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Avish: Alright Fred, even though this course is — this product had just a ton of information, there’s still some more resources people can use to learn it and tools they can use.
Fred: Yeah, both mine and other people, and I think probably the first place to start is to discuss some of the books that are out there that people should read, and I’ve got a few favorites. We mentioned earlier on the last audio about “The Dip” by Seth Godin. I think that’s very well worth reading. I know that I recommended that to you. What did you think of it.
Avish: Oh, it was awesome.

Fred: Yeah.
Avish: It’s one of my favorites.

Fred: And what did you get out of it? We don’t tell, we –should we tell people?
Avish: Well I think so, I mean —
Fred: Yeah, ok.

Avish: It’s one of those things, it’s Seth Godin’s book where it’s one idea. It’s one simple concept, which is that the difference between people who really make it and those who don’t is that in every endeavor you hit a dip —

Fred: Yeah.

Avish: — where things get hard and you aren’t getting results. And the people who really make it long-term are the ones who have the persistence to push through it.

Fred: Yeah, and it’s a short book. You can read it in the bookstore, you don’t even have to buy it. It’s a short read.

Avish: Yeah, but I bought it because it’s one of those I re-read every so often, just because it’s just really simple but really powerful.

Fred: Absolutely. Now, although it’s been out for a few years, “Free” by Chris Sanderson really will help you understand a lot of the concepts we’ve talked about here. So again, what did you think of that book?

Avish: I liked it. It definitely, especially when it came out a few years ago, but it’s still relevant, but it really kind of changed the thinking about how the world is evolving and how, you know, you have to give stuff away for free in order to get people to buy.

Fred: Yeah. Now another book I think I told you about is “Talent is Overrated.” I’m not sure if that’s, I turned you onto that?

Avish: Yeah, you turned me on to “Talent is Overrated” and, yeah, that was great because, you know, a lot of people, especially new people starting out, will look at, you know, someone like you who’s done this for so long, be like “Oh, I could never do that.” And there’s this, it’s an easy excuse which is that, it’s some people are just born able to do this and others aren’t, and “Talent is Overrated” basically breaks that myth by citing studies where, how, basically anyone can get good at anything if they put in enough time.

Fred: Yep, and that’s by Geoffrey Colvin. Take a look at that. And lastly, “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell. You and I both found him as an author, and I think it’s worth reading everything that Gladwell has written. But —

Avish: Yeah.

Fred: — that book was good as well. So whether it’s “Outliers” or “Tipping Point” —

Avish: And “Blink.”

Fred: “Blink.” Any of those is worth reading, so those are a few books. Other places that I think you should go in terms of, you know, come to a Fred Info Boot Camp. Again we’ve, you know, talked to you about that before, but the Fred Info Boot Camp is really a place where in a small group setting you can get to learn this system in a week and have it up and running.

Avish: Right, and that’s

Fred: It is. Yep.

Avish: Ok, how about additional resources. You have a lot of websites where people can learn more about this stuff.

Fred: Yeah. Well there are a few sites that I wanted to bring up. Please go to and read the blog, go to the free webinars, go through the various courses and free material that I have there, download the free e-books, get everything of mine that you can on the site that’s free as well as please give me money as well.

Avish: Absolutely.

Fred:, which is our site.

Avish: Yes.

Fred: And you may want to tell people a little bit about that.

Avish: Yes, is a site devoted to helping speakers of any level learn what they need to make more money, have more fun, and speak better.

Fred: Got it. And so that’s a great place, and also in addition to that, there’s sort of a companion site they should look out, which is What’s that about?

Avish: That’s an onsite event with a small group of people, and we take them through the marketing of their business, how to build a foundation, and also how to put their presentation together and deliver it well, all in a very short period of time.

Fred: Yeah. Now I don’t want to leave out my next one, which is with my buddy and partner Bill O’Hanlon. We’ve got two sites, one is, which is all about showing people how to get their books published, either traditionally or self-published. And we also have, which you’re involved in as well.

Avish: Yes.


Avish: Right, and that’s an ongoing group coaching program for six months or a year, where you take people through the whole process, hold their hands, give them feedback, and help them build their speaking business.

Fred: And again, you should be looking at these sites even though you don’t sign up, just to see how they’re put together to give you an idea of how to do some of your sites as well.

Avish: Yes, absolutely.

Fred: Now, for people who want to learn more about how to get, you know, offline and online publicity we recommend you go to Burke Allen’s That’s a good place to go, there. And Burke is one of our favorite partners and should check that out. So, that’s a good one as well to check out and learn how to do publicity. Then, of course, —

Avish: Web Marketing Magic.

Fred: is your online marketing and everything system for doing an online business. This becomes the, sort of the foundation to your online business and everybody should go to, sign up for $3.95 one month trial and then inevitably you’re going to get this.

Avish: Yeah, absolutely. And so couple websites for domains?

Fred: Yeah.

Avish: One is UltraCheapDomains?

Fred: Yeah. Two domain names, and we mentioned these before at, if you want to just reserve a few domains; and if you want to really start to reserve a lot of domains, I suggest you go and that’s a site where you can set up your own retail domain selling business and basically give yourself commission as well as get paid for other people signing up and getting domains from you.

Avish: Ok.

Fred: So we talked about the FredInfoBootCamp. Another site is This is where you could get, you know, and again I would suggest you look at so that you could set up a similar one. You did something like this, didn’t you?

Avish: Yeah, but I think it was, or something like that.

Fred: Yeah, and so what you have is a, allowing people to get some advice from you for a short period of time for $100, pay via PayPal. But take a look at and feel free to model that site and sort of copy it and use it for yourself.

Avish: And a similar one they can look at and model is

Fred: Yeah, is another similar site where, again, people get together with me over lunch, they pay 100 bucks, maximum six to eight people. A good way to make six to eight hundred dollars, eating lunch, as well as getting people into your funnel for a low price for them.

Avish: Alright, and that’s what you do when you go to other cities, so you kind of mock, making extra money when you’re traveling.

Fred: You got it.

Avish: Ok.

Fred: Yeah, and I also, let me just say, along with, for those of you interested, if you have a topic and you want to work together with me, you want to take a look at and This is where I work with people like I’m working with you, as well as a number of other people, in a more close relationship in which I am participating in the profits and helping you build a business.

Avish: Ok. How about the couple seminars, publishing seminar?

Fred: Yeah. PublishingSeminar and PublicitySeminar are both, are worth visiting. And again, one of the things that I want to also highlight, so, I do these every year at least once a year before the book expo. But I encourage you to take a look at those. And then one of the sites you should probably take a look at, because it’s one of my JV partners, is, just to see what Bill Luis is doing. Take a look at that site and that should be something you take a look at as well.

Avish: Ok, and so those are a whole bunch of sites, great information. Let’s talk about just a few of the people that would be, that people listening to this may want to meet.

Fred: Yeah. There are two people in particular that I think you should take, you know, take a look at is Dave Hamilton, who is the Web Marketing Magician. We’ve mentioned him before. He’s a guy I trust. He will help you with all the technical aspects of putting sites together and anything online related. Great guy and very trustworthy I would say.

So Dave Hamilton’s at Check that out, that’s a good place to look. And also Berk Alan who we mentioned earlier who does publicity and again you could take a look at him at

Avish: Ok, and let’s just talk about a few additional sites that people may find useful as they build their information marketing empire.

Fred: Yeah. I’ve been using a lot of email marketing with video, and so is worth taking a look at., is another thing to just sort of check out your competition. And, CoolScreenCaptureTool, a lot of these, and by the way if you look at the page that I have, which is, there’s more stuff down towards the bottom of the page that gives you more of these individual sites and what they’re all about. So —

Avish: Ok.

Fred: — if you want more information on the individual sites, that’s the place to look. But there are some really important resources for everyone to go through, and I hope that all of you literally go through everyone of those resources. Any final thoughts, Avish?

Avish: No, this is a phenomenal information, great resources, and, you know, if people just take it one step at a time, and you have patience, uh, you know, they can achieve the same results.

Fred: Absolutely. Well, we’ll see you later then, folks.

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