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Avish : Fred, let’s talk about some of the offline stuff you’ll need primarily your hardware and your computer.

Fred : Okay!

Avish : Don’t you have a relatively strong opinion about this matter?

Fred : Yeah I do and the reason is because I want to make sure that the greatest number of people can understand how to use their equipment. So I recommend that people, specially the non-technically savvy people get, a Mac and the reason is because first off any of the people in my group know we cannot help you if you have a PC just because the Mac tools are so easy and actually if I were if I were to design tools specifically for information marketers the Mac tools are perfect.

So someone who is just getting started who again if your going if you have the money to make the investment please do so if you don’t have a Mac which is get one and when you have the Mac it’s going to allow you to use the tools like right now as we’re recording this we’re talking via Skype and I am in the background I have something called GarageBand which is allowing me to record our conversation and GarageBand also allows this is an audio recording device it also allows me to edit which I do very little of, if not none of usually, we’ll talk more about that later but GarageBand is the audio recording tool for the Mac and I use that for audio I use iMovie for doing videos and for text I either use Microsoft Word which I’m using less of these days or something called Pages which is basically sort of the Word processing equivalent for the Mac.

So if you’re going to be doing information marketing and you want to concentrate your efforts on the actual product creating rather than in understanding technical side of the business and you may want to tell people about your experience, I know you’re pretty technically savvy but yet you can still see the value of having a Mac and all these tools right.

Avish : Yeah I mean, I can — you can do everything you need to on a PC it’s just a little bit harder in some cases a lot harder but in Mac the entire point of the Mac is that it’s designed for a easy to use, for the average person to be able to do multimedia like video and audio so I mean I’m using a PC and I’ve been an IT guy PC guy for years and part of that is why I haven’t bought a new computer since you started hammering me to get a Mac but the next one I get will probably be a Mac but since my girlfriend has a Mac for the last couple of projects I’ve done involving creating products I’ve just done on her computers so it is a lot easier everything is really clean and simple on the Mac

Fred : Yeah, yeah I’m not saying that if you’re a technically savvy person and know how to use all the tools and want to get information marketing and have a PC I’m not saying you have to go out and get a Mac right now I’m just saying that if you do as far as my group and my help, my people helping you — the chances of that happening are nil because everybody is Mac based but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it certainly

Avish : Yeah so basically start with what you got but seriously your next computer purchase get a Mac – just is probably ,if you’re serious about making products and doing this stuff then it’s a really smart move I think.

Fred : And the other thing about the Mac it’s really cool is if you’re just getting started and you say went with the Mac the thing that you want to get is to purchase when you get the computer is something called the One to One which allows you to go in and every week or so you can go get training from your Apple, local Apple store which is incredibly valuable and you can go in there with a list of things you want to learn how to use GarageBand, you want to learn how to do this, that and the other all of these things that you’re going to need as an information marketer you could learn for one sort of flat fee of $100 per year and you can go in as much as once a week so it’s really, really worth your time and money to do it.

Avish : So these, some of the programs you mentioned you mentioned GarageBand and iMovie and —

Fred : Pages.

Avish : Pages are these paid are they, do they come with the Mac or freebie

Fred : Yeah the tool I mentioned first GarageBand and iMovie come loaded with your Mac computer however the other one I mentioned is part of the iWork series which I think cost an additional 50 or 60 bucks to buy that sort of tools which includes some of the tools are very similar to what Microsoft offers there’s Keynote which is the PowerPoint equivalent there’s Pages which is sort of Microsoft WordPlus I would say because there’s lot more formatting stuff in there, there’s something called Numbers which is the same as Excel and by the way each of these the Mac people are fairly savvy and understanding the fact that lot of people use the Microsoft tool so you can actually go back and forth with for example if you are using if you’re working in numbers you can save it as an Excel file, if you’re working in Keynote you can save it as a PowerPoint file so it makes it very easy to move between the platforms and if you get into this it’s probably worth investing in the iWorks tools as well but again that’s something you need to do immediately.

Avish : Okay so one more piece of software you recommend for creating information products is Screen Capture Software.

Fred : Yeah so again this is a product geared to the Mac costs about $99 is a great I mean I use it all the time it’s probably for what I do in the information marketing business I use this tool as much or more than any other single tool. So get to and what it allows us to do or anyone using it to do is take whatever is being, so to, shown on your screen and to capture both the audio and the video of what’s on the computer as well as if I’m talking as well it captures everything or as little or as much as I want so if I just wanted to record something with no audio I can do that if I want to record what you and I are doing something online and I was demonstrating something to you I could illustrate that and capture that video as well my audio description of it as well as your audio coming back at me with the computer so it’s just a tool that is invaluable in creating information products

Avish : Okay and this is one that we should buy right away or maybe before we make a product where we need it or how do you recommend we use this.

Fred : It’s almost one of those things that I would say that you should get as soon as possible just because you’re going to start using this virtually, immediately once you if you have a Mac and once you get the Mac you begin your information products business I would say that this is one of those things that you should buy right away.

Avish : Now do you think this is a useful tool for someone who is not teaching other people how to do something on their computer?

Fred : Yeah actually I do because even if you’re not teaching someone how to do something on the computer just for recording I mean if you’re in information products of any sort at all I mean I guess if there is nothing they can learn I’m just thinking of information products that I guess if there is nothing that they can learn on the computer it wouldn’t be necessary they can just use GarageBand and iMovie but anything that needs to be illustrated or on the computer which is, I can think of very little these days, it wouldn’t use that but it will help me out if there is something missing there I think I guess there shouldn’t be people like that may be over kill but most people could probably find good use for this tool. What do you think?

Avish : Yeah I think if there is something that’s very like I mean if you were teaching someone how to knit and that was your information product about all that knitting I don’t know how much on screen stuff there would be —

Fred : Yeah.

Avish : But I see a lot of people do video presentations where they take a Keynote of PowerPoint and record that and spin, the capture programs do that as well right?

Fred : Yeah exactly you can do that but I guess you’re right if you’re talking about knitting obviously we couldn’t do just audios about knitting we would have to get a video camera but probably we wouldn’t need to use to capture images on the screen so you’re right there so you probably wouldn’t need it but for most part I think the vast majority of people listening to this program probably would use it but if you’re finding that you’re recording nothing that appears on your screen or via the internet then you’re right, you don’t need it.

Avish : But these capture programs are actually pretty expensive so even if you’re only going to use it a little bit, it’s still worth the money.

Fred : Yeah I think so I mean it’s not a very expensive program to get it for what it does it’s amazing and if you’re somebody that uses a lot of does a lot of trading online and on the computer it’s going to be invaluable

Avish : Great well just to kind of summarize this system section and so this is what we’re talking about in our earlier segment of about the total cost of getting things started so this section is basically where these upfront costs come from, correct?

Fred : Yes and so get it or not including when we talk about start up cost I wasn’t including the cost of Mac computer but if you add that on you’re going to add to the total that we came up with earlier which was somewhere between zero and I guess what we say $2,500 or something like that.

Avish : Yes that’s 2,500 so, alright so we get started then to summarize people need a domain name they need hosting they need a web marketing magic account they need WordPress and that’s kind of their first step is there anything else that will go in their first step to make sure they get

Fred : Yeah I think that’s it, that’s where they would probably get started is with those tools alone and they need those and after that they could go back and start to add some of these things like the screen capture tool and some of the other things that we’ve mentioned

Avish : Alright well that’s great Fred.

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