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Step 3 (pt. 9): Creating Your Products: Seminars

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Avish: All right Fred, so far, we’ve talked about products that are kind of physical or digital, but when you talk about info products, you refer to various services. So let’s talk about some of those, starting with seminars.

Fred: Okay.

Avish: And, well tell us, what do you mean by seminars and how do you make money doing that?

Fred: Well, I include this as a separate sort of info product because everybody in the information marketing business should be using seminars as a type of, as something they sell, if it makes sense. But first off, let me just tell people that at, they can download my best selling book on Amazon on seminars, marketing and promoting your own seminars workshops, which by the way, needs to be updated; because it’s getting a little bit old at this point, and that will be done shortly. But, let me just say that seminars are an important piece of the puzzle for most information marketers if they’ve got great information to sell.

The one thing that I will tell people here is that I like to use a line that seminars are the only way you can get people to pay to be prospects. So people pay, perhaps, to come to your seminar or event and they’re enamored with your knowledge and abilities and expertise, they then decide to use you as either as a coach or consultant and they give you additional money, and/or buy additional products from you. This is a great way to make money and generate revenue as well as spread the word about yourself and your services and your products. So I would encourage people to do their own seminars. There’s one sort of key formula in the seminar business I talk about, which is TR, total revenue is equal to seminar registration; that’s how many dollars people pay to register, plus PS, product sales, plus consulting business or coaching business. So TR = SR + PS +CB. Total revenue is equal to seminar registration plus product sales, usually at the event itself and plus coaching or consulting business, which may come later in the game.

Now, again, this is just a—we have an entire program that goes on for hours on marketing and promoting your own seminars, that if you’re interested in that you should probably click, actually go to, that’s seminar on and you will then be able to get a hold of that program that is specific for this topic. But if you just want to read a book, you can also go to But if there are any other additional questions you think we need answered, other than Avish’s, I’ll be happy to do so.

Avish: Okay, I think that’s good, you gave the basic information on how to make money and people can go get the book for free or look at the more in-depth product.

Fred: Sounds good.

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