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Avish: Well Fred, believe it or not, but we have reached the end of this content here. Fred: It’s been a long journey. Avish: It has, it has. And right now people might be feeling a little overwhelmed. So rather than just kinda wrapping it up with a “Thanks for listening” and “Sayonara”, let’s give people just a few steps they can kinda get started with, and how they should approach this content. Fred: Yeah. Well, first thing is, let’s go through sort of ten steps now that you’re at the end of this program. And number one is go through it again. There’s no way that you can go through this information once and have it really sink in. So I encourage you to go through it a second, a third or fourth time, and go through individual sections that you feel are important for you to sorta repeat and understand. Avish: Ok. (Inaudible 00:39) that’s the first step. The next step is to actually follow the system. Fred: Yeah. A lot of times, people will, you know, they’ll find some kind of a system on doing information marketing, or anything else for that matter, and what they’ll do is they’ll say, “You know what? That’s good, but I know how to do it better,” and, even though they know nothing about the field. My suggestion is follow my system exactly as I’ve laid it out. After you’ve done that, and perfected that and done it a few times, if you then want to do your own improvisational version of that system, go ahead. But for the first time, follow it exactly as designed. Avish: Ok, makes sense. Step number three is to get on your list. ?

Fred: Yeah, get on my list by going to forward slash E-books, signing up for something in which I get to stay in continual contact with you. And even if you don’t sign up for my list, which I know some people are subscribed to too many lists, keep coming back to the site. Keep attending the weekly webinars, because there’s lots of great information that keeps getting added all the time.

Avish: Yeah. And also, especially with the internet and information marketing, it’s a constantly evolving field, so —

Fred: Absolutely.

Avish: Ok. Number four is, there are other experts in this field, so you, number four is you say don’t believe everyone you hear.

Fred: Yeah. I mean don’t believe in anyone, including me. Don’t believe anyone in this field, and because a lot of people try to embellish their numbers, and make out that they’re making a whole lot of money that they are, more money than they are. Only believe your own numbers, and don’t be disappointed because it takes time. It’s amazing to me, I was thinking about this yesterday in the car, how people are willing to spend four years to go through college and their expectations are, after they go through college, they’re going to get some entry level job doing something. But yet in the internet age, in the information marketing field, people are constantly being bombarded with messages that say, “Hey, if you buy my product, in 60 days you’ll be rich.” And that’s just, it’s unrealistic. Now, does it happen? Yes, but those are people who hit the lottery. It’s not the majority of people. So if you get into this field, understand that it’s going to take some time.

Avish: Well, it’s interesting that I’ve heard you use that analogy, and I think the one thing you should add to that is that people who are willing to spend four years until they get a job, but they’re also willing to go into such deep debt over those four years that they spend the next 20 years paying it off. So —

Fred: Yeah.

Avish: — they’re essentially not committing four years. They’re committing 25 years of their life to that education, but in information internet marketing they want six months and become a millionaire.

Fred: Right. And, or less. You know.

Avish: Or less.

Fred: Six months would be a long time for them.

Avish: That’s true. Yeah, yeah. So, yeah, give it time. Give it time. Number five —

Fred: (Inaudible 02:55).

Avish: — is you say to become the best known person in the field.

Fred: Yeah. In order for you to really get to be the top information marketer in whatever field you’re in, people have got to perceive you as being the best, or the best known, in your niche. And the way to do that is, you know, to write a lot of books, to create a lot of products, to have a website that’s filled with information. So one of the things, and the best way to do this, is with volume. In other words when you start to produce, if the top person of your field has written 12 books, you want to have 15 out there. If the top person in your field has 30 videos out there, you want to have 100. You want to overwhelm people with both volume and quantity, because if we have both a lot of units of whatever it is — in other words, a lot of numbers — but we also have great quality, then we’re on our way.

Avish: Ok. Which leads to kinda number six, which is so simple but so powerful, which is to get started.

Fred: Yes. So many people just get, you know, paralyzed and don’t do anything after they’ve gone through a program like this. Who cares if you start something that doesn’t work? In fact, a lot of times you’ll pick a given niche for information marketing and it may not work. Usually I’d say that if you’re batting, you know, .300 you’re doing pretty well. Three out of every ten products that you try and sell, or three out of every ten niches that you go into, will be successful. So don’t be disappointed, but get started. If you don’t get going, you can’t make it successful. Do your research, but understand you need to get started. Not everything will work.

Avish: Ok. Number seven is you recommend people attend one of your events.

Fred: Yeah. Well, it’s very self-serving, but yes. You should come to a Fred Info Boot Camp, or attend one of my other seminars and events, and the way to know that is to go to the website to get on my list. But yeah, attend one of my events because, for a lot of people, going through this program was good, but it got them started. So if you want more education and more training, please come back.

Avish: Ok, and number eight is, in addition to the Boot Camps or attending, is to buy some of your products.

Fred: Yeah. Buy some of the products. This one was a, you know, a free product, but there’s lots of other paid products and other services that I have that would definitely help you. And again, I go for the same thing, which is ten times the value. So if you buy something from me, in general I’m shooting to make it worth ten times what you paid for.

Avish: Ok. Number nine is don’t quit.

Fred: Yeah, well, because most people will. And we’ve, you know, I’ve talked about this before as, you know, Seth Godin wrote the book “The Dip”, and a lot of people aren’t willing to put in the time necessary in order to get the results that they want. So be one of those people, once you commit to something, understand it’s going to take some time, take some effort. But putting in regular time and regular effort, not quitting, will help you get there.

Avish: Ok, and number ten is to build your own large list.

Fred: Yeah. In order for you to really succeed in information marketing, you’re going to have to build your own list of people that are interested in your topic and in your niche. And that large list will start, you know, will pay you dividends immediately. But over time, as you build a larger and larger list, that will be, really, your Holy Grail, and that’ll be where all your money comes from.

Avish: Ok. So a lot of information in this course, but those are some good ten steps to really get people started and going.

Fred: Absolutely. Now the other thing is the next section that you see here is on resources, so although this is “Goodbye,” it’s “Goodbye, but go to the next section as well.” So thanks for being here in the program and we really appreciate your involvement and attention.

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