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Information Marketing JV Partner Webinar – December 14, 2011 (Transcript Available)

Fred: Okay, let’s get going, here we are. First off, we have both Avish, are you there?

Avish: I’m here.

Fred: And we have Bill DeWees on the line, Bill how are you?

Bill: Greetings, fine, thank you.

Fred: And since both of us, all of us would admit and agree to the fact that Bill is the hardest working man in voiceovers, we’ll allow him to go first.

Avish: Absolutely.

Bill: Thanks, the hot seat, huh?

Fred: Yeah, so hey, tell me about the event tomorrow night. So tomorrow night you’re doing a teleseminar or webinar?

Bill: Yeah, well, it’s a webinar. I did a live video broadcast. It would be my first ever on this business so I’m very excited about that. It’s going to be about an hour long and I positioned it as my holiday gift to everyone.

Fred: Okay and what are they going to get during that time with you?

Bill: It’s entitled small steps to a big voiceover business in 2012 so I’ll be outlining some strategy that they can implement if that consistently over the next year could see big dividends.

Fred: Got it, and so let see here now. Is this a free event or is it paid?

Bill: This is free.

Fred: Okay.

Bill: And you know my list is about 300 people and I had about eight people respond.

Fred: Okay so what’s the free for the webinar and so what are we doing to pitch to make money here?

Bill: Well, here I have several things coming up that I’ll be talking about, I mean certainly the one-on-one coaching and also going to be pitching the 3-day one person event, multiple day five person event and as a matter of fact I alluded to it in a video that are recorded today and I’ve already three or four responses.

Fred: What did you allude to, the one-on-one or the three-day one person.

Bill: No, the one-on-one because I figure I can always funnel them down to the two-day five person.

Fred: Yup, and so now what about the other products. I would mention and how websites go up for those so the voice on your play book.

Bill: Yes, I got and also be promoting I will also be promoting, I have a two-day audio book workshop coming up in February and the two-day voiceover marketing workshop coming up in April and those all will be promoted.

Fred: Yeah, I mean and I would try and make it.

Bill: What is the greatest need of voiceover talent today? Well it’s….

Fred: Okay so we may want to, I don’t want you to be promoting so many things that people get confused so what it is that you mainly want. What’s the main pitch or what’s the primary pitch, let’s just put it that way.

Bill: Oh, the primary pitch will be my playbook because really it’s an expanded version of what I’ll be doing tomorrow night.

Fred: Okay and so that is this right here.

Bill: That you got it.

Fred: That we have on the screen which is a nearly 4 hours video.

Bill: I just said, it’s a 247 other products.

Fred: Got it. Okay so that’s the primary pitch. So now have you decided – again, you may want to tease people at the beginning of this with some kind of a tease at beginning because, you know, first of it it’s challenging enough. I’ve got now 12, less that 20 people on this webinar and there were 120 signed up so challenge number one is getting those people who said they were come to show up. Challenge number two is pitching the people that show up affectively and one of the things that you want to do is to tease it at the beginning to keep them on till the end so what are you going to say to them that will make them remain enraptured until minutes 52.

Bill: That I will be giving $100 in cash everyone to lasts to the very end. No, I have a few questions. I guess I just assume that they will be enraptured but maybe not.

Fred: Well, I think you know, your dynamic personality maybe a seller, but we still have to think about what is the possibility that some people might be cooking omelets and need to get up and get off.

Bill: Right, I mean really, I mean the way it is setup right now, and this I don’t think this is really a tease, but the people did have been submitting a lot of questions and I’ll be doing more of a question and answer thing at the end where I’ll address their question.

Fred: Okay, so their specific question so the first thing you want to say is by the way we have a number of people submit questions and I’m going to take the time at the very end of the webinar to answer your specific questions when we get there.

Bill: Yeah, now, whether that’s a strong enough of a tease to hold them, I don’t know, but I have a lot of response to that.

Fred: Okay. Well, let’s try it this way and let’s see how many people, so you had eight people expressed an interested, right?

Bill: Right.

Fred: And by the way, here’s a great example of the fact that you now have 300 up then which is not that many and we got revenue coming from this group.

Bill: Yeah, yeah, we do its pretty incredible.

Fred: Yeah, so that’s pretty cool so now here’s my next question for you, what are the latest stats on Google for the various terms of your voiceover business? I know the last time you look; you were number 10 in Google, right?

Bill: I believe so, yeah. I would have to look those individual, I don’t have that number.

Fred: Okay, what about latest stat from Goggle analytics?

Bill: I have 276, I believe, visits this past week and that’s I mean, that’s the only thing I have immediately available to that, I don’t know about the other stat.

Fred: Yeah, now I remember from looking at those stats yesterday, some time that you’re getting now close to 80% of your visitors from SEO, from organic search.

Bill: Okay. That sounds good.

Fred: Yeah, it is and so now, let’s ask, I think the next logical thing that I ask about is when does Armal claim that everything is going to start to kick in big time?

Bill: Well, we just get off the phone a while ago and as soon as, I guess Stanley is moving our present the website over to my hosting account.

Fred: Yup.

Bill: And when that is moved to my hosting account, he held back that up and then swap in the new site for that so he said Stanley haven’t in contact to them yet, but he said if he does today, they want to wake up in the morning.

Fred: Yeah and let’s send Stanley an email saying that your anxious, copy it to me.

Bill: Okay.

Fred: Saying you’re anxious to get this done ASAP and let’s get on it.

Bill: We walk to the site and look really nice so I’m very excited.

Fred: And what did you like about it and so now, let’s…

Bill: I like that, you know the whole and you talked about this a lot of this a lot, having one singular focus. What is your in game and above the fold when you’re on that page opens up, it is all or the up down. Everything points to the up down.

Fred: Yes.

Bill: So it’s very clean. There is some really nice-looking testimonials right underneath that with some great graphics on my credits so it builds credibility and point to the up down.

Fred: Got it and so what’s going to open is hopefully we’re going to get a flood traffic coming up that you’re going into convert into up downs and then you got auto responder setup as well, right?

Bill: Correct.

Fred: Okay and so now the beauty is that and you also now will have on your product’s page, let’s just go to voiceover just to see the old site which we will miss dearly.

Bill: It has been a good site.

Fred: It has been a good site so from here when we click on products, we will have links to all the various different things?

Bill: Yeah, it will instead of breaking it down to the case category at least as you had suggested, just list all the products one after the other.

Fred: Okay.

Bill: And then you click some, if I’m not mistaken, we’ll click on it and then it go to a description and then will go to my website corresponding each product so I still has a work to do on my own on that end to make sure I have a website for each one.

Fred: Got it, so now how many products, if I ask you, okay, so Bill how many total things can you sell to people? As of today, it would be the voiceover playbook videos, right?

Bill: Right.

Fred: And those are $247.

Bill: Right.

Fred: It would be what else, the audios?

Bill: Audio book.

Fred: Audio book seminar.

Bill: Yes, right, seminar and that also is $247.

Fred: Okay, and what else?

Bill: I’ve got my two upcoming events, would you consider those products?

Fred: Sure?

Bill: That mean, these are really comes on now, it moves in to a coaching-type style so I have two upcoming events.

Fred: And those two events, how much of those events and what’s the maximum number of people?

Bill: It would be eight max for each. We will that and see how that goes. If it’s worth it, we try and squeeze more the next time.

Fred: Yup.

Bill: For the audio book, it’s going to be $1297.

Fred: Okay.

Bill: And the marketing event is $997. The reason in the difference is I’m actually producing a demo of each participant of the audio book event.

Fred: So this one here, the $1297 includes a demo?

Bill: Correct.

Fred: Got it and so that’s a lot of value there.

Bill: Yeah, yeah really is.

Fred: So we assume that we got eight people to show up, we got almost, we got close to 10 grand in revenue, right?

Bill: Correct.

Fred: And yeah, so that’s good now. When will those sites be ready to promote that?

Bill: Well, that’s a good question, I don’t know. Very soon, that’s on my to-do list.

Fred: Okay, now with those sites to promote the live events, you’re going to make it look very similar, I would imagine, to, right?

Bill: Yes, yes.

Fred: So this is going to be your template, if you will, for this?

Bill: Yes, it will. As a matter of fact, today, I just went in a couple of hours ago and if you look at this, I’ve updated the text on it to reflect the new seminar, but there’s some things on it that I don’t know how to change, I contacted Dave Hamilton, I sent him an email a while ago, I asked him to fix. I want to have a coach with you so I can do it myself in the future?

Fred: Wait; now tell me what you can’t change.

Bill: Okay well, for instance, well, here’s something, I don’t know how to link this to the backend to my new merchant account and my web marketing magic. I have no clue how to do that.

Fred: So in other words, when people press by?

Bill: Yeah and I don’t know how to price down there. Yeah that part, that totally eludes me.

Fred: Right here, right now, this is all being done in PayPal.

Bill: Correct, yes.

Fred: Yeah, so I mean, any changes to this are PayPal function. You could go on your PayPal account and click on merchant services, I think it is, Avish help me with this, do you know how to do this?

Avish: Yeah. I don’t, I don’t use PayPal as much, unless just one way of accepting payment.

Fred: Yeah, I’ve seen this done recently where, Bill this is actually a PayPal function. You may want to go into your PayPal account and check this, but as it relates to linking this to web marketing magic what you’re going to have to do, it will be a link-based system and its actually pretty easy to do so yeah, I would suggest you have, Dave coach you on it once to show you how do it.

Bill: Right and I’ll record it. I recall video record that and then yeah. It’s kind of teach Amanda to fish kind of thing.

Fred: Yeah, absolutely and so yes…

Bill: So I had done that, if people look at that, that is updated except for I can’t change the heading either. I looked to all the pages when I logged in to the admin panel and I can’t figure out how to access that red text, that simple thing.

Fred: This red text here?

Bill: Yeah. I’m sure it’s simple.

Fred: Avish, any ideas on this?

Fred: This looks like the –we’re doing this – the underlying piece here is out to my scratch, right, the template?

Bill: Um….ah-ah.

Fred: You’re not sure?

Bill: Yeah.

Bill: Let me see here, Avish this it look like up my scratch to you, it does to me.

Avish: It does to me. It doesn’t necessarily I mean it is, but it does look like it in which case, one of the fields under the page itemized press on that page of the bottom has like 30 different subsections of the things you can add it and so one of those would be the headline.

Fred: Got you, my suggestion would be Bill to talk to Dave, but accumulate all your questions in advance so you can knock them out with him one after the other.

Bill: Right, okay, okay.

Fred: And once you do that, the nice thing is you’ll be able to slam up this different kinds of seminars because again, now let’s talk about for you Bill, [0:13:32.4] to Avish is it, let’s talk about, what’s the maximum number, so the maximum number of days per month that you would like to do either seminars or one-on-one coaching?

Bill: Well, I could tell you this, I would like to do and actually, I had my first two quarters plan, I want to do one event per quarter, that’s my goal this next year so four events to see how that goes.

Fred: Yup.

Bill: Again, the first two quarters are planned so that’s kind of nice.

Fred: Yup.

Bill: In terms of the one-on-one three-day, I’m looking at five max. I mean if I could get five that would just be.

Fred: Well, let’s talk about, let’s categorize, these are the events here, let’s make that the event but what about so any of those smaller things from one to say five people, how many total days in a quarter or in a year would you want to have those?

Bill: I think about once a quarter like maybe up to five, but I can’t imagine doing more than five or so in a year.

Fred: Okay, in other words – let’s do this based on days rather than on.

Bill: Okay, I’m sorry.

Fred: So how many total days would you want to devote to this smaller almost one-on-one coaching that one on few, let’s say.

Bill: It’s maybe 12.

Fred: Okay, so yeah, let’s say 12 so that would be one a month. So for next year then, we’re looking at a total say 15 days of either events or smaller events or one-on-one coaching, right?

Bill: Right, right.

Fred: And again, they’re right in there without even any products depending on which of these events sales, that’s going to be a nice chunk of revenue. I would think that if we were setting some goals for you for next year because there’s somebody at the call right now who I spoke to earlier today, Jeff Gracko and Jeffery is curious, you may talk to him at some point and Avish, by the way, he lives in Philly so I’m going to have him…

Avish Oh, nice.

Fred: His name is Jeffery Gracko, he is a new person.

Avish: Okay.

Fred: And Jeffrey in the question area sent me what town you’re in, he’s right outside Philly, I want to say Blue Bell, but I don’t know if that’s right. Is that a city near Philly, Avish? Blue Bell, yeah.

Avish: Yeah, Blue Bell is like, yeah an hour and 40 minutes at the city.

Fred: Okay, cool so he’s going to try and maybe get together with you at some point, but I’m trying to figure out and give Jeffery some idea here, too. If you were, Bill back to you, if you were sort of projecting for next year, what would be your lowest acceptable and your target dollar amount generate from the info product business?

Bill: My lowest acceptable, let’s see here, I would say on the low end I mean, I think double I did this year, I think $20,000 the little, but my target would be closer, I don’t like to shoot for $ 50, 000.

Fred: Okay, cool and I think that’s.

Bill: That’s pretty broad range, I know but…

Fred: Yeah, that’s fine, but I also think though that in the 2013, I think this number is going to possibly go up even not exponentially, but I think it would be no reason to assume you can’t generate a hundred thousand. In 2014, I don’t see any reason why can’t generate 250, I mean, do you?

Bill: Keep going, keep going. You know, I think you’re absolutely right. I think what I’m getting per person is pretty – I’m very excited, I think I felt like maximizing it’s of them.

Fred: Yeah, one of the ways that you’re doing that again is you’re using, you’re making use of a cool video too pretty extensively even for this upcoming webinar, right?

Bill: Absolutely, yeah. As a matter of fact, I was just sending them out just before I got on this call and from my new opt-in, I’m also promoting the webinar at the same time.

Fred: Got it so now are you going to be using, do you use the video email when people and this is when people respond and opt in, but you’re also using the webinar tool within there to do the webinar.

Bill: Yeah and it’s been very cool.

Fred: And you’d been using it now. I mean, you’ve practice on it, correct?

Bill: Yes, as a matter of fact, my daughter who’s my assistant we set it up today, we checked on the lighting and everything.

Fred: And how’s it look?

Bill: It looks really nice.

Fred: So then why don’t you do this also, can you please record that using screen flow?

Bill: Oh yeah, absolutely, absolutely.

Fred: Okay, good and by the way, what is that, that’s tonight at what time?

Bill: Its tomorrow. Tomorrow night at 8 Eastern, 7 Central. It would be like 5 o‘clock your time.

Fred: Okay, just record it in case I can’t be on it, but I like to see what it looks like.

Bill: I’ll get you a link and I also, I had people from around the world tell me they can you know because middle of the night, like in Europe or wherever and they’re asking for recording so I’ll make sure I get it recorded.

Fred: Well, if it is important enough, they’ll get up.

Bill: That’s right.

Fred: So anyway, I’m switching, stay with me if you can though, I know you know you got plenty of work to do, but if you can stay. Avish lets switch to you and lets go to speaking expert and see here and again, by the way, stay on Bill because Avish is going to be telling us all about his January event so Avish why don’t we talk to people about that?

Avish Yeah, there’s a half done webpage you can go to if you want to bring it up. It’s got a lot of place holder stuff in there, but if you want to see the, after that part speaking expert teleseminar.

Fred: So and then after this, I’m going to show you guys, I’ve got a sight I’m putting up as well. I’ll talk to you about a few things here, too. Okay, cool so this is getting people; tell people what’s going on there.

Avish: Alright this is going to be a 7th part teleseminar series, similar I did for my motivationalsmartass site.

Fred: I like it; it’s all Avish all the time?

Avish: That’s pretty much what it looks to be, as I said, there are placeholders on that, right.

Fred: Yeah, so you’re going to drop in. Every week, there’s going to be a different expert speaking, correct?

Avish: Yeah, so we take a semi-target. It’s not like a super niche, but niched enough in that it’s four speakers, its specifically for speakers who are either wanting to get their business started or they’re pretty new and they’re struggling so it’s really how do you, it spokes on the early stage of how do you build something that is going to be successful and sustainable and profitable in the long-term.

In seven weeks, each one covering a different topic. Now there’s definitely stuff we’ve left out because again, we’ve got to be very specific focus and rather than have me and Fred to do all seven calls, we’re going to have different expert on each one. So Fred and I will be an expert for one each and then we’ll find other sand the goal of that is two-folds. Number one, one of the primary ones from a marketing standpoint is we’re going to have five other people marketing out to their list and their Facebook and Twitter so it’s just a way of really expanding the reach and each of those people is going to get enough affiliated links, anyone who signs through them, they get 50% so they can make some money plus they will get some cross exposure because from what expert number one sends them and they’ll get to see all six people’s profile so that’s goal number one.

Number two is I think it makes a little more enticing for attendee especially for people who’d been on mine or Fred’s list for a long time. A part of it is that they know also that will be enticing, but not only from these guys, but I’m going to get other five other prospectives as well so the second goal is to make it more people who are in our list like going outside of what we rationally do so.

Fred: Avish, let me ask you then what’s the date for this so that people that are listening right now could put it down on their calendar because it’s free to do it live, right?

Avish: Yeah, there are two options. One is that, you can sign up for free in which case you can get the phone number every week we do this, you can listen into the call live and the second option is paid, we’re not only give you the number to listen in, but you get recordings of the calls, the transcriptions as well as how many bonuses we can solicit for everybody.

Fred: Yeah, cool.

Avish: I don’t have, I’d been lock the dating yet, but I think that’s the first week or either be the last week in January or the first week of February.

Fred: Yeah and so if you’re on this particular webinar and want to know about that, how will people be finding out Avish?

Avish: That’s a good question, I need a set URL. I mean, if they really want to find out, they to go the website and update the list there, I’m obviously get an announce details there or subscribe to the speackingexpert blog.

Fred: Speaking of that, how many people do we have on the updated list for that site?

Avish: That’s a good question; I don’t check the exact numbers, its 75 and 600.

Fred: Okay.

Avish: Well, the two questions there is, there’s how many people opted-in specific on that site versus how many people are on the mail for speaking information.

Fred: Got it, so cool but formula here and it’s been used before. It’s not like we invented it is that you’re going to be doing a seven-week teleseminar, people can listen live for free or they can sign up and do the paid which the paid is going to be how much?

Avish: $97.

Fred: 97 bucks and for that, they’re going to get a whole bunch of other things; bonuses and stuff so they’re going to feel like that’s hack of a great deal.

Avish: Correct.

Fred: Good, okay, I like that. What else are we finding; by the way, I noticed your Google analytics, number 6, gone down this last week.

Avish: Yeah, I noticed that too, I’m not sure why.

Fred: How much blogging activity did you?

Avish: It was a little bit less, I think I sent two or three, I did like one because focused on getting this mess up.

Fred: Yeah, I have the feeling that the blogging helps that, but I think that the other thing that we can do is we can learn a lot from some of the stuff that Billy Lois is doing too and so Bill you can obviously, I mean there’s going to be things we can sort barrow. I mean obviously, we can’t do all the backend stuff that almost got all these millions working on, but there’s a lot of stuff that we can see just from looking at Bill’s site and one of the things, Avish, I’ve noticed immediately and obviously there’s something with the secret sauce in here, is if you go back here, look at what Bill now has, all of these links here that are SEO terms. Correct Bill?

Bill: Yeah, well actually some of them correspond with the 12 working and some don’t so this will be updated.

Fred: Got it, okay, but eventually the 12 target terms that you have, all of those will probably have some place in here, right?

Bill: Yeah, I mean very prominently, yes.

Fred: Got it and so Avish when we go back to speackingexpert, we don’t have that, do we?

Avish: Not all the categories across the top like that with the keywords so.

Fred: Yeah, so I think the categories with the keywords are probably pretty instrumental in having that helped and we’ve heard before, I think.

Avish: Oh-huh.

Fred: Okay, sounds goods, so what else? Let me quickly tell you guys if you have – let me just show you that I’m doing here. I want to see you some of the real numbers here so that you see them with actually its KDP so we’re now about just about halfway through the month and here’s my report in on my Kindle sales and it’s a total when you take all of them there, it totaled about 50. 15 plus 15 is 30, 31, 34, 40, 42, 43, 50 just exactly. I got one more since I checked it last. So there are 50 sales of different eBooks at different prices.

Now obviously the main reason and Bill, I mean Avish has been working on this a little bit, I mean this is another project for getting people in the door at no or low cost. In all of this situation, some of this Kindle, they’re called eBooks but this one for example that one that sold 15 units is only is we go and I can show you guys that on Amazon itself. So on Amazon itself, this particular information marketing made easy and Kindles so there is it. This site if you click on it so what people have bought is, notice here a 2000 word article. So again, for 99 cents 2000 words doesn’t sound like a bad deal to most people around now.

So a Kindle book, it’s kind of a misnomer here because now watch what happened and this is important and Avish you’re doing this, but Bill I don’t think you have yet so watch, so I click to look inside here, here’s what I find. I find the title page blah-blah-blah, but the next thing that you find right here is this, find out more about the author by visiting and you get our free information marketing course worth $397 go this link and it’s a clickable link now like we said, I think last week there was a lot of people who even for 99 cents may not buy, but they will at least download a sample and that sample is within the first 10% and it includes, so see, this is where the sample cuts up, right here. It cuts out though, in time for me to get this message across which includes this link which by the way is clickable so what we’re doing here is selling something short and quick and relatively cheap, but again, Bill you could develop a whole series of short articles anywhere from 1500 to 2500 words through a cover on and by the way, the guy that I used for the cover is some guy on fiber that got two covers for 5 bucks.

Bill: Nice.

Fred: Yeah, I mean we’re not talking big money here and so this person so if I go to Fred Gleeck and the Kindle store, you’ll see some of the things that he’s put together, these are not his work. There were customs out, but down here, these were all this. Look at this, that one right there, 35 seminar marketing techniques, this Kindle money magic here he designed that. That cover that one is not his. This one was designed by a fiber guy and this one was another of mine, that’s Avish’s. This a fiber guy here, how to double or triple and it’s certainly tough to see there but its, yeah. It’s not the best cover in the world, but it certainly helps to sell them so something that you can be doing there Bill as well.

Bill: I have three transcriptions especially for this purpose; I just haven’t finalized them yet.

Fred: Okay, when you’re get ready to do that, you know those transcriptions, how long are those transcriptions?

Bill: Well, most of them are between like 1215 words.

Fred: Okay good.

Bill: So, not bad.

Fred: Yeah, so you can use transcription. I mean, I don’t really think it’s a problem for you to use something that’s 12 or 1500 words. The only time there’s a problem is if people don’t clearly state it because most people think of a books as being much longer, but if you lay it out to them like I have here, when I say to them, look guys, when I say to people in the description here, I’m not trying to lie or deceive them here, I say this is a 2000 word article. I mean so people they can see what it is they’re getting. There’s no hidden message here, right. It’s only 21 kilobytes, I mean for goodness sake. It’s not big, but people again are going there, that’s review everything so there’s a bunch of stuff here that – now let me tell you why this is important, first of, I’m committed to doing at least one of this, I’m trying to do two a month for the next 12 months so I want to just a both load of stuff up in the Kindle store so that I’m all over the place.

I’m ubiquitous and if you think about it, I’m not trying to really make money so when we talk about the Kindle, use transcriptions, don’t try and make the money on the front end. We’re trying to make it so people buy this and they get seduced to getting everything that I have by coming back to the site and getting free stuffs so that’s what the real purpose is and the thing is and I think I wrote it last week as well is if one person buys, so if one person buys anywhere between 10 to 20 people will download a sample, now did you heard it, did you hear that last week Bill, I don’t think you’re on.

Bill: I did not, no. That’s interesting.

Fred: Yeah and I got that data from someone who’s a real knowledgeable Kindle expert I interviewed, Nancy Hendrickson whose interview, by the way for those who are watching this, it’s up on the site under are free teleseminar, I forget where, somewhere on my site, if you just put in the site directory and search for Nancy Hendrickson, her interview with me at via audio was really good on that as well as Kenny Joshua Tallent so you can search if you want more information on these folks, go to nancyhendrickson on and listen to that free thing or Joshua, again use this search button on my site, Tallent again on

Now, here’s what I’d done also so the idea here is to be all over Kindle, why because Amazon is on the most, the heaviest traffic, one of the most heavily traffic sites on the internet so we want to have something there but we also, I’m thinking and this is what I came up with and Avish you haven’t seen this so now what I’ve also done is I’ve asked Stanley to help me come up with a template for this in my URL for it, it’s and so what I’m doing, this site is not ready yet either, but each of my eBooks of any length is going to have a site like this and here’s the reason, if you noticed, this is basically is going to be sales page.

There’s going to be the picture of the book in Amazon. There’s going to be a little video of me talking about it and then it’s going to have the standard stuff here; testimonials, etcetera, etcetera and all of these is just placeholders. Nobody can buy anything on here yet, but the other things that it’s going to do is going to have a blog and that blog is going to have a bunch of content and now Bill I think I shared this with you and Avish, I don’t think I shared it with you, did I share it with you and by the way I’m not endorsing the site, I don’t know anything about it because they haven’t not done anything for me yet, but content

Here’s this place, presumably based here in the United States that will produce content for you so think about it, I want to produce a blog having to do with something and I say you know what I’m just too busy, I can’t do that so I click on blog post and this company here will do the following, if you go down to their page here. They’ll do 10 blog post of 300 words or 10 blog post of 400 words here for 119 bucks so about 10 bucks of blog post and they have bigger packages as well so that if you wanted to and Bill and Avish, I mean this is something that the blogging I’m not sure, but there’s other things that they can do here as well for example, I got a quote from them as a stepparent, I’ d been taking some notes on what works and what doesn’t and I’m putting together an eBook on that title and I thought to myself, I got all the sort of the chapter outlines, but I don’t really want to really do it myself, well you could do it here and look at the prices on these eBooks and this is now remember, this is, if you can’t read here as low as 10 bucks, $9.95 per 500 word page so that’s 500 words for $10 so if you wanted to do an eBook of 100 pages which is basically 50, 000 words you can get it done for under a thousand dollars with these guys.

Now, let me just tell you what, I have looked around on their site to see the qualities of writing on their site and frankly, you know it is at least something to be desired, but at a thousand bucks for 50, 000 words of content, you know, it’s kind of tough to bid that. Bill any thoughts?

Bill: Do you actually give them like the general topic and they go research it and?

Fred: Well, let me show you; let me show you what they say.

Bill: Okay.,

Fred: Here’s what they say, so custom eBooks it says, now the thing that impress about this guys, lets read through this a second, completely goes written all rights transferred to you so its word for hire, free cover page design who cares, well-written a hundred percent original content written on your specific topic or table of contents according to your exact requirements. Turnaround time within two weeks. Here’s the one that got me, unlimited revisions, unlimited revisions.

Bill: Wew.

Fred: To me that’s a pretty ballsy, kind of thing to say there. Proofing by our in-house experts, zero mistakes guaranteed. And so this is pretty interesting. So how it works, process is easy, place your order, provide us details of what you’ve prewritten so you Bill you could come out with an outline, a prewritten table of contents or they’ll put one together for you. Step 3 says, upon completing the first chapter to you, we’ll send it to you once approved, we’ll work on the remaining parts of the book. You’re book or eBook is redelivered to you on time. Further revision is immediately undertaken when asked for; you have your completed eBook.

Bill: Wow.

Fred: So what questions do you have on them? We could start a live chat, so the point is check this out and again, I’m not endorsing these guys. Frankly some of the samples of their work that I saw we’re so-so. I mean, I actually caught some weird kind of verbiage, but with this kind of guarantees of unlimited revisions and that’s what got me.

Bill: I’m going to check this out.

Fred: Yeah, I mean the whole point is, if you’re the hardest working man in the voiceover business like Bill Lois is, you just don’t have time to do some of this stuff, you rather pay for it, Bill?

Bill: It’s my biggest challenge, absolutely.

Fred: And so there you have it, I mean that’s the whole thing. I think that it’s important that we look into having other people create content for us and Avish, imagine if you we’re to create – what I’m trying to do is I like the idea of creating these tips books and by tips books, I mean something that is a 77 ways to blah-blah-blah. 77 ways to be a better stepparents, 77 ways to get in to voice or to succeed in the voiceover business. In other words all those kinds of books which can be fairly easily written for you and again, everything on this on this site is basically 10 bucks per 500 words.

They also do web copy and again, I don’t on how good this is; articles, press releases, SEO content, let’s take a look over this. SEO content packages, fresh website content, new articles, monthly press releases so they have these whole things and here’s how it works and here’s what it cost. 15 pages per month, I mean again, I don’t know how well they’re going to do this, but I’m certainly going to test it. Avish your thoughts?

Avish: Yeah, I’m certainly excited to have you test it and let us know how it goes because, I mean one of the question is how well its going to work right, I mean if it works well, that’s…

Fred: Yup and I’m thinking that, I’m going to test it on some of my other stuff because here’s my idea like this Kindle money magic thing, this is the site I’m putting up for myself and I’m directing people to Amazon so when people click on this, I don’t know if Stanley has it set up yet, but when people click to order, they’re going to go to Amazon because what I really want to have happen is I want all of my stuff at a very, very top of Amazon in the Kindle eBook section for all the various tags and keywords, but again, none of this is happening yet so and so what I usually do and again, just for the benefit of some of the people like Jeffery who is on the call who want to know sort of my process what I usually do is I usually end up serving as the guinea pig.

The guinea pig for all the JV Partners just like I did with the transcription that is going to be turn in to a book which work poorly, to say it, at least. I was all excited because I got this gal to take a transcript to create a book from it and it sucked. So I can’t – well, its 250 bucks so these guys are whole lot more than that. But I think that is going to be worth doing, but I think that if you a way to do this. If you’re going to go to the content development pros here, what I would do is you could create and eBook and call it and eBook, right.

Since they’re did this for 9.95 per 500 word page, if you could make it, you tell them, okay I want to have 77 topics, let’s make it easily, make it 100 topics and so they’re going to be 500 words on page that’s going to be 50, 000 words that this package for a thousand bucks. For a thousand bucks, you’ve got a pretty fat meaty book. Then you can take that eBook, you can cut it up into pieces and create blog posts out of it because they’re in the tips format. I think there’s a lot of good stuff that can come out of this so not only do you sell it then as an eBook, you would sell each of the tips individually or put page up the tips individually as a blog post and conceivably, l you could have three blog post going up a week for the next year on automatic pilot.

Avish: Cheeze, sign me up.

Fred: Yeah, I mean it is kind of cool, isn’t it Bill?

Bill: Very cool and my biggest challenge, the thing that I’m excited about is the content which is the thing that I find the most frustration because it just the time involved and if these guys like Avish said, they turned out to be legit, not that they’re not legit, but this being good at what they do, well, this would be real God sent.

Fred: Yeah, I think so to. And let’s just say that they, if you’re grading them, they were getting a B minus or C plus, you could have Mallory or go in yourself and tweak enough to make still workout, don’t you think?

Bill: Absolutely, yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking.

Fred: Yeah, so me too, I’m thinking to myself okay so let’s just say that these folks produce, lets that call that adequate content at these prices then we go in and tweak it and then put it out there. My idea is, again for the prices that you can get for a thousand bucks or for $1000 you’re going to end up with a 50, 000 word eBook and if you did my idea of a 100 tips you would also end up with a hundred blog post that you could program into WordPress to be release every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next year. Bill, I know you’re excited about that.

Bill: That’s brilliant I may allow it. I’m pretty excited about it.

Fred: And the idea here is that you could also tell them to make sure that each one of those, an eBook just to make sure that you optimize for every keywords so when you gave them your list, Bill from Google external keyword to what we came up of potential blog post, wait a second here. I’m sorry I haven’t David has a question. Somebody asked a question. Oh, we got a bunch of people with questions here. Let me take a few of this.

Do you have to make any special to make that link clickable in the Kindle book? No, you don’t, not to my knowledge so AJ is asking that. David is asking, what criteria do you use for free books versus a 99 set book? I use the flip-a-coin technique so basically now, the thing about it is in the Kindle store, you cannot, give something away for free.

Now they will allow you to give away for free if a competitor is pricing as is free, but that’s a whole another story. Is PayPal okay to use website for people to pay? Not really, you just to go webmarketingmagic and the reason for that Dave is not just because I make money from that it’s because when you use PayPal as you’re primary source and Bill you can report on this because when people signed for your seminar through your PayPal link, did those email addresses get automatically added to your web marketing magic system?

Bill: No.

Fred: The answer is no, they did not.

Bill: Not when they went directly to PayPal, they hadn’t linked to that.

Fred: Exactly. Well you can’t do it, so David that’s an important point is it you want have eventually. Is a good book title selection technique or service? Yeah, I mean your book title selection should be based on your keywords research that you do from the Google external keyword tool which if you don’t remember what that is, you just Google it so you go here to Google and you put in Google external keyword tool. It comes up and so then we go to this and make sure by the way that when you go to the Google external keyword tool that you do this, notice up in the top right here, you’re able to sign in, always sign in because if you sign in with your Google account then you put your word or your word phrase in here, you’ll enter all the “captcha” stuff, and you’ll be able to get a list. That list that you get will be the list you will hopefully use that list to create your book titles.

Kindle money magic was not really not done that way. I just look at what people, I know there are a lot of people on doing Kindle books. And by the way, one of the other things is that everyone here, anyone listening and people in our group are going to want to create this syndicate like I talked about I think last time. Which is we want to make sure that at the best way to get your Kindle book sales, going to Kindle it, to create the kindling for that process. So Kindle book sales depends on two things. Number one is sales. So in other words, so if it’s selling they move it up. And also reviews. And again, we don’t want to have all five star reviews because all five star reviews looks like a setup.

In fact my ideal and I think I talked about this last time, I think I would 17 five stars or 16 five stars let’s say. I’ll go to 16, this is getting my ideal scenario if I could structure it, 3 four stars and if have 1 one star and why would I want that because I want people to start attacking the person that gave one star so somebody gave one star it say, I want everybody else coming back at him you’re a jerk that’s baloney and you’re probably a competitor. This stuff is better than you, etcetera, etcetera because for me I would click first on the one star review to say what is his out liar saying here, but again that’s a couple of questions from David.

Now doesn’t a good book make a difference versus the bad book? Absolutely so you know ad there’s a key reason for that which is, when you go through my 7 steps in information marketing you can find on my main site the last step is get people to buy and buy more often. If you’re getting people to buy and buy more of there’s only one way to get people to buy more often which is to give them a good stuff. You give them a crappy book, they won’t buy anymore they’ll all their friends or put crappy reviews for you in Amazon so there is a difference between a good book and bad book. The question is Bill Lois is setting there and doesn’t have the time to crank out a book, he gives it to content development pros who produce the B minus to C plus product, Bill then gives it to Malory and when he’s sipping mint juleps there in Chicago in a summer.

Avish: That’s what I do every day.

Fred: More likely that you do it every day so yeah, he gets to then and at that soccer and try and make it as good a possible within reasons so again, I think that there’s, it’s something important to do so anyway so there you have it. I think that that’s enough for this time.

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