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Step 6 (pt. 2): Converting Visitors Into Buyers/Opt-ins

Information Marketing

Avish: Alright. Fred we just went through a long list of primary elements which had quite a bit to work on but there are some additional elements that aren’t as important but are ones still that people should be looking at.
Fred: Yeah and again this reminds me sort of my buddy John Kramer’s book A Thousand and One Ways to Market Your Book. He’ll always say don’t try and do all of them on one weekend. Which is we’ve given a laundry list of the primary elements to test conversion and you should look through all those to make sure that you have those. But these are the secondary elements which should also be considered. So again don’t try and do everything at one time but understand that all of these are important.

Avish: Let’s talk about some of these elements then. The first one is to have multiple payment options.
Fred: Make it easy for people to give you money. Give you money by PayPal, credit card, check, cash, whatever you can do. Find ways to make it so that people can pay in multiple different ways. The easier it is and again obviously here we’re not talking about an opt-in. We’re talking about a paid product. But the more ways that you make available to people to give you money the better off you’ll be and the more money you’ll make.

Avish: A quick question about that is now PayPal makes it really easy. Should people if they have a PayPal account should they still go and get like a real merchant account so they can directly process a credit card?

Fred: From what I have seen the data shows that the answer to that question would be yes, is that you do need to have your own merchant account just because apparently the numbers from PayPal are lower than when people have their own credit cards that people out there… There is something in the perception that you are more real if you have your own credit. I encourage people when they get their Web Marketing Magic account to also — and Web Marketing Magic presents this as an option for people to sign up to get a credit card as well. Although yes it’s a little bit more money. And again if you’re just starting out and on a shoestring budget you may not want to do this yet, but Web Marketing Magic along with a merchant account absolutely essential to help make people to buy or opt-in more but in this case to buy if we’re talking about buying.

Avish: Okay. Next option or next element is to explain the delivery process.

Fred: If people are buying a physical product or something that is delivered to them, or digital for that matter, they want to know how they are going to get it. And in terms of again increasing your conversion rates let people know exactly how things are going to happen once they press submit or press buy.

Avish: Yeah and I have a quick thing about that. One of the things we did together was an audio and someone bought one and I got an e-mail a day later where she was complaining. She was like oh I didn’t know it was an audio, I thought it was a book and I want to do this. So I e-mailed her back and I apologized. I offered her her money back and then I asked her because I looked at the site and I had mp3 listed everywhere. And it even said this is a downloadable audio; so I guess I add that to say that you can never really over explain some of this stuff because people will still miss it.

Fred: Absolutely true.

Avish: Crazy. How about having a toll free number?

Fred: A toll-free number is a good idea even though that most people are on cell plans and other plans where they have unlimited calling. The toll-free number is good to have there just because people don’t perceive that they are paying for the call number one; and number two it also adds credibility to you as a seller or provider of information. So I would encourage people to get a toll-free number. It looks better. Better to have an 800 number than an 877 or an 866 but if you can’t get one, 877’s are fine.

Avish: Okay. How about a site counter.

Fred: Don’t have one. It’s a bad idea. No. Having a site counter for people to see there is not a good idea and does not help to increase conversion rates. Take those site —

Avish: Would you explain what a site counter is for people?

Fred: Yeah. A site counter is a little thing where it tabulates the number of people who have visited a site and oftentimes people clearly display this. Now let me give you the other side of this which is that if you have a ton of people that are coming to your site, site counters will actually help increase conversion rate. But if your numbers are low, don’t put it on. So site counter good if you have got tons of people and you can put a million two hundred and eighty-three thousand on there but not good if it is a low number like 25.

Avish: Okay. Makes sense. Next up is to be specific.

Fred: A lot of times people are sort of vague and general when they talk. And again we’re getting into these secondary elements of conversion rates; but just when you go through this list just sort of check yourself that these sites doesn’t violate any of these rules and hopefully follows a lot of the things. By being specific I mean don’t be vague. Be very, very detailed and specific about the offer you are making or the product that you are selling or the opt-in item that you are offering. Everything should be specific, not general.

Avish: Okay. Next up is your bonus offers.

Fred: Yeah. Again to increase conversion rates bonuses are a good idea. Bonuses that are related to whatever it is you are offering always make an excellent item to help increase conversion rates. So think about what bonuses you might offer; and what might be appropriate for the product service or topic that you are getting people to do.

Avish: Okay. I’m curious though as to how come cause bonuses seem to be such a standard for sales pages. How come you consider a bonus offer secondary and not primary?

Fred: Just because I dumped it into the second group, I think that bonus offers probably are extremely important as well. And we probably should have included that in the primary, so if you are listening to this program, mentally move it up to the top.

Avish: Okay. Makes sense. Next up is building value before you give the price.

Fred: Don’t start to — don’t give out the price if you are selling a product before you first built a lot of value by explaining exactly what they’ll get and what the benefits will be. Not an incredibly complex point but something that you need to make sure that before you give out the price you’ve built he value first. Oftentimes I’ll see sites where you’ll see a price but it really hasn’t been justified. And oftentimes, especially if it’s a higher price, people will be turned off and go away before they even read the justification. So build justification first before giving out that number.

Avish: Next up is you to say have your real address?
Fred: And by real address I don’t mean necessarily the address, your physical address where people can come to your house and bang on your door. But a real address should be there; for example in my case I used a service called Post Net which allows me to set up an address. But I think that having a physical address; and by real address that’s what I mean a physical address is important for credibility.

Avish: Okay. Got it. So next up is the colors on your web site.

Fred: Yeah. Colors on your site; again there’s a lot of people who will tell you. And you can Google this, find tons of different people claiming that certain colors work better. Obviously what I want you to do is make sure that your site is easy to read and is pleasing to the eye. There are so many sites that I find out there that are just really, really abysmal in terms of the colors they select because they turn me off. Or oftentimes they’ll have some kind of reverse type that is difficult to read. It just makes no sense. So just make sure and don’t try and do anything fancy with the colors. Just make sure the site is pleasing and easy to read.

Avish: Okay. Visitor privacy. What is that?

Fred: One of the things you want you want to do is when people are opting in or buying something you want to make sure that you have a privacy policy clearly stated on your site because if they give you their name and their e-mail address the last thing they want to be doing is getting tons of spam in their e-mail box. So putting people at ease by telling them what your privacy policy is is an important thing to do. So just have it somewhere on your site.

Avish: Okay. Next up you say don’t beat around the bush. Don’t beat around the bush regarding what?

Fred: Well don’t beat around the bush regarding what it is you are trying to get people to do. If you’re trying to get them to opt-in be very direct. So a lot of times I will read sites where I don’t know if you’ve had this happen but I read a site and I just go okay well what do you want me to do? What are you trying? What’s the goal here? And they’re just very sort of not really straightforward. Not really direct. They’re talking about a whole bunch of things. Tell me what you want me to do and don’t beat around the bush. That’s important to help increase conversion rates.

Avish: Okay. So just be really obvious. Call to action specifically stated?

Fred: Exactly. Get people to know what it is they are there for, what it is you want them to do and don’t make it difficult for them to understand what action you want them to take.

Avish: Okay. Next up is increasing time on site.

Fred: We’ve talked about this before in other parts of this program, but getting people to spend time on your site is an essential ingredient of getting higher Google ranking.

So what you have to do is think about what you can do. And again what people are doing right here listening to this program on line is a perfect example. By giving you this amazingly comprehensive on-line training program for information marketing, I am also not allowing you to download the audio. But you must listen to it on the site. Therefore I am increasing the amount of time people spend on the site which will then in turn help me in terms of rankings and also help me in terms of conversion. Because people the longer they stay the more apt they will be to buy or to opt in.

Avish: Okay. That makes sense. How about having a FAQ or an FAQ?

Fred: FAQ section is great because people will have potential questions and you want to have those standard questions that come up all the time answered for people. Just again not a major element but something you should have on every site. Sites that don’t have this, especially when I have a lot of questions, make me frustrated.

Avish: Right. Absolutely. And you can write the FAQ so it’s almost like an additional piece of marketing copy. Right?

Fred: Absolutely. Yes. So in other words the FAQ’s aren’t just answering questions, they are helping move along the sales and the conversion process.

Avish: Got it. Keep your design element simple.

Fred: Yeah. Don’t go overly complex on this. It’s just necessary for you to make things look good and simple and tight. Again look at Amazon; look at Apple; all the major sites. Design should be simple. Simple helps conversion. Complex hurts it.

Avish: Got it. Here’s an interesting one. You suggested we be different or even be controversial.

Fred: Again if you’re trying to increase conversion rates you don’t want to look like everyone else. You want to be different, unusual, and possibly even controversial. So you — people always worry that they’re trying to attract the greatest number of people. Well yeah that’s true but by being sort of milk toast and not really taking a stand on anything, people are going to be less apt to convert rather than more apt to convert. Because sure you’ll turn a certain number of people off; but you’ll also say that — a certain number of people will also say wow this person has a different approach. Let me see what they have to offer and they’ll consider taking any action to either buy or opt-in.

Avish: Okay. Next up. Your videos and audios; you say to make them real.

Fred: Make sure you don’t attend an acting school to come up with the videos and the audios on your site. The more authentic and real your videos and audios are on your site, the higher your conversion rates will be. The more that people feel that you’re sort of faking it and sort of putting on a persona for that particular item, the less effective it will be. So make it real.

Avish: And that’s what I would suggest; and some of you agree with this is that it’s better for those things to have a short outline of what you want to say and not try to script the whole thing up.

Fred: Yeah. I agree. Don’t script it. Have an outline and go from there. Even if you stumble a little bit it makes you look more real also. So if something is perfectly delivered and you’ve scripted it it just won’t work as well. So outline yes and you may have to do it a couple of times but even — just don’t script the whole thing out where it’s word for word. I agree.

Avish: Okay. Having a reason why.

Fred: The reason why is one of the terms that they use a lot of times when they talk about writing good and effective copy. And the reason why is telling people why you’re giving this away or why you are selling it and selling it so apparently cheap. Whatever you do anything that you ask people to do explain to them why. And in doing so your conversion rates will increase.

Avish: Okay. Next up making it clear. We talked about clarity and contact but you’re saying make it clear how they can contact you.

Fred: Yeah. One of the more frustrating things is to go to a site and have some questions and want to contact the person and not know how to get to them. It’s important that you have a way that people can get to you to ask additional questions. Make it clear how that happens. Don’t frustrate people.

Avish: Now the policy of people who listen to this who they don’t want to put their e-mail address up on the site because they’re afraid of spam and things like that. What do you say to that?

Fred: That’s a valid concern so therefore you may want to talk to someone on or other places to put up a web contact form for you so that people can contact you easily but without having to put your e-mail address on the site for phishing programs that go out there and get all your e-mail addresses.

Avish: Okay. Next up. Only ask for relevant data.

Fred: A lot of times on a site I see people where they are asking what my blood type is and my social security number and things that are completely irrelevant for what it is. Why do you want that? It doesn’t make any sense if that’s the case. So in most cases name and e-mail address should be sufficient to get people going. No more than that. So don’t ask for data other than what you really need.

Avish: Okay. Showing how your product saves time and money.

Fred: Yeah. The two most important things to get people to convert to either buy or opting in is to just show them how something you’re going to give them will save them time or money. The two most basic elements of why people make a decision to do something. So ask yourself have I shown people how to save time and save money with this product either I’m selling or giving away. Very important.

Avish: Okay. Site navigation. Making it simple.

Fred: Oh my God. How many sites have I seen that are just ridiculous in terms of trying to figure out where to go and what to do? This is why I recommend people go to Dave Hamilton Web Marketing Magician. Because he can create for you a site that’s very simple, easy to navigate. Do not make a site that makes it difficult for me to get around because the more you do that the less I’m going to stay; the less I’m going to opt-in or buy.

Avish: Okay. Got it and for your squeeze page, the sales page, you want to have very little navigation on it. You want to increase and streamline the site?

Fred: Absolutely. Yeah for the sales page and the squeeze page it’s pretty much just one solid page. So here we’re pretty much talking primarily about the authority site.

Avish: Okay. Got it. We’ve talked about this before but to touch on it again be specific and not general.

Fred: Yeah. I don’t think there’s a whole lot more to say on that but yet again generalities don’t get people to take action. Specific items do so make sure that you’re giving people specifics and not general items.

Avish: Okay. Again we have study your competition. We’ve talked about.

Fred: We’ve talked about but I wanted to include it again just to remind you.

Avish: Okay. This is the last resort of getting an e-mail.

Fred: Yeah the last resort meaning to say that remember and again people are so obsessed with trying to sell people. And really the selling process, especially if you have a product that’s a little bit higher priced. It’s going to take longer. So remember that what your real goal is; even on the sales owner page even though you’re trying to sell them first and get them to opt-in second. Your real goal is to get an opt-in. So get people to give you their name. That’s really, really important. So remember as a last resort always get them to give you their e-mail address. That’s what you are going for. That’s what’s important.

Avish: Okay. How do you go about doing that? If you’re trying to sell someone on like a sales page and they don’t want to buy. How do you make that a last resort?

Fred: Well the last resort means that when they start to click away from the site without buying you throw up a pop-up which says wait, wait, wait. Before you go here are some great digital bonus that you can get for free if you just give me your e-mail address. So that’s your sort of last resort element that you’re using there.

Avish: Okay. Got it. And that’s something that you can get a plug-in for get someone on Fiverr or someone like Dave Hamilton, Web Marketing Magician, to do?

Fred: Yeah. That’s a good thing to do. Make sure that you have a pop-up on exit when people haven’t bought.

Avish: Okay. Next up you say to amortize your pricing.

Fred: Yeah. A lot of times if you have prices of a product say that are fairly expensive. Rather than say it’s a thousand dollars, you can give people four payments of $250 each. So by amortizing pricing I’m just saying any time you have a price that’s substantially high, you may want to allow people to make payments in different increments like once a month for the next four months. Instead of a thousand dollars up front it’s $250 once a month for the next four months. That kind of thing. So amortizing your pricing will help increase conversion rates if you’re trying to get someone to buy.

Avish: Now for that do you feel the broken-down monthly price should be higher or you’re fine with it just being the same price and split up over multiple months?

Fred: I gave that as an example just because I was easy to compute. But yeah I think you probably would want to add some kind of a premium. And usually my premium on that would be somewhere between five and ten percent. So in actuality rather than $250 per month on a thousand dollar product I’d probably give them $275 which is $25 — a total of $100 more — which would be ten percent more than the total price of the product if they want to amortize it.

Avish: Okay. Got it. Here’s an interesting one. Even in this digital age that still some people like to print it out.

Fred: Yeah. In other words when people get to your site you want to test to see what your site is looking like if it’s printed out. And again you may want to have a print button on your site that formats it properly so that a lot of people want to just print your site out and either take it with them and review it later but you want to make sure that you have — your site still looks good when it is printed out. So that’ s just something again not a primary thing but something to think about when you’re putting your site together.

Avish: Okay. And the last secondary element is to keep your style consistent.

Fred: Yeah. In other words make sure that the site looks the same from top to bottom. There is consistency in terms of how you present, whether it is fonts or colors or anything else. It should look the same from top to bottom on your site. You shouldn’t be getting the feeling like wow why is that in here? That looks really weird and different because all that will do is serve to decrease conversion rates.

Avish: Okay. Well that is another large list of secondary items. So any advice for tackling this stuff?

Fred: Well I think that what you want to do is you’ve listened to all of these items and maybe put a checklist together using all these. Just to make sure that you’re sort of aware of all of them.

So keep this checklist separate and as you’re going through your site; and over time. Because the site that you put together will be constantly evolving and your goal there is to increase the number of people who either buy or opt-in and so you want to do that by making sure that you are again using all of these different techniques but not trying to do them all at once. So there you have it. That’s our list. And again we’ll see you on the next audio.

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