nissim, Tarrytown, NY
“Honestly and passionately delivered with most importantly, ‘income producing’ information.”

Cecil Morris, Brooklyn, NY
“I learned a tremendous amount of information in a short period of time. Bravo Fred!”

Nancy Koran, New York, NY
“Fred is high energy, articulate and generous with his information. He genuinely wants his students to succeed in publishing and making money.”

Sarah Shapiro, New York, NY
“Lots of information. I’ve attended one other seminar on self publishing and got absolutely nothing.”

Mai Beard
“Made it very methodical and doable. Very positive and made me want to get started already. Very well structured – followed the outline handed out . . . made it sound simpler than you would think and made steps very doable.”

Dina Perlmutter, New York, NY
“Nuts and bolts presentation. . . . ”

Jim Brown, Bergenfield, NJ
“Informative seminar that cuts through all the fluff. If you are looking to make money using a sound and concise method, this is for you.”

David Smith, Peekskill, NY
“Mr. Gleeck is interested in each student. He gives a lot of information, has a great sense of humor .. . he is articulate and exciting.”

Cynthis Jameson, Bethesda, MD
“Fred Gleeck’s energy and enthusiasm is exceptional. The content of the seminar exceeded my expectations, and I learned quite a lot.”

Katrina Blair, New York, NY
“Exactly what I was looking for.”

Debi Scholar, Scotch Plains, NJ
“You are a quick, clear and energetic speaker. No bull. Good show!”

Karen McGowan, Sleepy Hollow, NY
“Fred Gleeck talks in a simple way that you understand the process (on confusing jargon) and he takes time to answer questions between session breaks and during the seminar.”

J. John, Brooklyn, NY
“Chock full of information, not just a ‘rah-rah’ speech.”

Avianca Marie Hansen, New York, NY
“The simplicity and yet informative workbook. And the enthusiasm/energy you expel. Also, you seem to really care about our needs and us understanding your info.”

Jay Barber, Las Vegas, NV
“I can’t tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed your book “Marketing and Promoting Your Seminars and Workshops.” I have read books on developing seminars by Robert Jolles, Paul Karasik, and Robert Bly. Your book is by far the best.”

B Leavens
“Fred Gleeck’s products are a road map to success in business and in life. I’m glad that I get to learn from the best.”

Daniel Ng, Computer Wiz Kid, New Jersey
“Your understanding that niche marketing increases profit and how to execute that fact is very impressive -simple and profound. Your willingness to sacrifice ego for marketing intelligence is perhaps your greatest strength.”

John Jones, Fusion International, Las Vegas, NV
“All of this information was very good. This information at this time is almost like a message from above . . . It was so power packed with good stuff that I cannot believe I am getting this gift right when I needed it. Thank you. I am just awestruck by the fact that all of this information has been so timely for me.”

Benita Beckles
“The bootcamp was by far the best workshop I have ever attended. As I told you Friday morning, I felt I had received my money’s worth after your presentation first thing in the morning. The light bulbs were going off in my head all over the place!

They kept going off during every presentation I came away with a knowledge base that is 1000% greater than what I went in with. I feel I have all the tools now to get my business to the level to which I want it to be. Your bootcamp has saved me at least three-five years of time. Thanks so much and I would recommend this bootcamp to anyone who wants to succeed in the information marketing business.”

Carol Amato, Stargazer Publishing Company
“I recently received your CDs containing the talk you gave in New York and the Bob Bly interview. I’m about half way through the first and can’t get enough (as I’m sure you intended!). Much thanks. Your content is the best I’ve found (and I’m no slouch when it comes to detailed research on this stuff). Great stuff!! Can’t wait to learn more!”

Brett Rhodes
“I’ve been an international speaker and educator for 24 years. In my extensive travels I have received great coaching and tuition from speakers like yourself . . . I is from the depth of my heart when I say that I have never met anyone who gives with such energy joy and love as you do – and what is more important, it is batched in integrity for it comes from your heart to ours. Thanks Fred for being who you really are and blessing us with your essence”

Roger Anthony

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU… for that Internet Marketing Retirement Plan. Those CD’s are nothing short of outstanding. I really and deeply appreciate what you both have done with that program. I’m not finished with it but plan on having some information products to sell on the internet soon. As your (plural) favorite expression is… “I’ll do it TODAY!”

Being retired military and still working, I plan on having a “second pension check” coming in each week / month to supplement my current retired military pension and consulting / copywriting income.

Again… THANK YOU for the “overly generous information” you’ve both provided. ”

John J. Kidd, (USN / Ret.)AWAI Professional Copywriter Published Author & Freelance Writer
“Fred Gleeck is phenomenal: He is straight-forward, no-nonsense and right on track with his expert advice. He packs his seminars with plenty of practical, useful and effective tips based on his own first-hand experiences.

A few years ago I took his consultants seminar in which he advised participants to ‘write a book to establish yourself as an expert.’ I followed his advice, and am now an accomplished best-selling author and consulting expert for network TV. When Fred Gleeck speaks, entrepreneurs and business executives everywhere should listen. He is simply a marketing genius.”

Dr. Grace Cornish, Author/Therapist, New York, NY