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Step 4: (pt. 5): Designing a Website: 3 Types of Sites

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Avish: All right Fred, I know we’ve talked about this a few sections ago, but it’s worth revisiting because it’s an important topic and that is that there are, in your opinion, three types of websites that you need to have.

Fred: Yeah, and we just talked about them a little bit earlier in the introduction to this section, which is the three types of sites are the authority site, the sales letter site and the squeeze page site. So probably a good idea to have you play Mr. Stupid and ask me any questions that people listening to this program might have.

Avish: Okay. Well let’s just start with the authority site and what is the, I mean really, why do you have an authority site? What is your real goal with this site?

Fred: Well the authority site, it’s real goal is to convince people that you’re the definitive expert in that topic, A; and B to have a site that’s going to have a ton of great information, content and hopefully a lot of back links that will get you some really, really good rankings in the search engines for your particular topic.

Avish: Okay and how do you do those two things? I know some of the traffic stuff we’re going to get to later, but just in general.

Fred: Well just in general, what you want to do is, you want to have a site that is packed full of great content because Google likes great content. And also, from having great content, once people come to your site they will spend more time on your site, which Google likes as well when they see people spending a lot of time on a given site. So: good content, people spending a lot of time on your site and also people linking to your site. Saying, you know what, this person, whomever you are, has a lot of great content in this particular field, and they want to link back to you, which basically, Google looks at as a vote of confidence in terms of your knowledge, ability and expertise, again in that topic.

Avish: Okay now, Fred you’ve been speaking and writing on these topics for, well really forever, and some of the people listening to this may be have expertise but they’re maybe newer to creating content. So, what do you do if you’re just starting out, but you just said that you want to have a huge volume of content on your authority site?

FreD: Well yeah, the thing to realize is that it’s going to take some time. So as opposed to other courses in this particular field that might tell you, you can get rich over night, I’m going to tell you to look at this as a three to four year kind of job and almost like a college education. So if you give yourself three to four years to make this happen, so let’s say for example that you committed to doing five blog posts a week for the next four years. At the end of that time frame you’re going to have a thousand, or close to a thousand posts, blog posts, in fact you will have a thousand posts or more in your site, which will make you probably the definitive expert in your field at that point.

Now, you’re going to be able, again this is going to take some time, and in order to not make it look suspicious to the search engines, it’s actually good to drip that content out slowly so you wouldn’t want to put up a hundred articles today. You’d want to put up a hundred articles doing them once every other day or so. So in other words, you just want to make sure that over time you create a massive amount of content in any form possible, audio, video, text, etc.

Avish: So the key for that then is to just consistently over time and be patient.

Fred: Yeah, be, consistently over time add to the volume of your site for your particular topic area. Be patient. Look for people to link back to your site because that’s going to generate you a lot of sort of Google juice as well. But yeah, those are the things you need to do. So with your authority site you’re going to show people that you’re the definitive expert in your topic. You’re going to be patient, because it is going to take some time. But eventually, and again, take a look at and look at all of the stuff that I have on there. Look at the volume of information that I have. A lot of it is free. A lot of it is in audio form. Some of it’s in video form. Some of it’s in text form, but there’s just a ton of information on there. Look to that as your model.

Avish: Okay, the authority site is different from the squeeze page, which we’ll get to in a moment. But on the squeeze page you’re trying to catch emails. On your authority site, do you still want to have a way of getting people to opt in and give you their email address?

Fred: Absolutely you do. You want to have a way to get people to give you their email address, but it isn’t the primary or the only focus of the authority site. So over in the top right hand corner of your site or in other places, and on my site you can see this, I try and either get people to download my materials or have them give me their email address or both, so that you want to make sure and make it so that people will, again, the authority site is primarily about all the things that we just talked about. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t capture their email address there as well.

Avish: Okay, so let’s move on then to the next type of site, which is the sales letter site. And I think we talked a bit about what goes into this in the section on marketing copy.

Fred: Yeah, well the sales letter site is all about getting people, the primary goal, and whenever I see people and they show me a website, I always ask them this question, I always ask them, what’s the primary goal of this site? And the primary goal of a sales letter site is to get someone to buy a product or service. So whether it’s a product you’re selling or service, we’re trying to get them to make a decision or give you money.

Now, so that’s your primary goal of that website. And your secondary goal at that site is to get people, if they don’t buy, to opt into your list. So, primary goal of the sales letter is again, to buy something. Secondary goal is to get them to opt into a list. Now, in order to do that, there are two things, the two main components to help make this happen are, number one, the copy that you have on the site, and number two, that means the writing, the words that you put on there. And number two is probably in most cases a video that you put on there trying to, again, entice people into buying the product or service that you’re selling.

Avish: Okay and once again, I know you’ve mentioned this example before, but you have an example people can model?

Fred: Yeah, I mean for that one, probably your best one is to take a look at the site. So look at for the authority site. Look at fred, f-r-e-d, info, i-n-f-o, site for the site that you want to model in terms of a sales site, because that’s selling people on attending a boot camp. But the system that I have used and the template that you could use to do the same, you should just sort of copy it, putting in your own words, your own videos, etc, etc. That’s the one to look at for that purpose.

Avish: Okay and one more thing on sales letter sites. If the primary goal is to sell and the secondary goal would be to capture their email, how do you distinguish that? I feel that I put up a sales letter site, but put like a box that says, give me your email address, I feel like that makes it almost a primary goal.

Fred: Yeah well in the sales letter site you’ll see that taking a look at fredinfobootcamp there’s nothing on there requesting your email address, but when you try and leave the site, a pop up comes up, which says wait, wait, wait, before you leave . . . pop up by the way is a little box that comes up and says some copy in it that says wait, before you leave give me your email address and I’ll give you some cool free stuff. So that’s the way that you’re going to want to do it on the sales letter site. Again, don’t try and confuse the matters. Have, make sure that the sales letter site is all about selling the product or service and the fallback position is accomplished by that pop up that comes up when people try to leave the site without buying.

Avish: Okay, that makes sense. So let’s talk about the final third type of website, which is the squeeze page website.

Fred: Yeah and the squeeze page website is basically, again, the entire effort there, or the primary effort there, is to get people to give their name and their email address and again, this is exemplified pretty well and I think that there are a number of different sites that serve both function but to give people an example from somebody in our group, Even though it’s primarily and authority site, one of the thing that it does at the very top there, is— and I encourage everybody to look at that—is it gets people at a very high rate to opt into the list.

So what you want to do is, when you’re putting together a squeeze page site you want to have basically a great video and a great offering that you’re giving people for free and four or five bullet points and pretty much that’s it under your video. So you have your great video, you have your great offering with a great title attached to it and three or four bullet points which highlights the three or four things that people are going to get when they download your audio, your video, or your PDF, whatever you’re giving them for free. So if you do it that way, you’ll have, and again, but you’ll want to measure everything to see what works, but that’s, those are the components that you need to have on the squeeze page site.

Avish: Okay, sounds good Fred.

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