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Step 4 (pt. 1): Designing a Site to Sell Your Product(s)

Information Marketing

Avish: Alright Fred now that we’ve got a product, the next step is to design a website to sell it, correct?

Fred: Absolutely, that’s what you need.

Avish: Okay, so we’re going to get into a lot of the details about websites. The one thing I want to ask about is how many websites do we need to have?

Fred: Well you know, just by way of sort of giving you a general introduction about this whole topic, anyone who is selling information products is going to end up – especially if they get into it for real and with gusto, are going to end up with a lot of different sites and different domain names. Thus the reason why we’ll talk about a bunch of these different elements to that.

But the main three types of sites that you’re going to have and going to need and we’re going to talk about those more in-depth are the authority site, which is sort of the for an example, the site which is just sort of the main site which basically is trying to create you as an expert and an authority in your field in terms of the information it gives out. The second type of site you’re going to have is I call it a sales letter site, which is basically a site that is dedicated to trying to get someone to buy something.

So number one is the authority site, number two is the sales letter site which is it’s whole purpose is to get people to make a purchasing decision, now on that site we’re also going to talk about how you’ll also have a fall-back position if people don’t buy, but more about that later. And the third type of side is a squeeze page site which is all about getting people to give you their e-mail address in exchange for some good information.\

So anyone who is serious about information marketing, but know how to put together all three types of sites in order to proceed to really get into the information marketing business and do it correctly.

Avish: Okay and then on top of that, you also want to have, you’re saying you want to have different website dedicated to each product we create?

Fred: Yeah, we’re going to be talking about that more, but again, it’s a good idea to try and have separate sites for every product that you have. And again with our system, were you’re going to be setting up domain names that cost very little on a yearly basis, and hosting that is a flat fee, so adding an additional domain name is not going to cost you a whole lot of money, we’re going to have everybody who listens to this program and follows my advice go with the multiple sites. One for each product that you have or one for each service that you have. So yeah, we’re going to be setting up a lot of different sites.

Avish: Okay, and so the rest of this section we’ll be talking about what exactly needs to go on those sites, and how to do it correct?

Fred: You got it.

Avish: Great.

Information Marketing

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