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Avish: Let’s talk now about a few more pieces of the Information Marketing System that we’re going to need. First off is a Google Adwords Account. Could you explain what are Google Adwords are and why we need that account?

Fred: Yeah, Google Adwords, Google is the big giant out there and the way that Google is making the vast majority of their money is through allowing people to pick various keywords and pay to be there when someone puts them into Google in the paid section on the top on the very top two listings or so or sometimes three and then down the right hand side those are paid listings.

So you can set up a Google Adwords Account and I think it’s at and by the way check a lot of publications and things you get in the mail because a lot of times they give you a $100 worth of free – free money in your account to start up and so you should take advantage of that. But Google Adwords is where someone can advertize on Google to have their site or link to their site show up based on someone putting in certain keywords. So you’re going to want to set that up for a variety of reasons but anybody listening to this program should probably go and stop right now and go to Google and set up a Google Adwords Account.

Now be careful to make sure that you don’t start advertising without putting on certain parameters like maximum number of dollars they can charge you per day or whatever. So if you have a Google Adwords Account make sure that you look into a lot of the particulars on how to use it and again that’s beyond the scope of this particular course. But you want to know how to use that Google Adwords account just so you don’t get — it’s sort of like a cell phone bill you know if you’ve forgotten or didn’t know you didn’t have an unlimited data plan and you were doing a lot of stuff that required lots of data you’d end up with some humongous bill and just freak out. So just make sure once you set it up that you understand how to use it.

Avish: Yeah, and Google Adwords is something you’re recommending for — that people need when they first start out or something they should wait on a little bit.

Fred: Well, you know what it’s probably something that you should have set up because one of first things we are going to do with the site is do some testing and trying to generate some traffic. And when you first want to generate some traffic it’s probably a good idea to know how to do paper click traffic and so it might be something I would just have it set up because they don’t charge anything to set it up or there may be a $25 minimum fee which is worth it because it also helps you to access a lot of other tools which you might need. Some of which are free but some of which are a little more difficult to get to so it’s probably worth having the account even though right now you don’t know how to use it perhaps.

Avish: Alright sounds good. So as we do both for products and also just for our own websites we’re going to need to have audios and videos. So how do we host and serve those to our viewers?

Fred: Well, you know what? Most of it you have two choices when you’re serving or allowing people to get access to your audio and video material. One of the things is going to be you know YouTube which is a free service. So you’re going to have a choice when you’re allowing people to access your video material, is it going to be free or do you want it to be protected. So that’s your first question you have to ask and you want it to be free if you want it to be seen by everyone and also there are various kinds of benefits from the search engines, making it easier for them to find you if you make your videos available via YouTube.

So I would encourage people to just set up a YouTube account but if they want to they may also choose to host their videos in another location say for example at Amazon. Amazon has a service that allows you host videos privately. There’s also another service called Vibler and Vimeo a lot different places that allow you to do this. I think that for people who are setting these kind of things up YouTube is on a scale of 1-10 I don’t know what would you say, maybe a 2, 2 and a half to set it up.

Avish: I would say a 2-3.

Fred: Yeah, and these other one’s Vibler, Vimeo some these other’s might be more at the … Amazon’s 3 more the 4 or 5 level. So if you need help on those, those are again something you might want to talk to the Web Marketing Magician Dave Hamilton about. Or you can figure out and learn how to use it yourself if you are technically savvy. But there are two ways to host things, one is paid and one is free.

Avish: Okay, so the free public type one’s we can go to YouTube anything private you may want to look into the Amazon or one of the other storage options.

Fred: You got it.

Avish: What about if you want to create membership sites for protected pages.

Fred: Well, a membership site is where you have an access to certain pages restricted. So you may have page and that page on a particular site could have certain like a door and a lock on it which would not allow people to get through that door with a lock on it unless they have the key. And you may do this for the purpose by the way once they get through that locked door on to that page virtually anything can be on that page there could be video there could be audio there could be text documents there could be a lot of things so the protection of a given page is just about having a lock and a key on that particular door that someone would have the key. Once they get through to that page a lot of things can sit there, be they audio video or text. So now you have to decide on a number of different products out there that are available for people to use to do their membership sites and by the way even since last I spoke to you I’m considering using yet another membership site – A Platform.

But the way that you find the best one that I currently recommend and is of course whether is the one that I’m currently recommending and I recommend that people go there because I picked it both for simplicity and ease of use as well as I picked it because I wanted people to use the right one because I’m doing a lot of screening in this area and doing a lot of research and it’s constantly changing and if I have the latest one but choose the one at just so that if you’re working with someone like me and some IT people who are on the same page it’s not like we’re what we are doing with some of the other things like WordPress.

Avish: Now is it a tool that people are going to need right out of the gate or is this one that they may need depending on how their site ends up being?

Fred: Probably they won’t need it out of the gate but many people who are in information marketing I would say the majority of the people who try and make money selling information products would probably need a membership site, a piece of software. And the reason for that is there are many, many reasons for it one of which is that it’s very easy to protect your content and make it so that people have to pay to get access to get that key that gets them through the door that gets them that page. So in the long run most of the people listening to this program will get serious about information marketing will probably want it yet some membership site software at some point.

Avish: Okay, great let’s just talk about the glue that holds a lot of this together and this is a system called Web Marketing Magic.

Fred: Yeah, again we could go on. This a very, very — this system – Web Marketing Magic you can go to Web Marketing Magic is sort of a backbone to your online information products based business because it handles so many of the functions that you’re going to absolutely need when you set up your various websites. The beauty about Web Marketing Magic is it has everything integrated into one place. It has something called an auto responder, it’s got a shopping cart, it has a digital delivery module which allows you … when people order it sends in the links automatically to get whatever it is your selling audio or text to video. And it has a lot of different components that everyone will need including an ad tracker and again that’s a sophisticated item that allows you to tell how many people clicked and how many people bought and all kinds of other things.

In other words it’s got the complete tool chest of things anyone who operates an online information business will need in one place.

Now admittedly there are other services and other places that sell different pieces of this pie or this tool chest so you can buy a hammer here and a wrench here and a screw driver there, problem is that they don’t integrate well together. So I would highly recommend people to use Web Marketing Magic and if they don’t I literally can’t help them and all the people that are again in my extended network use this program because we’ve come to decide that this is really the one to use. It’s the simplest, it’s the easiest and also the cool thing is Avish, as you know is if you have a hundred different websites you still only need one copy of Web Marketing Magic because it’s what’s called link based. So again people who are wanting to check this out you can go on and for under $5 get a trial version of this for a month.

Avish: Okay, and this basically handles so many of the technical aspects of the business that maybe people are intimidated by, they’re like oh I don’t know how to send emails to sell products but this handles a lot of that for them.

Fred: Yeah, for example every time I send out what is called a blast to my list. Where I send out an email that goes out to everyone on my list or to just a certain sections of my list I use Web Marketing Magic. When orders are taken on my site Web Marketing Magic is used. So you going to need that Web Marketing Magic along with you are going to need a merchant account now luckily the merchant account is the thing that processes it’s the visa MasterCard, American Express taking device and again you can get that within Web Marketing Magic they provide you with access to a merchant account for an additional fee.

Avish: Okay, now on those lines what’s a gateway account?

Fred: Yeah, the gateway account is the thing and again pardon me for using that word because I’m not really technical it’s the thing that allows Web Marketing Magic to speak and communicate with your merchant account so that online payments can be made. So it passes the information between your shopping cart and your merchant account to make that seamless.

Avish: Okay, and again this is if you go sign up for Web Marketing Magic they will point you to resources they work with to get your merchant gateway accounts?

Fred: Yes, they can and so I encourage people to do that. Because first off if you are just getting started you don’t want to try and get these pieces on your own or yourself because they may not integrate well together. But if it’s being sold on the Web Marketing Magic site it means by definition that these pieces go together.

Avish: The Web Marketing Magic is that something that people should get right at the start of their business or should they wait?

Fred: That’s something they should probably get as soon as they want to start making money. So if you want to start making money soon you probably need to get it, it’ll take you a month or so to get to understand exactly how it works and how to integrate it but yeah that’s one of those things they should get almost as soon as they get their hosting and their website set up.

Avish: One final thing on this and it’s kind of takes me back to my days when I first signed up for my account. I’m not sure if we’ve talked about this earlier or not but if you’d be signing up for merchant accounts and gateway accounts should you be doing all of this and building your business under your own name or should you form a corporation or S-Corp or LLC or something like that?

Fred: That’s a great question and one that is better handled by someone’s accountant and a lawyer because you and I do not want to be giving that kind of recommendation here it’s certainly something you should very seriously consider and you want to talk to your legal folks and your accounting folks about that because given the fact that we are talking about this information so generically I’m not sure who is listening and I don’t want to give them the wrong advice but I definitely want to make sure that they consult with professionals to make the right decision.

Avish: Super.

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