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Step 3 (pt. 11): Creating Your Products: Bootcamps

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Avish: Next up is a product called a boot camp.

Fred: Yes.

Avish: And some people might not be familiar what that is, if you could explain what a boot camp is?

Fred: Yes, I differentiate between a boot camp and a seminar in that boot camps are generally, in the way I use the term at least, is a longer form events generally with less people, although that’s not always a case. So, could have a boot camp that is not very interactive in which you have a lot people. But most of the time, when I think of boot camps, I think of events that usually go for multiple days that they involve active participation on the part of the people that are there, that they’re generally smaller in number. Often times, for me, under ten. And there’s a lot of work that is done by the participants themselves and they leave something tangible to take with them. So an example of this is illustrated at, again, and they can see what I mean by boot camp specifically there, and but if I have, maybe we need to clarify something more Avish?

Avish: No. If you want to put together a boot camp, is this a type of thing you do in a hotel or how do you set that up?

Fred: You know, where you actually hold the boot camp is, I think, less relevant, although sometimes I hold the boot camps at my home, only because it creates a more intimate feel and people are able to let their hair down and get to work kind of a thing, a little bit easier. But, I think a boot camp can’t be held at a hotel or something like that, I can’t — depends on the various logistics for you, the listener or the reader. But it’s also important to make sure that whatever set up that you create, be it at a hotel or your home, that it is easy for people to get work done and do a lot of, sort of, you know, expect to be working long hours etc etc.

Avish: Ok, with one more question, about boot camps and also about seminars, is at what point should an info marketer start creating a boot camp or a seminar?

Fred: Well, you know what? It really depends, if you got a lot of knowledge about your topic and it’s a topic that’s in demand. If it’s a kind of thing where people could really benefit from intense work and instruction in that area — somebody could do these pretty much right away. I mean you and I were at what was essentially at a boot camp working in the field of generating traffic to your site, where someone delivered in two days, or actually was it three days, a lot of information. That could have been a week log thing. You know, that guy, once he accumulated knowledge, could have done a boot camp as his first event. I don’t really think in most cases, I’d say in most cases a boot camp is probably not you’re going to be doing first as an information marketer. You’re probably going to be using some other things first and then doing the boot camps later.

Avish: Ok, that makes sense.

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