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7 Steps to Selling Info Products

Information Marketing

Avish: Hi Fred, You’ve broken down selling information products into 7 steps, is that correct?

Fred: That is correct.

Avish: Excellent, well why don’t we first right now kind of summarize and go through the 7 steps at a high level and then later on we’ll go digging deep in each one, sound good?

Fred: Excellent

Avish: Okay so step one, decide on a niche. Number one what do you mean by decide on a niche what exactly is a niche and deciding on a niche ?

Fred: Well first off let me just say that most people have a tendency, when they are trying to figure out what they want to do in information marketing it’s often times they get some idea that has nothing to do with what they’ve done thus far in their life which I don’t think is a good idea. The first place you should be looking for your niche is where you’ve already been so say for example you’ve been a lawyer from the past 20 years and you hate lawyering it still might be a good idea.

I recently bumped into a guy who is a pilot who I said look just because you got all excited about weight loss we shouldn’t throw out your 18 years as a commercial pilot as a potential niche so make sure and keep your background in mind both personally and professionally as you select the area in which you’re going to attack so the idea of selecting niche is important and we’ll get more into it in depth in that particular area it’s important to know exactly who you’re targeting and whether or not there’s potential to actually make money.

Avish: Okay that make sense. So that’s step one. Step 2 is writing the copy to sell the product.

Fred: Yeah now after you, you think that might not make any sense because you haven’t even done the product yet but yes you do need to write the copy and that copy might be used in terms of written copy or in what you’re going to say in your video but you need to actually write the promotional material that will sell your product before you develop the product itself it’s very similar and analogous to people when they write books people are often coached and this is what we do in the book coaching program as we tell people to come up with write the back cover copy for their book and that will help them to actually write the book itself.

Avish: Okay makes sense, so that is step two. Step three is creating a product.

Fred: Then you actually have to after you’ve figured out what the niche is, written the copy to sell it, or promotional materials to sell it you now have to go about the work of actually creating the product making the decision on what kind of product it will be audio or video whatever and then moving on to the next step after that

Avish: Okay and the next step after that is step four, designing a website to sell it.

Fred: Yeah you got it then most of the work that we’re going to be doing is going to be online so we then have to after we’ve created the product design a website and again this is where we referred to Dave Hamilton the web marketing magician at and you’ve got to design a good looking site that will hopefully make it easier for you to sell the products and/or gain opt ins.

Avish: Okay once you’ve got the website up, step five, driving traffic to your site.

Fred: Yeah a lot of people have sites but they have no traffic going there and a site with a lot of great stuff on it that nobody sees is useless. So we have to figure out some techniques to drive traffic to the site and we’ve got 4 different quadrants that we talk about in that area.

Avish: Okay, cool. And once we’ve got traffic. Step 6, converting those visitors to buyers and opt ins.

Fred: Yeah once you get into this site you’ve done a great job in terms of traffic now the sixth step is conversion which is getting people to take the action that you want them to take and that is usually they’re going to buy the product or to opt in to your website to try and sell them in the future.

Avish: Okay and the final step, step seven, to get your buyers to buy more and more often from you.

Fred: Yeah once you’ve converted someone into a buyer or an opt in then what we have to do is get them either to buy the initial product if they haven’t bought the initial product or some products and once they’ve bought some or any products from you our next goal is to get them to buy more products and to get them to buy more often so there you have the complete 7 Step process that we’ve touched just in general that we’re going to go into great detail on soon.

Avish: Okay, sounds good.

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