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Step 3 (pt. 2):  Creating Your Products: Freebies

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Avish: Alright Fred, as we’ve talked about all these different modalities, different price points, it can seem pretty overwhelming, so I want to go through a few of the sections with you one step at a time to give people an idea of what some of these products can be.

Fred: Sure.

Avish: So let’s start with free material and some people listening are probably going to bristle at this because they’re thinking to themselves, you know I got this course because I want to learn how to make money, not how to just give stuff away.

Fred: Well, the thing to understand is yeah, you do have to give things away. If you have a long term orientation on this, you’ll understand that giving things away is a great way to get more and more people into your funnel to then eventually sell them something. So take heart, you’re going to make money, it’s just not going to be overnight like many people claim you can.

Avish: Okay, so what are some of the things we can give away for free and, do we just give them away? And what do we do with it once we’ve got it created?

Fred: Well, there are a couple of different philosophies on this. Usually, first off, in terms of what you give away, you may want to develop a number of different kinds of products that you give away; in other words, different modalities, some written material, some audio, some videos, maybe even giving away access or attendance at a seminar. But in addition to that you have to understand that usually there’s a payment given for free information. That payment is usually someone’s email address.

Now of late, I’ve actually started giving things away without the expectations or the demand for an email address and the reason for that is all of my products are just chockfull of bounce back offers, which means that even if I give something to someone for free, and by the way, if you were to say, have a page on your website that allowed people to come to your site and download a bunch of your ebooks for free but they had to give you their email address, versus a lot of products on a site and a page where people could download it for free but they didn’t have to give you their email address, there would be a huge, huge difference in the response rates. Because even, when people say, you can get my product for free, they’re usually saying yes, you can get my product for free, if you give me your email address. Which really then doesn’t really become a free offer, because now all of a sudden I have to spend my time sorting through the crap potentially that you’re going to send me via my email box and so really this isn’t such a free offer after all. You know what I mean?

Avish: Yeah, I understand that. There’s still a cost, it’s just not a monetary cost.

Fred: Right.

Avish: Just to make sure we don’t lose anybody, what do you mean when you say the stuff you’re giving away for free is chockfull of bounce back offers?

Fred: Yeah, and I don’t know if we’ve talked about it, I don’t think we have. But the concept of a bounce back offer is this, is that in any product that you produce you’re going to be making references for people to go somewhere else. Hopefully, many times to other places on other sites that you have, or within your site to get some more information either for free or paid. And that’s the concept of a bounce back.

In other words, we’re bouncing them back from here to there from the place that they are now within the product, to another location within your website that solicits them for another offer of some sort. So the concept of bouncing back is, you’re currently going through this product, product A; and as a result within product A, we give you an offer to go to a web page or a website having to do with an offer, either free or paid, for product B. so that’s the concept of bouncing back.

Avish: Okay, that makes sense. And where does that appear in your book, you know some people, or in your, like if you’re using a book or an ebook. Because a lot of people will just, at the very end, say for more information go to here. Is that a bounce back?

Fred: Well, it is a bounce back, but it may not be as effective. Now there are a couple of different ways to do this. In some of my books, I actually have at the bottom of every page, something that says: to claim your free gift worth 77 dollars go to blah, blah, blah, blah blah…this page or send an email to this thing dot com. So there’s a way to do it, you know, you can do it theoretically on every page, and that might be a good idea to have in the footer of all your ebooks, something, some kind of an offer like that.

But additionally, it’s really good to have it within the text if you’re dealing with a written product. So that, you know, while you’re going through it, talking about something, say on page 43, you make mention of something to go to here, there or the other place and to get some kind of a free deal or a reduced price deal. And that’s, again, the bounce back is most effective when used in conjunction with actual text. Because people, a lot of times will ignore offers at the very end of a book. They might even ignore all the offers at the bottom of every page, but if it’s organically imbedded into the product itself, it tends to get noticed and tends to get utilized.

Avish: Okay, so that makes sense about bounce back offers. So let’s talk about what the free product should look like. How much information should you give? How high quality should it be? What are some of the things people should do in creating their free giveaway or their giveaway to get the email address?

Fred: Well, one of the things that you have to remember, when you give something away for free, and I tell this story, it’s now been actually probably six or seven years since I was at a conference where one of the major online newsletter producers started talking about the fact, they were talking about what they gave away for free to their potential customers. And they said we give our best stuff away for free.

So naturally, you can deduce from that that I’m going to tell people here and tell you that you should take the time to really create some good material that you give away for free. Because if you don’t, if somebody gets your free stuff and then you make later on a solicitation for them to buy something paid from you, they’re going to say, well that guy’s free stuff, that free stuff sucked that he produced, so how much better is his paid stuff going to be? They’re going to be suspicious.

Now, in the process, you want to be sure that you don’t give away, obviously, a lot of things that you could sell. And again, this all depends on what your goal and what your intent is. For example in my case, my two primary intents with my products these days, is number one to get them to attend a Fred Info Boot Camp, which by the way, just to show you how a bounce back offer works, is at Please go there now.

Now, that would be, that’s one of the places, one of the things I want everybody who comes into my funnel to go to, is to the Fred Info Boot Camp and at least to see if that would be for them. But another thing that I want them to do is to possibly consider and have us consider, having them become a JV Partner, like you are. Where I will direct them to and some of the people who are listening to this program may be appropriate to partner up with me and to do some stuff there. So it really depends on what you’re after. Does that help?

Avish: Yeah, absolutely. Could you give us an example of what you give away for free?

Fred: Yeah, in my case, again I told you I’ve changed this, but I used to give away my six free ebooks for free. And I used to demand that people give me their email address, but then I realized that all of my books were chockfull of bounce back offers and I could get a whole heck of a lot more people downloading them if I just opened the flood gates up and allowed anybody to download them for free, without giving me any email address or anything else.

So that’s actually been a pretty successful strategy for me so I give away a number of different ebooks and they’re good stuff. So if anybody wants those, again, you can take a look at and you can actually see how I do it on my site and feel free to basically copy that. Now, you know, copy it but use your own ebooks.

Avish: Yeah! Alright, great! I know people are probably wondering what to create and how to create it and we’re going to cover a lot of the different formats in the next few sessions.

Fred: Sounds good.

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