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FREE Basic Information Marketing Audio Course (TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW!)

This step by step BASIC information marketing audio training program will give you a blueprint for how to start, run and succeed in your own info products business. Go through it in the sequence I've given you here for best results. Feel free to post questions if you are confused in any way. If you like what you hear, PLEASE tell your friends and link to this page. This is the REAL way to get a successful information marketing business off the ground!

  • Introduction to Information Marketing
  • Definition of Information Marketing
  • 7 Reasons to Sell Info Products
  • Things to Remember Before You Start – Part 1
  • Things to Remember Before You Start – Part 2
  • Things to Remember Before You Start – Part 3
  • Things to Remember Before You Start – Part 4
  • Domain Names and Hosting
  • 3 Types of Websites and WordPress
  • A Variety of Web Tools You’ll Need
  • Teleseminars, Webinars and Google Analytics
  • Hardware, Screen Capture Software
  • 7 Steps to Selling Info Products
  • Step 1 (pt. 1): Selecting Your Niche
  • Step 1 (pt. 2): Using Google for Niche Determination
  • Step 1 (pt. 3): Microniching: What is It? Why Do It?
  • Step 1 (pt. 4): Picking a Dead Center Keyword
  • Step 1 (pt. 5): Niche Trending
  • Step 1 (pt. 6): Will Any/Every Niche Work?
  • Step 2 (pt. 1): Writing the Copy for Your Site
  • Step 2 (pt. 2): Elements of Your Copy
  • Step 2 (pt. 3): Hiring Others to Write Your Copy
  • Step 2 (pt. 4): Writing Copy for Video
  • Step 3 (pt. 1): Creating Your Products: Introduction
  • Step 3 (pt. 2):  Creating Your Products: Freebies
  • Step 3 (pt. 3): Creating Your Products: Special Reports
  • Step 3 (pt. 4): Creating Your Products: Your Book
  • Step 3 (pt. 5): Creating Your Products: E-books
  • Step 3 (pt. 6): Creating Your Products: Audios
  • Step 3 (pt. 7): Creating Your Products: Studio
  • Step 3 (pt. 8): Creating Your Products: Video
  • Step 3 (pt. 9): Creating Your Products: Seminars
  • Step 3 (pt. 10): Creating Your Products: Speaking
  • Step 3 (pt. 11): Creating Your Products: Bootcamps
  • Step 3 (pt. 12): Creating Your Products: Software
  • Step 3 (pt. 13): Creating Your Products: Coaching
  • Step 3 (pt. 14): Creating Your Products: Consulting
  • Step 3 (pt. 15): Creating Products: Membership Sites
  • Step 3 (pt. 16): Creating Your Products: Licensing
  • Step 4 (pt. 1): Designing a Site to Sell Your Product(s)
  • Step 4 (pt. 2): Designing a Website: Domain Names
  • Step 4: (pt. 3): Designing a Website: Hosting
  • Step 4: (pt. 4): Designing a Website: Two Choices
  • Step 4: (pt. 5): Designing a Website: 3 Types of Sites
  • Step 5 (pt 1): Driving Traffic: Introduction
  • Step 5 (pt. 2): Driving Traffic: The 4 Quadrants
  • Step 5 (pt 3): Driving Traffic: Online Paid
  • Step 5 (pt. 4): Driving Traffic: Online Free
  • Step 5 (pt 5): Driving Traffic: Online Free-2
  • Step 5 (pt. 6): Driving Traffic: Offline Free
  • Step 5 (pt. 7): Driving Traffic: Offline Paid
  • Step 5 (pt. 8): Driving Traffic: Conclusion
  • Step 6 (pt. 1): Converting Visitors Into Buyers/Opt-ins
  • Step 6 (pt. 2): Converting Visitors Into Buyers/Opt-ins
  • Step 7 (pt. 1): Getting People to Buy More/More Often
  • Step 7 (pt. 2): Getting People to Buy More/More Often
  • CONCLUSION: Putting it All Together
  • VITAL Resources For YOU as an Information Marketer

Getting Started

What I’ve put together for you here is a SYSTEM. This system will work BEST when you follow the steps in the order I’ve provided for you. If you try and “freelance” and do things your own way when you first get started, your chances for success will be MUCH reduced. Even if you’re a highly intelligent individual, you’ll be tempted to do things a different way. Your own way. I ask that you don’t. Not initially. When you get started, stick to the system that I’ve created for you. After you’ve perfected MY system, if you want to start improvising at that point, be my guest.

  • How this Site Works
  • What is Information Marketing?
  • Who am I and What’s My Background?
  • 3 Legs of the Information Marketing Stool
  • Why YOU Should Consider Doing Info Marketing?
  • Building Your List and Why It’s CRUCIAL to Success
  • Different Types of Info Products

Types of Websites You Should Have

  • Lunch with Fred
  • 1 Day Info Product Event

Your Websites

  • Three Types of Websites
  • What is a Plug-in? Which Should You Use?
  • Registering Domains Names

Domain Names

  • Should I Reserve Misspellings?

Your Website

  • Hosting Options

Tools for Your Information Marketing Business