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Step 4 (pt. 2): Designing a Website: Domain Names

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Avish: All right, so the first thing we want to do to set up this website is select a domain name.

Fred: Yeah we’ve got to figure out what domain name we’re going to use. And again, I think we’ve talked about this before a little bit, but it’s worth repeating, which is that some people come up with—like I talked to someone just last night as a matter of fact; really good guy. And he’s got a website that he paid seventeen hundred and fifty dollars for this domain name and it’s called Now he’s a copywriter in the health field and he asked me, he said well what do you think of that domain name? I said well, you paid seventeen hundred and fifty dollars for it; it’s a very, it’s a good domain name.

The problem is, I don’t think if we look at the Google external key word tool, to see how many people are searching for that particular term, not a whole lot of people are putting in those key words, looking for something, but it is and it would make a very good authority site. I told him because, his whole thing is, he does a lot of copywriting for day spas and other health related companies that are nutritional companies, etc. And I said that would be a great place to put your authority site where it would show people that you had five different areas within the health and fitness related industry that you did copy writing for. But the name itself, really isn’t, sort of perfect in that it doesn’t have a lot of people who are already, who are going there and finding that domain name because they may have put those key words in there and for that purpose it doesn’t work.

So domain name selection has a number of components. First thing to remember is this, which is that, at, or if you do, you’re going to be able to get your domains very inexpensively. Now, I’m, there are people that I know, and I’ve got over six hundred domain names now. But it’s—that might be a little excessive, but it’s certainly, it’s worth it for you if you’re listening to this program or reading it, to go ahead and reserve a lot of different domain names, specifically those that will relate to your topic. And use and select the ones where people might already be searching. Ask me more on that, but that’s where we need to sort of start, in terms of our thinking.

Avish: Okay, well just to be clear now, you talked about your friend, or the guy you were talking to about his domain and you said, explain a little more what you mean about how that would be a good name for an authority site but not necessarily for a product site. And what’s the difference and what should we be looking for, for one domain name versus the other.

Fred: Yeah, well the reason why I think that would make a good authority site name is that first off, it’s sort of, you could brand yourself if you want to use those terms, which I hate using the term branding for small businesses. But, in terms of a place where you would put all of your information regarding what you do in the health field, it would be okay to put there. But the problem is that the domain name itself, healthy profits, is not a name that somebody would type into Google in terms of their keywords looking for something.

So I might use that as my authority site, although again, most people listening to this program, chances are they are going to be using as their authority site for themselves, Now of course, if is taken, you might want to put a t-h-e, the in front of it and call yourself So if wasn’t available, I would’ve gone with Again, making sure that you think of your authority site usually as the site if again, it’s available. So that’s for your authority site.

Now for individual products, it’s much more helpful if we can find phrases to use as domain names that explain what the product is all about, but also are keywords that somebody might search for. Because we’re really doing the domain names based on what is the topic of the product that you’re creating A; and B, are the words that you’re putting in that domain name words that people would search for. Does that make sense?

Avish: Yeah, absolutely. Now, I know when it comes to domain names, that a lot of people are going to title their product, or want to title their product something, maybe something alliterative, something catchy, something cute and then they want to get the domain name that has that same cute, catchy phrase. What do you think about that approach?

Fred: Well I don’t think it’s bad if in fact that alliterative or catchy phrase that they come up with is also something that people are searching for in terms of the search. So it would be nice if you first did your research based on what are the keywords and keywords strings; by strings I mean more than one word put together. What are the keyword strings that people would be looking for in your field? And if those domain names are available. Let’s take for example, if you were doing a domain and putting together products on fly fishing, so if you had a product on fly fishing reels, or fly fishing, what’s the term now? I’m drawing a blank here.

But if you were into the fly fishing, so fly fishing bait, so if you did a whole program on which bait to use for fly fishing and you own; that would be the ultimate and the perfect domain name to sell that particular product. Because it’s what you’re going to name your product, A; and B, it’s also a keyword string that people might use to find that particular type of product. Does that make more sense?

Avish: Yeah, absolutely. But if someone had that fly fishing product and they thought, you know, I’ve got a real catchy title like reel ‘em in, or something like that. It might be an interesting title that you would see on a shelf, but you’re just saying that if this is not something that people are typing into Google it’s not a great name?

Fred: Yeah exactly. I think that if you can both make it something that is catchy and easy to remember but again, the ultimate determinant here is not what sounds catchy and interesting, but what is it that you can get traffic that you might not have gotten if you didn’t have the right set of keywords in your domain name. All the fancy, catchy, cute stuff is only good if it works in concert with the things that really matter, which is what are the keyword strings that people would enter.

Avish: Okay and so now this, well let’s be honest, this sounds like it’s going to take a little work. So, how long, you know some people are going to be chomping at the bit and maybe, you know, the thing is that those cutesy ones are probably going to be more available because a lot of key word ones are taken. So how long should people spend, how important is it that they pick a good domain to start with?

Fred: Well I think it’s really important. It’s obviously very important for your authority site. For your individual products, again, if you can find it, for example, I own a couple of sites having to do with, I think I own Now again, that is a great domain name to have for a product on selling info products because people would naturally enter that set of keywords if they were looking for something on selling info products. Therefore, is a great domain name to have because it’s not only a title that I can use for a particular product, but it’s also a set of keywords and a keyword string that people would look for and search for.

Avish: So if they don’t find something in the first ten minutes, they shouldn’t just give up and go with their cutesy one, they should dig deeper, do more research to get a really good SEO domain name.

Fred: Yeah, if they can, and again, depending on what field you’re in, you may find that there are everything or many of the great keywords and keyword strings have been taken. So you may want to try, if you have to, to then just add something onto the end. So in other words, so if sellinginfoproducts was gone, maybe would be a good domain name by adding an additional word onto the back end of the domain name. It’s still the title that you use for the product but it contains at least all of the key words in there and usually better to have them at the beginning of your domain name rather than the end. So you wouldn’t put, you would have Does that make sense?

Avish: That makes sense.

Self Publish Your Own Book

Don't wait for someone else to publish your book, DO IT YOURSELF! This program will give you all the tools to do just that. It's actually simple and easy!

Triple Your Income as an Author or Publisher

If you want to publish a book, this 1-day event is for you. Learn about BOTH self-publishing and how to get picked up by a traditional publishing house

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