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What is a Plug-in? Which Should You Use?

Here are the plug-ins I use on my site:

Akismet – Spam filtering software. It automatically filter spam comments. Reduces a LOT of Administrative time.

All in One SEO Pack – Enables you to set page title, meta descriptions and keywords on any page or post. VERY important in SEO. Some premium themes have this plugin built-in but you will lose all the data if you change theme so a plugin is more preferable in SEO work in any WordPress site.

Blubrry PowerPress – For Podcast functionality. This creates and hosts the XML file that is used by iTunes.

Category Order – A quick way to order the categories (a function that is used in the video I sent you where you can easily change the order of sub-heads in the training videos section)

Category pagination fix – Removes the “category” permalink structure – this is for SEO purposes.

Cbnet Ping Optimizer – I didn’t install this. Urmil installed this and basically it notifies blog directories for new posts (though I think this is UNnecessary)

Contact Form 7 – Contact form used in the Contact Us page. You can basically create custom contact forms easily and quickly.

Digg Digg – Creates social media sharing buttons on the posts (FB like, Tweet me, Digg, etc.). This makes it easier for others to share your posts.

Dynamic To Top – Creates a button(arrow) in the lower right portion of the page where people can click if they want to go back to the top of the page.

Exclude Pages from Navigation – Hide page links from the navigation menu. Very useful in creating hidden pages in the site.

External Links – Creates an icon for external links

Google XML Sitemaps – Creates and hosts XML file to be used for Google sitemaps. Sitemaps are necessary for Google to rank you higher in their organic search.

GZIP Enable – Compresses HTML/CSS/scripts files so websites load faster. Faster loading times give you bonus points with Google.

ICS Calendar – Displays and syncs data from .Mac/.Me calendar. This allows someone to have their calendar displayed for others to see.

Keyword Winner – You specifically asked me to buy and install this plugin. Basically, this searches for related key phrases.

Limit Posts – Sets the character limit of a blog excerpt. This way it condenses the material and makes it easier for people to see a section of your blog posts.

PopUp Domination – Displays a great looking pop-up when people enter your site. This way you can get people to take the action you want them to when they first get to your site.

Redirection – Redirection functionality. This is used to fix broken links. Also, a tool to be used with Google Webmaster Tool’s crawling error reports.

SEOPressor UNLIMITED – Based on Urmil’s suggestion. I don’t know how it exactly works but basically its an SEO tool where it optimizes a page based on a given
key phrase

Shadowbox JS – Use Title from Image – For lightbox effects – this is where some audios/videos and images popup on the same page when clicked

SimpleModal Contact Form (SMCF) – A lightbox contact form used in the question link in the training videos section

Simply Show IDs – This is admin plugin where its main purpose is just to display the IDs of any and all pages, posts and categories. This is very helpful when managing any WordPress site.

Smart Youtube – Creates a quick way to display Youtube videos. We used this plugin in the webinar section of the site.

Subscribe To “Double-Opt-In” Comments – Enables users to subscribe to comments where they will be notified if new comments are posted.

Top Level Categories – Same function with the plugin Category pagination fix but this mainly for setting a custom category permalink. Still, an SEO tool.

WordPress Related Posts – Shows related posts in every post based on tags from other posts you already have up.

WP-Ads – Rotates any ads that you have set up to be displayed on your site.

WP Hide Dashboard – Hides certain functions for subscribers/members of the site. This makes the membership admin page simpler and clutter-free.

WP Super Popup – Same with Popup Domination but this is more flexible.

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