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Step 7 (pt. 1): Getting People to Buy More/More Often

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Avish: All right Fred, next up, now that we’ve got people buying is, how do we increase our numbers to get people to buy more and more often? Before we get off and running on that, why don’t we just kind of review a little bit of what we’ve done in the previous section about just a increasing conversion rates.

Fred: Yeah, so step six in the process is getting people to either buy or opt in when they come to the site depending on what your, and we went through the primary and the secondary ones and frankly, we went through a lot of them.

Avish: Yes, we did.

Fred: but, in this case, just sort of to review, that’s a really critical step. Because once you get people to your site, obviously your goal right away is to get them to take an action that you want them to take. Either to buy or to opt in. So that whole section is critically important, but now we’re moving on and we’ve assumed that they have, you’ve moved them from an opt in to a buyer. So now, once someone has bought, now we’re talking about what do we do next. That’s really what step seven is all about.

Avish: Okay. And so now that we’ve got buyers there’s really two ways of increasing your revenue and one is to get that buyer in that one instance to buy more and the other is to get them to keep coming back and buying more and more frequently.

Fred: Right, so we’ve got two components of buying more and more often. To buy more, what I mean is to buy more in terms of the volume. How many dollars do they spend. Buy more often, we’re talking about how many times they buy, or the frequency that they buy from you. Both of which are critically important to increasing revenues. So that’s our goal. We’ve now gotten someone to buy something, either a product or a service, now our goal is to get them to buy larger dollar amounts and to get them to buy more often. If they’re buying once every six months, now we want to get them to buy once every three months.

Avish: Okay, well let’s talk about those starting with how to get them to buy more, with increasing the dollar amount, the dollar value. So first up, we have up selling. And you can, why don’t you explain what an up sell is, first off.

Fred: Okay, sure, well an up sell is once someone has made a purchase decision, or they’re in the process of making a purchase decision online, what you want to do is present them what McDonald’s presents them with, which is the do you want fries with that.

Now, luckily with a program like web marketing magic, web marketing magic has a number of these components, the up sell components built into the system that can be easily implemented.

So if you’re using Web Marketing Magic, you can set these up, these online up sells, which basically present people with an, if you like this, or if you’re buying this, you may want to consider that. So, their order might be at the $75 level and as they’re about to check out you present them with something that says, hey for an additional twenty five dollars you get this thing that normally goes for a hundred bucks. That kind of a thing is a standard kind of up sell.

Avish: so, in order to do that you need to have multiple products and then you need to kind of figure out what products go with others so that you can say hey, if someone buys this try to up sell them to this.

Fred: Yeah, that’s a good point, because a lot of times people will try to up sell you something that seems completely unrelated and that actually will hurt your sales. Because when you present someone with an up sell and they go, wait a second, I’m about to buy something on fishing lures and you’re giving me a product having to do with like, having to do with like baking. That doesn’t make any sense. So, the two, the products that you suggest as an up sell must make sense and must be complementary to the product that they’re already buying.

Avish: And, is there a pricing guideline? Like if you’re buying a$100 product, should your up sell be a hundred more dollars, fifty, a thousand?

Fred: In general, my feeling has always been that the suggested upscale is good to go at anywhere from the twenty to thirty percent range in additional pricing. So, if you’re about to buy a hundred dollar product, my offer to you should be somewhere between twenty and thirty extra dollars.

Avish: Okay, so you’re not really looking for a huge additional sale, you’re just trying to get a little bit more money out of every sale.

Fred: Looking for a bump.

Avish: Okay, now that’s how to do it online. You can also up sell off line.

Fred: Yeah, and I often use this example when I talk to people because the idea here that when you’re selling products, information products online, that you shouldn’t use any off line components as we talked about in traffic is fool hearty. I mean, you really should be using every possible means to make people to increase your revenue and get people to buy.

So the off line method, I use this example lots of times, where one year, every time someone bought from me on line, I would physically call them on the phone. And I remember January second or third I got my first order online and I called the person up and I said, ‘Hey Jim, it’s Fred Gleeck.’

And the guy goes, whoa. He goes, oh, yeah I just ordered from you. And I go yeah, that’s why I’m calling. And the reason why I did that is to get them on the phone and say hey, I saw you just bought product x and as it turns out I got a couple returns so I have a couple of you know, what we call a scratch and dent sale. So then I had gotten a couple products back in the mail so hey, since you bought this, I’ve got something else that’s related that I think you might be interested in, can I add that to your order?

So the idea is just because people are buying online it doesn’t mean you should abandon all of your offline methods of marketing. Nor should you abandon your off line up sells. So what we’re doing here is attempting to sell him something additional off line because he was making a purchase online.

Avish: Okay, got it. So even though it’s a shopping cart on line you can even still pick up the phone, still have real human contact with people is what you’re saying.

Fred: Absolutely.

Avish: Is what we’re saying.

Fred: Yeah, yeah.

Avish: Okay. Got it, so let’s talk about another way of getting people to buy more and that is offering additional products, what do you mean by that and how is that different than up selling?

Fred: Well the thing about it is, is that as you’re going through the ordering process, and you haven’t yet gotten to the ordering page, similar to what Amazon does, which Amazon makes suggestions and say, hey for people who liked or were going to be buying this, you might want to add this to the order.

So I think of this component as happening before they get to the actual order page. Where they’ve already committed to it. So somebody, like when you go to Amazon, they’re frequently suggestions that they make and that also can be done with we marketing magic. Where you can make suggestions of hey, if you’re considering this, why not get these together?

Avish: Okay. And web marketing magic will automate that for you.

Fred: Absolutely.

Avish: Okay, great. And what about bundling?

Fred: Yeah, bundling is a good way to get people to buy more, which is that often times if people are interested in a certain product line that you have, be it a specific product or a service, you can bundle things in and make it more attractive. For example, often times, like right now I’m going to be selling a lot of licenses and I say to people well, if you buy two to five licenses you get ten percent off your total order.

If you buy five to ten licenses, you get twenty percent off. And if you buy more then, I’m not sure what the exact number is, but in other words, you bundle similar things together, put them together and give people a discount. That will also encourage them to buy more, meaning to say they’ll spend more dollars in that initial purchase.

Avish: Right, and it doesn’t have to be volume like, number of licenses, it can be like, if you have five books that are on related topics you can bundle them. So it’s almost like up selling in advance, rather then waiting until they’re checking out, you’re like hey, just get all five of these.

Fred: Exactly, it is up selling in advance. That’s a way to look at it. So in other words, taking numerous products, putting them together and giving them some discount for getting everything at once.

Avish: Okay, now would you do that on the sales page for a product and maybe have it as a second option? Or would you have your own complete webpage for this bundle? How would you go about marketing that?

Fred: Yes. I’d do both. The idea is that it might be a wise idea, for example, you know in an offering that you have for a given product, you might have a p.s. at the end and say, hey, by the way if you get this, this and this it’s a lot cheaper and here’s what they would normally cost. And then also, I’d set up a separate page for the bundled offer. And so that people both at the time that they’re ordering individual products you may want to present them with that possibility. Sometimes people will do it with a pop up at the time of order so that what will happen is it, wait, wait, wait, before you buy that, here’s something else.

Or, again you may have a bundled offer put together. I think I’ve got it as FredBookDeal, I have FredBookDeal, I think that’s right. is where I take all of my physical books and package them together for $97 and they save about thirty books.

Avish: Okay, and those are actually really good, what you’re saying. This is my guesses, those will also be good kind of around maybe the holidays or something as a, kind of gift package. And I see a lot of those kind of holiday bundle deals coming out.

Fred: I think that would make a lot of sense.

Avish: Okay, but also they’re good all year round. You don’t have to wait until Christmas. Alright so the final two I want to talk about when it comes to getting people to buy more, are things we’ve touched upon a little bit but number one is writing great copy.

Fred: Yeah, I think that the key to getting people to buy more, one of the keys is once they’re on your site is to have a great video, whether it’s the video copy we’re talking about the written copy, the better your copy is, the more you will get people to buy at that first, that first go around.

So you know, really spending the time, and I know you have some problems sometimes writing the copy because you feel a little bit sort of like you’re maybe being a little too salesy.

But if you have something that you really believe in, that you think will really benefit people, again, you’ve got to let that come out in your copy. Great copy is only, you know, it’s what is funny, great copy is only great when the numbers show that people are buying. So the idea of thinking that you can, and I’ve seen this example tons of times where people will hire a copy writer and somebody will tell me, he didn’t increase my, he’s the best copy writer on the planet and my sales didn’t go up.

Well, you know, even the greatest copywriter on the planet can’t always make something go up. And often times, it’s as a result of really, really not knowing the market and/or the product super well. So you, if you’re the person who put these products together, are the best person to initially try and write the copy. And talk to people about why it’s really beneficial for them to get them. So great copy is important and then also another item.

Avish: Yeah, it is making irresistible offers.

Fred: Yeah, I mean generally you only have one shot at people to make that initial sale so I would just say making an irresistible offer is really crucial. Don’t’ sort of hold back and think oh, you know later on I’ll really give them something special. Think that you really only have one shot at anybody and make the best [possible offer you can making an irresistible offer. And all of these things that we just talked about will help to get people to buy more in terms of the total dollar amount.

Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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