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Step 1 (pt. 4): Picking a Dead Center Keyword

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Avish: Alright, once we have done the Google Keyword Research, you will tell people they need to pick a dead center keyword, what exactly is that?

Fred: A dead center keyword is sort of like if you are thinking about, you know, on either a dart board or an archery target, you have the exact sort of bulls eye. Who is the precise, best person, or most exact match for what it is you are going after. So there might other people who buy your product, but who would be the precisely correct individual and what term would they be searching for, so who is that, what is you dead center keyword term?

Avish: Ok, now should this one be a broader, should it be more targeted in specific, are there guidelines towards it?

Fred: Well the thing about it is… let’s use our example with the site, what did we decide was our dead center keyword term for that?

Avish: “Public speaking”?

Fred: “Public speaking,” ok now that’s our dead center keyword term and it happens to be fairly broad. But again, that for me, it would be the information market, for us at, it is, again, it is “public speaking.” Now that is our dead center keyword term, but there are going to be peripheral terms and what are some of those terms we came up with for speaking expert?

Avish: The “public speaking jobs” was one, I believe “advance presentation skills” was another?

Fred: “Public speaking tips,” I think.

Avish: Yes, “public speaking tips.”

Fred: Yes, so we had a variety of different words, you know keywords that we are going after, but it is sort of like we wanted to know what is our bulls eye, who are we targeting specifically. And again in this case, the problem with “public speaking” as our dead center keyword as we have, as you have seen from our working together on this, is with our term like “public speaking” is our dead center keyword term it is so general that it get so many searches that it is going to be very, very hard for us to rank for that particular term. But that is our dead center keyword term, but we’re probably for SEO purposes and trying to get found on search engines, we are going after less, you know less competitive terms like the ones we just mentioned.

Avish: Ok, and then we still even as we go to the less competitive terms we still want to keep our dead center one in mind in terms of the actions we are taking, correct?

Fred: Well here is the analogy, again. If you are playing darts, and you know you got the red bull’s-eye in the middle is “public speaking,” our chances of hitting the bull’s-eye, unless you are really, you know just in general, tough to the hit the bull’s-eye just right there. But we want to make it sort of easier; we want to find some easier keywords that we can have without a lot of work. So although “public speaking” might be our bull’s-eye keyword term, you know that’s not really what we are going to try and optimized as a precise, you know, as the only thing we are going after. We are going after some of the easier targets, which are the bigger, fatter areas on a dart board.

Avish: Ok, that makes sense.

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