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Step 1 (pt. 6): Will Any/Every Niche Work?

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Avish: Alright Fred, to wrap up this section about selecting a niche. One thing is you actually suggest people get involved, at least over time, in multiple niches. And not necessarily to expect that the first one be a home run.

Fred: Yeah, well a lot of times, Avish, even after we do all our research and we get everything together, we, the expectation that we’re going to bat a thousand in the information marketing business is ridiculous, just as it would be for a batter in baseball. I mean, successful batters in baseball, over the course of their lifetime, are successful if they hit three hundred, which is three out of ten successful hits for every at bat. I mean three successful for every ten at bats.

So, what I think that people who are listening to this program need to understand is that it is highly unlikely that every niche you go after is going to be successful, number one. And number two, I would like to encourage people to not get disappointed if the first niche they try and target doesn’t work out. That doesn’t mean that they don’t know, or won’t be successful as an information marketer. It just means that they will have to try another niche and get it going. And that’s why it’s probably a good idea to not get too invested in a niche until you give it a shot and start trying things and just do some very, very basic work before you invest all your time, energy, and effort into the one niche.

Avish: Okay, great, so we pick our topic, do some Google research, make sure we got passion and profits for it, put it out there and test it. It’s possible it may work; it’s possible it may not, but the key is to kind of keep going and try different things, right?

Fred: Absolutely.

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