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Step 5 (pt. 2): Driving Traffic: The 4 Quadrants

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Avish: When it comes to driving traffic to your site, it’s really easy to get caught up in just thinking there’s only one way to do it. But there are many ways and you’ve actually broken them up into four quadrants, correct?

Fred: Yeah, the whole idea here is to make it fairly, sort of simple to categorize the different sort of traffic generating techniques that you have and use. And so, I’ve created these four quadrants of traffic, which seem to make a lot of sense to me. And I think they will to everybody listening or reading this as well. First quadrant is online paid traffic. And we’re going to talk about that more, but the best example of online paid traffic would be if you were to use pay-per-click as an example. Best online, or the best example of online paid.

Then our second quadrant is online free traffic. And the best example of online free traffic would be to maximize your search engine optimization expert, so SEO, best example of online free. Our fourth quadrant would be off line free. So, what are the things that you’re doing not online that you don’t have to pay money for at all and what would those be. So a great example of an offline free method, and again, we use free a little bit freely if you will. Offline free would be say, generating press and publicity via press releases. So that would be something you might do if you’re doing press releases in an off line fashion, so then you’d have an offline free. And again, we’re going to talk more in detail about each one of these, but off line free, that would be the best example.

And then you would have as well, off line paid. And off line paid would be something for example like advertising in a trade journal. So, we’ve got online paid, online free, off line free and off line paid. So those are our four quadrants. Any questions there before we move on that you think people might have?

Avish: No because we were going to go pretty deep into each of the four quadrants next.

Fred: Yeah, and as it turns out we probably, again, just concentrate on understanding that you’ve got two parts to the equation. You’ve got your online efforts, both those that are free and those that you pay for and you’ve got your offline efforts, both those are free and those that are paid as well. So that’s how we’re going to cover it.

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Get domains name cheaper than anywhere with 24/7 customer support.

Cheap Domain Names Registration

Get domains name cheaper than anywhere with 24/7 customer support.

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