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Step 3 (pt. 10): Creating Your Products: Speaking

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Avish: Next up Fred is speaking. What is speaking versus seminars?

Fred: Well, actually speaking is where people are paying for you to come in and deliver a speech rather than, in general, where they have seminars I think of as events where they have a lot of people who were there to deliver information. Sometimes it’s just one person, but speaking, I think of it as a shorter form medium and also I generally think of speaking as an opportunity primarily to motivate, secondarily to educate. Where seminars, the primary mission of a seminar is to educate, the secondary mission is to motivate. So speaking, when we think of it, often times is in corporate settings perhaps, a lot of times people get paid to give it a speech and usually a speech is supposed in seminars, again are shorter in their form, speech is, when I think of a speech, I usually think of something that goes usually less than ninety minutes a speech. Anything other than that might be training or workshop or seminar. So, that’s how I differentiate them.

Avish: Ok. And so, making money as a speaker is a pretty big topic, right? Are you going to cover the whole thing here?

Fred: No, absolutely not. I’m going to direct people to a number different sites. One of which is at take all the books I specifically wrote on professional speaking. They can also check out the sight that you and I have, And they can also go to… and by the way, at, we have recorded an entire program on speaking that goes for how many hours?

Avish: I believe it’s like fourteen…

Fred: Yes, a lot of information. Fourteen hours of information on professional speaking so again if you want information about that, we’re certainly have got it.

Avish: Ok, sounds good Fred.

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