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Step 5 (pt 1): Driving Traffic: Introduction

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Avish: All right Fred, so at this point we’ve made a lot of progress. We have our product, we have our website; we’re all ready to go. The next step is driving traffic to your site. And this is important, but you know, if you could talk a little bit, some people have the mentality that if you build it, they will come. Like hey I’ve got a great product so now people should just find it.

Fred: Well, you know that would be nice if the internet wasn’t so vast and huge and so many people with so many websites and so, in fact that kind of build it and they will come philosophy is essentially bologna. Maybe over time, if you’ve got the best site on the web for your particular topic, eventually, people will find it and get to it. But we want to try and accelerate that process by putting together some good traffic building techniques.

Now again, nothing will keep people coming back and spread your reputation as well as great content. So it’s a combination of both. You’ve got to have a great site but you also have to have in place some methods to get people to visit your site. But really, the other thing we need to talk about Avish, which we should talk about probably now in the introduction, is the fact that we do not want to try and drive traffic to the site until we’ve actually worked on the next step, which brings up the question, why put it here rather than there.

Avish: Okay, well that’s, you see now that’s the question, so why are we talking about it here instead of later?

Fred: Well, the thing about it is, is in a logical sequence, it would seem as if you want to drive traffic to your site before you start trying to convert people. And that, in terms of the actual chronological timeline, that is correct. But we don’t want to start driving traffic to the site until we have perfected our closing techniques, which is in step six on conversion. So we’re putting this section in this particular place and in this order as step number five because it makes sense in terms of logic of chronology. However, one of the things in the examples that I always give at the seminars in the boot camps that I do is, if you start to, if you take a bath and you start to run the water in the bath, the running water being the traffic, and there is no plug in the bathroom drain when you take a bath, the tub will never fill up.

And the same thing is true of traffic. As traffic starts to pour into your site, the stopper in the drain would be your conversion and getting people to do what you want them to do when they get to the site. And unless you have your conversion techniques properly in place before you start driving massive amounts of traffic, the traffic that you drive to your site is going to be essentially useless.

Avish: Okay, got it. So you want to make sure your conversion is pretty good before you start driving traffic. But, because of chronology right now, we’re going to go into all the different methods that people can use to drive traffic to their sites.

Fred: Yeah, and we’re going to talk about the different methods of how to do it here. So I want people to continue on and as they go through this section, just understand that we are going to have four different sections, and we’ll talk about that in the next audio.

Self Publish Your Own Book

Don't wait for someone else to publish your book, DO IT YOURSELF! This program will give you all the tools to do just that. It's actually simple and easy!

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