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Step 2 (pt. 3): Hiring Others to Write Your Copy

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Avish: Alright Fred, even though we just went through a very in-depth discussion about the elements of copy, there are probably still going to be people who are interested in having others write copy for them.

Fred: Yeah, well if you have tried it yourself and you don’t feel you’re particularly good, or not feel, but if you look at your results and they aren’t particularly good, it may be worth it to hire other people to write the copy for you.

Avish: Alright now, there are actually two approaches, right? One is that you have someone just write the copy for you and another one is that you have someone take the copy you’ve written and tweak it and make it better.

Fred: Yeah, and I would suggest that everybody listening to this program do the second one and not the first. Now if you are, if you’re Mr. Moneybags and have tons of money to spend, then it’s possible that it would make sense for you to have somebody write the copy from scratch. However, most of the people listening to this program aren’t going to be in a position to afford to have somebody write copy from scratch, because this can get incredibly expensive. I mean anywhere from ten to fifteen to twenty thousand dollars for great copy on a website from a very, very talented copywriter.

So, better than that is to write the copy yourself based on what we’ve told you so far and to get someone else, an experienced copywriter, to tweak it for you; so what you’re looking at is the difference between some huge figure and the multiple thousands of dollars, to something that is generally under a thousand dollars depending on the length of your copy. So you want to do that and it’s important that you do that with, find someone—the question then becomes, well how do you find that person?

The problem there is, is that everybody will represent themselves as being a genius copy writer and that they’ve written copy for all these people; they may even have testimonials from people saying that they wrote copy that was genius, etc. etc. And the problem is that I’ve seen people who have claimed to be geniuses, many of whom have written copy that stunk and they still were able to get people to write testimonials for them.

So the key here is to understand that you want to look and see what they’ve done. See if it makes sense to you and possibly have someone agree who’s a copy writer to have this part of the contractual agreement that you have with them, that in the event that the copy doesn’t pull well, and you can define well in various different t ways, that they will rewrite or re-tweak the copy for you until it starts to pull decently. And most copy writers, because of their desire to get you to give them a testimonial, will often times be amenable to this kind of an arrangement where after they tweak your copy, if it doesn’t pull any better, they’ll say well, give it back to me; let me try a few more things. And that’s a pretty standard procedure. So that’s sort of your thinking going into this in terms of hiring someone.

Avish: Okay and at what point should you bring someone in to tweak your copy or write copy? Is it after you aren’t getting results? Or if you’re just frustrated? What is your kind of basic guideline for that?

Fred: Well, I think that what you should do is you should do your best to write it yourself, put it up on your site and get some baseline data, in terms of your Google analytics to see what your copy is pulling. Then, that’s the point at which you may want to bring someone in and have them do the tweaking. Not before then because tweaking the copy before it’s been out there and tested, who knows, a lot of times, people think that they’re copy isn’t very good and they put it out there and it actually pulls fairly well. Because again, many times it isn’t the copy that makes it work, but you’ve targeted the right group, you’ve got the exact product they need at the time they need it etc. etc. So that’s the kind of thing that you’re going to want to do, which is to test it first on your own without any tweaking and after you’ve done that, then lets’ try some tweaking.

Now, in terms of where you find these people, I’ve had some bad experiences recently with a couple of the different sites, both and, which a lot of people recommend. And let me just tell everybody listening here. Do not be surprised at the number of flakes that you encounter both on Elance and, who are people—they claim to want to work. I just had this happen and I had to respond to this last night as a matter of fact. Hired someone to do something, put money in escrow, the person promised delivery by two days ago, and didn’t even contact us with any kind of communication. So apparently, people are making so much money that on these sites they just can ignore people who want to give them more.

Avish: Yeah I can second that, I’ve had similar experiences multiple times on Elance or they just not only didn’t do the work, but didn’t communicate at all.

Fred: And so the question I think for people listening to this program is, well so where do I find good copywriters? My answer is, if you find them, tell me about it, because they’re tough to find. And often times, one of the things that sounds pretty crazy, but I’ve actually heard people having good success these days, putting something on Craig’s List.

Avish: Yeah, Craig’s List. Fiverr is also a good place to at least test somebody out some times.

Fred: Yeah, Fiverr is a great place for finding a copywriter and Craig’

Avish: And then there’s also the old school method right, that’s reaching out to your network, whether it’s in real life or online and just asking people for recommendations.

Fred: Yeah, and that’d be true, especially with your social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, and those kinds of things, to find someone who would recommend somebody who would be willing to tweak copy. Yes, definitely.

Avish: Super, thanks Fred.

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