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Teleseminars, Webinars and Google Analytics

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Avish : Let’s keep going with a few more systems and resources that are put into place. One thing you recommend is people would get some kind of tele-seminar line and what exactly is that and where should we go to get one?

Fred : I mean tele-seminar lines are where you can have a group of people on the phone together all hearing each other potentially and it’s more like a big, big party line where you have upwards of x number of people all either listening to one person or all talking together. Obviously, when you have a thousand people on the line you can be able to mute most of them, and just let certain people talk. It’s a good idea because it’s a great way to do either free or paid sessions where people get to get together with you on the phone, ask you questions, listen in and learn information.

So the place that I recommend going is I think it’s what’s the one I set out in my, and now they have a new service which is something else we’ll talk about which has to do with webinars and what was that one, I just posted it on our JV site and it’s you what I think it is free screening thing but just go to my site and find out what I’m recommending so there’s always a new product being recommended so people should always go back to for the latest recommendations for those kinds of things.

Avish : Okay, now obviously as the name implies this is something you sign up for free correct?

Fred : Yeah, it is free up until — like it is with most things now on the web, you can find free versions for something and you can also find they’ll try and seduce you into getting the paid version. And so the paid version often times has features that when we are first starting out are unnecessary so please in a case like the tele-seminars or the webinars which are now there are number of free services available. So when you are first getting started this is something you shouldn’t spend your money investing in right away just get the free version cause I think the free version allows you add up to 96 people listening or x number of people watching on the webinars so do not spend the money on this right away, wait till your numbers dictate a paid version.

Avish : And these tele-seminars are going to be a way for free to deliver seminar whether it’s a live or recorded credit product. Correct?

Fred : Yeah, I mean you could both grab some benefit you can use it to interview someone and have everybody else listening in on the call and then recording it and turning into a product. Which is a great way by the way do it you know or doing a live event people are taking and receiving a live feed all of those are possible as well.

Avish : Super. Okay so we went through this before but apparently you can get free webinar lines and to find the exact resource we should go

Fred : Yes, exactly so webinar information — Right now I’m using and that’s a $99 per month actually $500 per month if you want a 1000 people being enabled to access the language that I have but the problem is that’s the service that people shouldn’t consider until a little bit later in the game when they start to make some decent money.

Avish : Alright, let’s talk about another Google Tool and this Google Analytics.

Fred : Yup, Google Analytics one of my lines that I use all the time is measurement eliminates argument. We talked about that I think previously in this program and in order for us to understand exactly — we need to know certain numbers and there are some critical numbers that every website owner should know about their site for example the number of unique visitors and you know how long they stay on your site and a lot of these various site statistics if you will. And Google Analytics is free and if you just go to Google and put [email protected] or just Google the Google Analytics and it’s something that you can set up as a part of your Google Account that is 100 percent free and allows you to track important web stats on your site.

Now why does Google give you this tool for free? Obviously because they want you to eventually do some advertising using your Google Adwords but you don’t have to do that and you can still use Google Analytics for free. And of which I know if you have it on our sites speaking why don’t you tell people what we use it for there?

Avish : Sure, we use it to track obviously the first thing you see is the immediate visitors so that you can whether your traffic is increasing, decreasing or staying the same. It also gives you a number for how long people stay on the site so you can see whether your content is getting people is one thing but you can see that people are actually sitting there and reading your content. And another really useful stat is this thing called bouncery which lets you know how many people come into your site and then leave from that same page so you find that people aren’t actually digging any deeper into your site. Another interesting thing is that you can set up goals so one of our goals on our speaking expert site is we want people to sign up for our free download and you can set that as a cause and you tell Google Analytics you know when people come to this page count our success.

So with one word we can immediately see that right now we are about 10 percent success rate with our goals so it’s just that you track so many different things and they are all in one place and it’s really a powerful tool.

Fred : And the price is right.

Avish : The price is great and I haven’t really done much with this and I haven’t used Adwords in a little while but it sits above the rule that actually seamlessly integrates with your Adwords you can immediately get statistics on higher Adwords as well.

Fred : Really.

Avish : This is a good time to talk about you kind of mentioned since you’re talking about stats you say there are four numbers that everyone who’s an information marketer or anyone working online needs to know. You want to talk about those now?

Fred : And it’s so like when you go into a doctor’s office you know they want to get your weight, your height, your blood pressure, your heart rate there are some basic vital statistics that everyone should know and anyone who gets involved in this business should know this. Number one is the number of unique visitors and by the term unique visitors you mean when you come to site and you leave the site and go back to the site later today you are not considered a unique visitor. So how many unique visitors did you get different is what it means. We also want to know the second most important or the second in our list of four we need to know is.

What are the percentages of people — what percent of people who went to the site bought something which is the percentage closing rate for sale whatever it is you are selling in that particular site again if you are following my philosophy hopefully your sales sites should just be selling one product or service. So percentage of people who bought we also want to know the percentage of people who go into your site and then opted into your list.

As you were just speaking about on the site then we wanted to know what percent and you mentioned 10 percent. Now what percentage of people opted into your list given whatever seductive freebie you are offering them as an ethical bribe to get them to give you their name and email address? So we’ve got number of unique visitors, we’ve got the closing ratio to sales, we’ve got the percentage closing rate for email capture and then the final item which sort of does the little bit of combining few of these, is our average visitor value. So for example if a 100 people came to our site 5 of them bought a $100 digital product. We would have out of the other 95 people 20 of them signed up for a list we would have a 5% closing rate for sales, we would have a 20% rate for opt ins and our average visitor value given the people bought 5 of our $100 products for a total gross revenue of $500 we will take that total gross revenue of $500 that we generated from our site and take that number and then divide that by the number of unique visitors which is a 100 so a 100 goes into 500 five times or $5. So our average visitor value will be $5 per visitor because 100 visitors total $500 worth of revenue each visitor was worth on average $5.

Avish : Great, if you know these numbers you can then make decisions about what you are doing right or what you did more or less getting into.

Fred : Yeah, because once we have that data we’ll know where we needed to tweak for example if the total number of unique visitors is fairly low then we’ll need to work on getting more traffic. If the percentage closing rate for either sales or opt ins is low then we’ll need to have to work on our conversion on this site, conversion both for the sale and for getting people opt in. And you know we’ll get so much information about exactly what is needed now the other statistic that we can’t track here that we’re going to track through web marking magic is our percentage of returns because if you get a lot of returns obviously that has to do with your product we’ll talk about that later.

Avish : Okay! Cool. And one thing I just want to add is when we talked about WordPress and the idea that WordPress Plugins where you can just automatically add things to WordPresses. WordPress has Google analytics Plugins so which is basically want you to click you can have you can set analytics once you create an account you can set it up on your WordPress blog.

Fred : Absolutely And a very good idea and another reason why we would recommend WordPress.

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