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Step 3 (pt. 14): Creating Your Products: Consulting

Information Marketing

Avish: Alright, now let’s talk about consulting, and I know some people use the terms consulting and coaching interchangeably. So why don’t you explain what you mean when you say consulting.

Fred: Well, what I mean by consulting, is generally, where you are a knowledgeable expert in your field working with an organization as opposed to an individual to help them achieve their goals. So to me the “consulting work” — instead of –“consulting is done for an entity,” whereas coaching is done for an individual. Is that how you see it as well?

Avish: Yeah, for the most part and I also see consulting as less on-going, it’s more like a specific problem you’re solving.

Fred: Yes. So consulting might be like a one-off kind of thing, to get “them”…instead of…”gets certain” project accomplished your saying?

Avish: Yeah exactly. Okay good. So that’s how we are going to talk about it then. And so again consulting and getting consulting work can be a huge topic. So, what are the key things you want to share with people about it?

Fred: Well the key thing I want to share with them is that I have written an entire book (laughing in background) on the subject and if Again, another book is Consulting for Maximum Profit, I think is what I call it, or Consulting Secrets to Triple your Income, is what I call it. And you can download that book for free and that will give you my complete sort of system, of how to do consulting work. And also, I think I have, I don’t even remember if I have it, but I’ve got another site that a program specifically. I think you and I recorded that, didn’t we Avish?

Avish: Oh yeah.

Fred: Yeah, we did a complete program. I think it might be available who knows? At So take a look at that. But I think that consulting, you know, is again a huge, huge topic area. That it is way outside, if we were to get into the specifics but then again, as you can see, when you create an information marketing business, there are a lot of different components and some of those components are extremely, you know, extensive and vast in and among themselves. So rather than taking your time here, to go into that in-depth and in-detail, I’d rather give you a reference for some place to go, you know? And again one of them is free so you can go to and download that book on consulting. But anything else we need to clarify for people, Avish?

Avish: Well, just one question, where in the info product funnel, in that mix do you see consulting falling?

Fred: Yeah. Well I don’t, you know, consulting is not something that I go out looking for. I create an information marketing and an information product funnel. Where people come into my funnel, they buy some of my products, they come to some of my events and usually it’s after people have been into the funnel for awhile and have invested in certain other products and services of mine that they come to the consulting question. So I don’t look at consulting as something people would do first at all. It’s usually something that happens a little bit later in the game, in the information marketing cycle.

Avish: Okay.

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