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Avish: Alright, Fred, in order to run an information marketing business, you going to need a series of systems, correct?

Fred: Absolutely.

Avish: Alright well let’s talk about the various systems and things you’ll need, and just to kind of set this up up-front, for some of these systems, you’re going to be recommending people and companies and things, correct?

Fred: I will.

Avish: Okay. But these are all people that you worked with and actually recommend, they’re not just, throwing out there?

Fred: Yeah. Well the thing about it is, is any recommendations that I make here or anywhere else for that matter are people that I know and trust and in the event that someone has a problem, I’m going to feel at least partially to blame. So I vetted these people pretty carefully. Now that’s not to say that everyone isn’t human and doesn’t occasionally make a mistake. But I know the folks that we’ll name by name very well, and any problems I usually hear about them.

Avish: Got it. Ok, well, the first thing I guess anyone needs to ask, is this idea of whether you want to do it yourself, or whether you want or need to get help?

Fred: Yeah. I mean, that’s really the first place you need to start, which is there are people who are listening to this program who obviously have varying levels of technical expertise. I mean, if you’re talking to someone like my wife who went to MIT, or you who went to UPenn and have, you know, you have an engineering degree. I mean, it’s a different type of approach that you would use than someone who is a complete novice to anything that’s web-related. So I acknowledge the fact that people listening to this program will have varying levels of expertise, and some people may choose, like you’ve done in certain cases, to do it yourself because you have a real good handle on how everything works. Whereas other people who don’t have that technical expertise will have to get in touch with people who they can trust to help in these areas, because if not, they couldn’t get it done.

I’m one of those, for example. If I didn’t have my webmaster, I’d be in deep trouble.

Avish: Okay, so you’ve got to look at your skills and time and money and then decide which way to go.

Fred: Yeah, and what happens is, is again, the money issue becomes a big issue and some people who might be in sort of a mid-ground, you know, who are able to learn technical things but don’t have the specific expertise, again we can direct them to places where they can learn that.

Avish: Okay. Well, let’s start right off the top with a resource you recommend quite a bit, is the Web Marketing Magician?

Fred: Yeah. Well, Web Marketing Magician, run by a guy named Dave Hamilton, and again you can go to him at, Dave Hamilton is the person that I would recommend that if you need someone to sort of handle pretty much setting up many of the aspects of the systems that we’ll talk about here, he’s the person to talk to.

Avish: Okay. Good, I’m sure we’ll be hearing that name again as we go through this as well.

Fred: We will.

Avish: Alright, let’s start off with setting up your systems. One of the first bits is selecting and registering a domain name. So how do we go about doing that, and what do we need to know to do that properly?

Fred: Well here’s the first thing you need to know, now if you buy into my system, that in most cases people who are, who get into information marketing sort of full bore, are probably going to want to have a lot of different domain names, a lot of different websites. And although this may sound, like, daunting right now, it really isn’t if you sort of figure out how everything works. Because literally, someone like Dave Hamilton can put up a website sometimes in as little as a half an hour. So if I said to you, well you may need, you know, over time you may end up 50 or 60 websites, somebody might freak out. But they really shouldn’t, because it really isn’t that difficult to put up at least the shell of the website. The real problem is putting up the content in the website.

So the first thing you need to do is register a domain name, if you’re doing that. And so you have really 2 choices now. Again, number one is to, you know, to ask, or you, when you ask yourself am I going to register a lot of domain names or just a few? So if you anticipate you’ll only do a few and you want to start that way, you go to, and that is my sort of retail store, and I get, you know, like a quarter or so for every domain people register, but I also set the prices as low as they will let me. So you don’t get hurt, you meaning if you’re listening to this program, at ultracheapdomains, plural, dot com. That would be the place where I would direct everybody to go, if they’re just going to register a few domains.

Now, if you look at my system and really go through this information, decide, you know what? I’m going to go hog-wild on this. I’m going to register, you know, tons of domains, meaning, probably over 50 or 60 domains a year. Then you’d probably want to go to Selldomainsforprofit. That is my wholesale operation in which you can set yourself up with your own retail store like, and sell domains to yourself so that you’ll actually be a little bit better off than if you were to buy domains through ultracheapdomains. However, if you’re only going to register 10 or 15 domains a year, then you probably should stick with ultracheapdomains and not go with selldomainsforprofit. Does that make sense?

Avish: Yeah, absolutely, because selldomainsforprofit, you’re basically becoming a reseller and you can buy them from yourself?

Fred: Yeah, that’s how it works. And in doing so, you’ll end up better off if you’re the one registering the domain. So I’m, and by the way, it’s in my best interest for people to register domains through ultracheapdomains forever. But it’s not in the person, you know, listening to this program, it’s not in their best interest for me to encourage them to use my retail store if they’re buying a lot, because it, they would be better off by going through and getting their own domain resell system set up. So I’m trying to do what’s best for somebody listening here, not what’s best for me.

Avish: Ah, well that’s very fair of you, Fred. So, a couple of questions about the domains, then. Number one is, you have a store in which I don’t even think I’ve heard. You recommend people make sure they put all of their domains under one registration system, or one (inaudible 00:06:14), and you actually got burnt on this a while ago?

Fred: Yeah, I did. Well a number of years back, I was, I knew someone and was involved with somebody who was very into genealogy. And so I reserved, and I, at the time I had multiple places where I was reserving domain names. Oh, actually what happened was, we had agreed and this person wanted me to sell me this domain name, At the time, it was in some other domain registrar, and so when we did the transfer, I had to set up an account with some company that I don’t even remember who it was. So I did that, I paid him the $1000, they transferred the domain name over into my name, but what happened was I think I had an old AOL account where I had registered that. And when it came time for renewal, I had stopped using my AOL account. So my $1000 domain name registration for was good for a year, which I did nothing with it and then ended up losing the domain name, so I paid $1000 to get that domain name, I did nothing with it, and at the end of the year the registrar in which my domain name had been registered because of this payment system, I ended up losing the domain. So I paid a thousand bucks for nothing, basically. And this is one of the reasons why I recommend that everyone, if they’re listening to this program and they buy into what I’m saying, move all of their accounts, all of their domain name accounts into one place. Hopefully ultracheapdomains or in, but definitely you should have all your domains and names in one place, and make sure that all of your contact information and the email address and everything that they send things to is in the right place.

Avish: Alright. So for people, though, who are very new to this, basically we’re saying is you can, what you’re saying is there are lots of place in advertising that you can register domain names through different companies. But rather than getting one over here, one over here, one over here, you’re saying to do them all through one, for example, ultracheapdomains.

Fred: Yeah, and the reason why I’m saying that also is that, in addition to just keeping all of your domain names together in one place, ultracheapdomainnames, ultracheapdomains, it is the place where they will get them at the lowest price you can. Now there’ll be some people where you see something, or they say a buck 99, but that’s, you know, if you get hosting and all this other stuff. So trust me that this is the best location in terms of both ease of use and pricing.

Avish: Right. Now one thing I want to talk about before we move on, we talked about kind of the logistics and where to go to register domain name. Should we talk about what makes for a good domain name? Or is that something you want to cover later.

Fred: Probably something worth covering later when we talk more about, you know, sort of the marketing elements of this, but just briefly let’s just say that this selection of the domain name should not be haphazard, but should really be done with an understanding of search engine optimization and customer ease of use and a lot of other things as well. So let’s leave that for a later point, but we should definitely, you know, definitely keep that in mind.

Avish: Okay. Okay, and one more topic that are kind of similar to this, is so you’ve got your domain registered but that’s just kind of a name that you own now but that’s not actually a website. So how do you host your website?

Fred: Well then you need —

Avish: What does that mean?

Fred: — yeah. Hosting a website is, okay you’ve got your domain name and you have registered that, but now it’s sort of like a car. You’ve got a car, you’ve registered your car, but you need a place to park your car. And that, the area of that parking garage, and every domain name needs a parking garage, a place to put it, you need hosting. And hosting can be had, the best place to get that again is And at, you’ll play, you’ll pay one fat, flat, one fat, one flat fee, not a fat fee as a matter of fact. A fairly low fee, for unlimited number of domains, and that’s unlimited, meaning to say that if you follow my philosophy, you may be reserving 50 or 60 or 70 or 100 domain name, but for hosting you’re only going to have to pay one flat fee to do that. So, which is my affiliate link for a program we recommend.

And by the way, the reason why also I recommend that people listening to this program use the tools that I suggest is not just because I get a small piece of that action, which I do to be honest, but because everyone in my group of extended, you know, vendors and helpers and things like that, all of them use the same tools, so that if anyone at any point has a question, if all of us collectively are using the same tools, the answers will be the same, so that if you go to Dave Hamilton and start using different tools, he’ll say hey, I’m really not familiar with that system.

So that everybody in my extended group here really tries to use the same tools, because then when, you know, when any of the members of the group or any of you if you’re listening to this program, if you have issues, on my website I will discuss, and in my webinars and on my blogs, I will talk about the tools specifically that I use, so that when you see information about any of these topics, you’ll be saying oh well I know how to use that, because I’m using the same tool. If you use another tool, I just won’t be able to help you as much, so that’s why we’re doing it.

Avish: Okay. That makes a lot of sense. And for someone who’s a, you know, technophobe or newbie to this, how complicated is it once you go to to get yourself to register for hosting, and get it set up so your domain points and everything? Is this, is it tough to do, or is it something simple that someone without a lot of technical knowledge can do?

Fred: Well I’ll just put it this way. It, we should probably talk about technical knowledge throughout this program on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is, you know, super-easy, anyone can do it, and 10 is ultra-difficult, only super-techies can do it. As it relates to registering a domain name, I’d say that’s between, you know, that’s a 1 to 2 kind of thing. For hosting and setting up your hosting and possibly setting up your WordPress platform in there, now we’re looking at something that might be in the, say, the 3 to 4 area, so that it’s a little bit more complicated but not super-complicated. So you can figure it out if you choose to do so.

Avish: Okay, got it. But if not, you can hire someone to do it or even, is that something that the Web Marketing Magician could help with —

(Simultaneous talking 00:12:46)

Fred: Absolutely. Dave Hamilton would be perfect for that, and has packages just for people like the ones that are listening to this here, who would be me if I had been listening to this a few years back.

Avish: Got it. So if you wanted to go that route, you want somebody else to do it, you feel really afraid of it, he can do it. Otherwise it’s not that hard, it’s like a 3 to 4 to get that doing.

Fred: You’ve got it.

Avish: Super.

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