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7 Reasons to Sell Info Products

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Avish: Alright Fred. We want to talk about why we should bother selling info products? Why this is the business to get into? You have been doing this for a while, correct?

Fred: Absolutely!

Avish: So, for you this may be taken for granted. Let’s go over some of the reasons that you might tell someone to start selling info products.

Fred: Yep! I’ve got a list.

Avish: So…

Fred: I’ve got a list I have put together for you there so hit me with it.

Avish: Okay, so on your list number one, you say low start up cost.

Fred: Yeah, I mean think about it. When people are, you know, I bumped into people all the time who are, you know, they’ll going to be starting businesses and some of them are going to start offline businesses. And for example, somebody wants to start a franchise. They’ve got the franchise fee, they’ve got you know and even if you are selling up in some little store in a strip mall near you. You’ve got overhead, you’ve got employees probably you’re going to hire, you’re going to buy, going to do these all kinds of nonsense having to do with the physical location. So one of the things is, it’s great selling info products because you know, those kinds of costs and those kinds of hassles just aren’t there. You can do it very quickly, very easily and with a minimal cost and expense.

Avish: Okay, now in a very but when you say low start of cost, that you’re saying you know, under a hundred dollars, a thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars. Like how’s that going to change rough estimate?

Fred: Yeah, I say that people can you know with everything invested first of, it’ll depend in their level of technical expertise. But just let’s say, from no expertise and no knowledge all the way up to brilliant technical expertise in which case you have to spend less money. I mean you can spend anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars and probably, no more than that to get this business going.

Avish: So, you’ve got a fully functioning information price business for around a couple thousand dollars.

Fred: Yes. And again the right piece in ongoing cost should you might have to spend, for example web marketing magic is one of the programs that I suggest as a sort of a backbone of your system. That would though be a monthly fee involved. But once you got things set up, you’re ongoing cost of maintenance will be very, very low. You’re obviously going to set up to merchant’s account and you know, merchant accounts to take credit cards etc. But there are very few ongoing costs that you incur monthly once you have your initial costs which will include website set up and other things like that, domain name registration and the like.

Avish: Okay, and we’ll get into what some of those specifics are a little later in the program, correct?

Fred: We will.

Avish: Super. Okay, so reason number two is that does info products that you can live anywhere.

Fred: Yeah, one of the nice things about, you know, this has been a highlight for a lot of people who want to have a lifestyle in which they travel and get to go to different places. Information product marketing allows you to be set up anywhere there is an internet connection. And frankly, that’s all. I mean that’s it, that’s all. Anywhere where there is an internet connection, you can be running your information marketing business, full stop.

Avish: And this is even more true now than it was in just a few years ago, right with all the cloud computing and all that going on?

Fred: Yeah and I think it’s also more true now because the quality of the internet connections no matter where you are, are improving at a rapid pace. So, even if you’re in the middle of some place in Africa and again, you’re probably would have be in this point you’re in a bigger city in Africa but you could be running an information product business virtually anywhere in the world where you have a good, fairly quick internet connection. So, that’s the important of it.

Avish: Right. I guess but you’re saying the benefit of living anywhere but it could just mean you could travel anywhere, right? You could live in the States and in the big cities but you have freedom to travel even if you don’t want to live somewhere else.

Fred: Absolutely! So yeah, when I say live somewhere else, that’s sort of the ultimate expression of the concept of being able to travel anywhere with your business. So, you could live anywhere you want. You can travel anywhere you want. You can have any kind of a lifestyle you want in terms of permanency or lack of permanency, in terms of residence and this business works fine.

Avish: Okay, third reason is that you can make good money.

Fred: Yeah. I mean, I can I don’t want make people claims like a lot of people do value rich overnight. But, this business can be very, very lucrative. And by that, I mean you know in three or four years there are some people who are going through this program, who will be able to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. And so, it is possible to make just gabs and gabs of money. But most people should start out with you know, sort of lower expectations. But the money and the possibility of making plenty of money is certainly there.

Avish: Okay, fourth reason is a lot of those lines but a little bit of different, is you say that information product has high margins.

Fred: Yeah. Well, think about it. I mean I just chipped my local yogurt store yesterday and they have a cost of goods because they have a physical product. And so therefore, when I buy yogurt from them, they might be pricing that the cost to buy the material to create that frozen yogurt might be X. And then, they might sell the product to three or four times X. In the case of information marketing, once produced, the electrons that sit on your computer or in a clouds somewhere to be delivered to some client who buys it, your costs become virtually, they’re virtually 0. Because you’re selling electrons, you’re selling air for the most part so that the margins are incredibly high. So once created, the cost of that information product for you is virtually 0.

Avish: Okay, that makes sense. So, we move on to reason number five. This is a great sounding one, you can make money while you sleep.

Fred: Yeah, what I mean is while you have these products created and they’re sitting on the web, the nice thing is you will be sleeping in the United States and someone in Japan could be finding your site and ordering your products and you’ll going to be making money. So, the making money on your sleep part is due the fact that we can create these products and put them up online, put them on a site. And people from anywhere in the world can buy, take advantage and use your information products.

Avish: Okay. And reason number six, you had touched upon this before but it’s called, build it once, make money forever?

Fred: Yeah, the idea here is once you create your information products especially if it’s a timeless products that we discussed, you can be begging money on that product or products forever. So the idea is, is that with many of the products that were suggesting of the people here, think about producing once they produced a timeless product – once made, it will make money literally forever. So, that’s the nice thing about information marketing because there are certain products and again, people will probably end up with a combination of both timely and timeless products but the timeless products, once you make them once, they’re done. Now, say for example a program like this like you and I are doing, I may want to redo this every 12-18 months. But once I make it now for the next 12 months, it’s going to be making money forever. But forever, in that case, not forever but that one period of time.

Avish: Right, right. Well, you say information products can make you an expert in your field?

Fred: Yes, similar to writing a book. If you’re the person whose produced variety of information products about a topic, the marketplace and people out there will start to think of you as an expert in that topic or field by virtue of the fact that you have this huge repertoire of information products about a given topic. And, it is another enhancement to your image and creating a sort of expertise for yourself on a given area to have a bunch of info products.

Avish: Okay. And the final one is that when it comes to information products there are virtually no delivery issues?

Fred: Yeah. What I’m saying is that especially using a system like web marketing magic where you can put up the products once and have it set up so that once people order something, the products are automatically delivered to them. Back in the old days, we had to physically stuffed things in envelopes and boxes and packages and send them out whether they’re audio cassette tapes or CDs in any sort or DVDs. Now, that’s becoming less and less of an issue. In fact, my business model is to try and make it so that I have no physically undelivered products whatsoever. Because I just think that delivery is a pain in the butt and a hassle. And I don’t want myself or anyone else I’m coaching to be doing it. So the goal here is to get to the point that anything that you sell virtually is delivered digitally requiring no physical delivery which is again, a pain in the butt. That can be avoided.

Avish: As what have been mentioned, I just literally yesterday I had a printer that was able to print on the printable CDs and so if I need to ship any one out but I just yesterday unplugged and unpacked it away.

Fred: Nice, there you go.

Avish: I don’t want to do that anymore. It’s all digital.

Fred: There you go and that’s the last reason. So folks, there you have them.

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