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Step 5 (pt. 8): Driving Traffic: Conclusion

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Avish: Alright Fred, we have talked about all four quadrants when it comes to driving traffic to your site and you know someone just listening to that can get pretty overwhelmed.

Fred: Yes, absolutely. It is a lot of material and we have a way to, sort of, do our next step.

Avish: Let us talk about that right now. How do you prioritize and how do you decide, which of those actions to take.?

Fred: Well, first thing you have to do is go through all the list of items that we have come up with here in each of the quadrants. I would pick one or two items from each quadrant to really concentrate on to start. And I would pick those by figuring out sort of what is your basic nature, what are you best at, combined with what is the most effective means and method of marketing to get traffic to your site. So, if you are not a really outgoing person and do not enjoy speaking in front of large groups, I certainly do not want to encourage you to do anything that involves speaking, because it is going to be going against what you are really good at and what you are best at. But if you are a better writer then I would concentrate on those areas that have to do with writing, article writing, etc. So, people should look at and come up with a list of, I would say a total of eight items, two for each quadrant, and make sure as they prepare that list before they get going that they really think seriously about, is this something that comes easy to me, is it going to be something that is I feel would be productive for this particular site. But the problem is whenever you have a list that is this long of everything due, the general response is for people to get overwhelmed. And I just want people to know that I do not expect anyone listening to this program to try and do all of these things. It reminds of John Kremer’s book, “1001 Ways to Market Your Book,” and every once in a while I have heard him say, well, do not try and do all of them, well you know in the next few weeks. Because it is just there is a lot of material here, there are a lot of things to do. So, we have to make sure that we list those things, pick two in each quadrant, and go from there. Now, is that clear, any questions on that?

Avish: It is clear. I was just wondering — so if they pick a two from each quadrant, should you start with eight different activities or you are going to further reduce that eight down to like a few that will do?

Fred: Yes, well I think that, that is a good follow-up as well to that, which is that I would start with those activities that are free. So that out of your eight activities, you now are down to four, because you got your free online and your free offline. So, start with those and of the free online and free offline, let us narrow it down to two. So pick the top one in each of the free online and free offline, so now you get two activities. Start with those, that is where you start, then you can expand to the other six remaining.

Avish: Ok, well that makes sense.

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