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Step 4: (pt. 3): Designing a Website: Hosting

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Avish: The next thing we’re going to need is hosting. And for people who are really new to this, can you just explain what hosting means.

Fred: Yeah, well now that we’ve got our domain name reserved, we now have to have a place where that domain name sits. And it’s going to be sitting on a server, which is a big hard drive somewhere out in the middle of cyber space, which is— there will be, and there are companies that do hosting. They have rows and rows and acres and acres of these servers, which are basically these large hard drives; that sit in some, temperature controlled environment out in the middle of nowhere somewhere. And again, it might not even be in the United States. So you’ve got a lot of different places that you can do your hosting. But hosting is basically having a sort of a parking lot where you’re going to be putting all of the different domains that you have. And the nice thing that we want to do is to find a company that I, like the one that I recommend, that allows you to host an unlimited number of sites for one flat fee. And that’s important when you’re looking for a hosting company.

Now, the one that I recommend to everyone is something that I call,; that’s And that is my affiliate link for a hosting company that I recommend and suggest that people use because it’s, you know—the nice thing about it is, and all of the tools that we’re talking about within this program, if you use the tools that I recommend, a lot of the other training that I do on this, on the site here, relates to these tools that we’re talking about. So people would be well served listening or reading this, to make sure and use the tools that I recommend. Because if they do, if there are any issues or any problems that they have, or they want additional learning, they can find where I have talked about it. Now again, that’s a suggestion, but it’s an important one if you want to gain more information from other training on this site because it’s specific to those kinds of tools.

Avish: Well, the other thing about various hosting accounts is that some make your life easier or harder, right? Like with some of them let you do one click installs for your websites and WordPress and others don’t. So, is one that will let you.

Fred: Yeah, it’s one of the ones that we selected because of a number of different things. One of them was, as you just mentioned that one-step installation on a number of things. And by one step installation, it just means that you press one button to set up you, you know word press on your site. And it’s very, it’s one of the easiest ones, as well as it also has a lot of good features. It’s pretty secure, in terms of the security, although I don’t want to recommend, I don’t want to claim that I know everything about security, but it appears to be, from my experience, to have all of the things that we would want and make it as easy as possible for any user at any level.

Avish: Okay, sounds great.

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