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Information Marketing JV Partner Webinar – December 7, 2011 (Transcript Available)

Fred: Welcome everybody. Thank you for being here. It is 1 o’clock and we are getting started. Now I understand from certain people, some of the partners who are normally here, again tough time of year, so people might not be able to show up but that’ okay, causer there’s plenty to discuss. And actually each of the JV partners often time will watch these, if they aren’t on the calls themselves. And so you have caught me, as is sometimes the case, in the middle of one of my Fred Info Bootcamps.

So we’re now at the site and that’s where people are here that have attended or are attending this event. And so what I wanted to do is give you a little bit of – some of the insights on what’s going on, because we have some data, God forbid, from someone who’s at the bootcamp and she owns a site, so let me bring this up for you cause you see Yahoo right now. So let’s bring up the and this site belongs to Jill. And so we’re going to Jill Townsend’s site. So here’s what happened and here’s what we did and Jill why don’t we, since Jill is sitting next to me, I am going to have her walk me through it. So our first site is, oh, there’s Dave Hamilton, he’s about to come on., Dave, be with you shortly there. and we have done some things and when we started, and correct me if I’m wrong, so when Julie first got here, what happened was I asked her what is your current opt in rate? To which she told me, we looked it up, it was like .31%.

Jill: Yeah, .32%.

Fred: Yeah, .32%. Now that means that very few people were opting in. And we’re trying to obviously bump that up because obviously the first thing we want to do – and she is getting 18 to 20,000 visitors, uniques, per month. That’s correct, right?

Jill: Correct.

Fred: So Jill is getting a lot of visitors but she’s not getting that many people to opt in. So the 4 questions that everyone should ask themselves, with regards to any website. And this is just like if you go to the Doctor, the first thing the Doctor wants to know is your height, your weight, your blood pressure, your heart rate. So the 4 items that we want to know at any website in order to critique how it’s going is how many unique visitors do you get monthly, for example, we’re going to go based on the monthly idea. And then I want to know what percentage of those people buy. I also want to know what percentage of those people opt in. I also want to know what is your average visitor value. Those are the four most important questions that anybody has to ask if they have a website. And you should know the answers to all those and if you don’t you need to figure them out.

So the first question obviously becomes, well, how do you figure this out? And the best way to do it is to go to Google Analytics and have this set up on your site, if you don’t know how to do it, you can ask someone like Dave Hamilton. Dave, can you hear me?

Dave: I can.

Fred: So you have someone like Dave Hamilton help you or if you want to figure it out yourself, you can always go to Youtube and put in the words “How do I set up Google Analytics?” So Google Analytics will allow you, with a little bit of sort of massaging, to figure out, it’s very easy to figure this out, how many unique visitors, it will give you that. But how many people buy and how many people opt in, you will have to set up what in Google Analytics they call a goal and a goal is if someone does what, does this, then they have to then see this page next.

So what happens is that we make it so that we know how many people bought. We can either look at our stats on that by month and compare it with our shopping cart or we can set up a goal, which says, and the goal would be, and by the way, this is what Google Analytics refers to it as. The goal is sort of they see what page when they buy. So that we know if somebody buys, they get a “thank you” page. Thank you for buying becomes our goal so we will know if a thousand people visited the site, you know, and a hundred of them saw this “thank you” page, that would mean that 10 percent of the people who came to the site, Google will tell us this, achieved the goal, which the goal was to get to that “thank you” page as a thank you for buying.

Now, this won’t make a whole lot of sense until you start going to your Google Analytics and playing with this stuff. But trust me, that’s how it works. Same thing is true with the opt-in. So the same thing would be true with the opt-in, which is, and I’ll move this up so we will have some space here. So with the opt-in, we also set up a similar goal. But this one is that they see a page that gives them a “thank you for opting in.” Okay? So, that tells us that they achieved that goal. So we can take a look at our Google numbers without having to look at anything else, we can find out number one, this one. Which is, how many unique visitors did you get? We now know what percentage bought because we set up a goal. We now know what percent those people opted in and that’s a goal.

Now average visitor value is based on the following. And let’s make it based on a 100 visitors. So if you have a 100 visitors to your site and let’s make it easy, and say 5 people buy a $100 product, then your total revenue, TR, is equal to $500. And your total number of visitors, TV, is equal to 100. So to get the answer to average visitor value, you take TR and you divide it by TV and that is equal to $5 per visitor. Does that make sense?

Jill: Uh-huh.

Fred: So we’ve got $5/visitor. So these are the four items you have to know. How many unique visitors do you get? What percentage of those buy? What percentage of them opt in? Now, going back to Jill’s site, she had an opt in rate of .32%. Since she has been here, we’ve gotten it up to about almost .9%, .89% percent or something like that. So in a week we’ve increased opt-ins by close to 300%. That’s good.

But it still begs the question, well what should you be shooting for? Well, Bill DeWees, one of my JV partners, on his site, on his site was getting close to 30% of his people to opt-in. But that wasn’t a very accurate and fair number because most of the people there were coming from his Facebook page or someone else who sort of knew him, so that really isn’t fair.

But if people are coming off of a – and Dave, you may want to chime in on this as well – what have you heard these days that people are thinking from Google traffic, be it organic or paid, what are people thinking is a decent rate of opt-in?

Dave: I have only heard 20%, if you can get 20% that comes straight from Google or pay-per-click or something, that you’re doing pretty good.

Fred: Yeah, 20% is great. And we just got off the phone with Dave Oliver not long ago and even him at his site, Bipolar Central, he has noticed his opt-in rates have gone way down. So I think, I think he said that if you can get from 5 to 8% you’re doing pretty well.

Dave: Yeah.

Fred: And I would agree with that. So right now Jill is getting still under 1 percentage points. And hear the changes, by the way, that we made on her site. This opt-in box wasn’t on the top right, it was on the left. So we moved that there. Also right now, you don’t see it, but she’s added a video that goes here, it’s temporarily disabled because we were trying to mess with it, here.

Jill: Messing with it.

Fred: But the video would go right here, right in front of this paragraph, right above this paragraph. And so we both did the video and moved the opt-in right and we’ve increased the opt-ins by 300%. Now, I’m not really satisfied by that, though, because it’s still under, you know, it is less than 1% and we really want to try and get it up to 5 to 8 percent. We certainly want to get it at least from 3 to 5%. So, Dave, what else do you suggest? Assume that the video is there and what happens is that Jill is talking about a couple different options and pointing to where you can opt-in, et cetera, et cetera. What other things would you say, Dave, that Jill needs to do to increase her percentage of opt-ins?

Dave: Well, scroll back up for a second on that. I think one of the — I think it’s a little bit nebulous of 3 free valuable eBooks. And maybe I need to read more, but that’s a little nebulous as to what I am going to get in exchange for my e-mail address?

Fred: Okay, so 3 valuable eBooks here and this is what you see. She then has the titles of those eBooks down here.

Dave: Okay, I was just looking at the offer. And you know, initial impressions, personally I’m not bothered with the first name. I just am not doing that anymore. I just ask for e-mail address.

Fred: Yeah, we debated that and I said, “Who cares?” And she put it on. But it’s probably something probably worth taking off because it clears up a little bit of the length of this, I would agree. What else?

Dave: Certainly the video, I think is going to make a difference. If it’s well done, if she connects with people. And frankly I think a lot of it has to do if the traffic is coming straight from Google or if it’s targeted through some other way,you’re going to see the rates fluctuate.

Fred: Well that’s interesting, because right now Jill is getting, I said, between 18 to 20,000 visitors a month. Right now there’s a two to one ratio between paid versus organic Google search that gets them there. So she’s got about 12 -13,000 of those folks are paid to come there and the rest, 7,000 of them are coming from organic Google search.

Dave: Now here’s the other thing Fred, and I’m just going through this site so I can take a look. It looks like there’s a lot of stuff for people to do so that .9 or .3 percent, that’s just for people who opted in. Doesn’t mean that they’re not doing something valuable. Like with a squeeze page, you know exactly how many people are opting in. With this they may come and go over and read some articles and do this. So she’s just measuring the percentage of people who come and actually stop and fill it out versus go around the rest of her site to do things.

Fred: Yeah, and that’s one of the things that’s important which is she has also found, you might find this interesting, let’s ask it in the form of a question. And maybe let’s ask it to everybody in the group so go to your question tab here folks, and put it in a question, your answer , we’re going to put it in answer form. So here’s my question to everyone in the group – Dave don’t give your answer yet. So here’s my question. And now of course have forgotten it cause it was so brilliant.

My question is, yeah here it is – so at, which I will show you again, what page – so what is most clicked on, on this page. So in other words, what button or what thing is most clicked on, on this page? So tell me –and everybody think about that and put it in your question tab on GoToWebinar screen there and throw me what you think. Put in – you don’t have to put it in the form of a question like Jeopardy, but just throw in there which one of these tabs on here, let’s look at Home, Write a Great Bio, About Jill, Blog, Free Ebooks, Testimonials, Write your Biography, Products and Services, I want you to choose from all these. There is one that kicks every other tab’s butt. Which is it? Which of those tabs, and put it in your questions – so folks go ahead and put it into questions. Let’s get your guesses here. I don’t have a poll set up so in the question box put in your guesses.

Nobody’s guessing, that’s disappointing.

Jill: The video’s in.

Fred: Yeah, the video’s in but it’s not the right size now either.

Jill: Alright let me fix that.

Fred: Let me know, let me also refresh this. Because Jill has now added the video where it should be, but it’s a little bit smaller than it should be.

Jill: I’m working on it.

Fred: But it’s being worked on there. And so while you folks are contributing your questions. Tom says on the Free Ebooks. Thank you for trying Tom, I will not yet reveal the answer , you may be right. No Tom, this is not Florida, you cannot vote twice. And so we want to make sure that everybody gets a chance, so put in, in the questions area where you think – what are people clicking on the most up here. Home, Write A Great Bio, About Jill, Blog, Free Ebooks, blah, blah blah. Tell us and by the way, it’s pretty substantial.

Lynn says video, any other guess here? So now, by the way while you’re waiting for your results – similar to Florida by the way, Write A Great Bio George says, okay. I’m going to show you the video of Lynn, she’s always embarrassed by this, but I’m going to show you this because I think it does a pretty good job so watch this. And again, watch it and we can talk about it.

Video: Hi, my name’s Jill Townsend, I’m a professional copywriter and author of the Ebook, How to Write a Great Bio. You probably landed on this website not only because you need a bio but because you need it quickly. Many of the people who come here have the same need. I’m making this video for two reason, first of all to let you know I’m a real person and if you need me I really am here for you. The second reason is to let you know that if you’re ready to get started right away that I would recommend that you look to the right of this video, you’ll find a Paypal option to download my ebook. You can do it yourself, get started right away.

The second option would be for me to review the bio for you once you’ve written it. And I recommend that to if you’d like a second set of eyes to look at your bio. If you’re not quite ready to make a buying decision, I recommend that you go again top right here and download three free ebooks that I’ve written. I think they’ll give you some idea of Number 1 the kind of product I produce and also I think you’ll find them very valuable in any kind of writing need that you might have.

So again, I want to thank you for coming here today and I wish you all the best in writing your own great bio.

Fred: Okay, so now, she knows she has a couple mistakes there. She knows she referred to a certain location where you could find something which isn’t accurate, which is going to be changed, but we are – we didn’t want to do that. So now you see that she’s doing – she’s doing the video for a few different reasons, and again I’m not going to quite give you the answer yet to the question at hand. But I want to just talk about the video. First off, why video? And I think that one of the things is that Jill is a real person – that’s certainly important. Telling people where to go to buy or opt in. And what else? We’re making –again, making somebody a real person, frequently when we’re buying something on the internet, they don’t think someone’s really real. Other reasons – why else are we using video, Dave. Dave?

Dave: Are you asking me?

Fred: Yeah.

Dave: Well, the other thing is a YouTube video so it can go viral and people can see it when they search Google for copywriter or different things. So there’s that aspect of it.

Fred: Uh-huh, good, what else? Why are we using video to try to get people to opt in? To show you’re a real person, to tell you where to go to buy or opt in. Giving you instructions about navigating the site, what else?

Dave: I think, you know to some degree it’s all about connection with people.

Fred: Okay, I would put that up here with the real person so connection. Anything else? Anything else? Anybody else have any ideas there? Yeah, I don’t see anybody else – let me see here, move this slightly over. Oh, there’s on there perhaps. Grabs attention. We’ve got. I would agree Tom. Tom says grabs attention. I think it does, it gets attention – by the way, on of the questions that we were having is whether or not to make this a video that starts immediately upon bringing up the page.

And my suggestion is, first off I think they’re obnoxious. The second thing is I think they generally work better. So, what works better usually wins the day. So I’m suggesting – and I do that with the Fred Info Bootcamp site, okay so now, not to go too far without giving you answer to the question. So we had a number of guesses and Dave, what, do you want to give us your guess on what the answer was?

Dave: My guess was the free e-books.

Fred: Free e-books, well I think that Tom voted twice so he thought that. As it turns out, by a substantial margin, About Jill is what gets the most. Now this site used to have nothing but her bio on it until we changed this because of that to allow people to, see, down at the left hand side? We’ve got plenty of pieces where people can buy. Actually, we have two places, that used to, that’s on the other page. So now people can, if they’re going to go to this page, my feeling is, let’s give them a place to buy. So you can either buy the e-book, now notice, there are two options. Option number one, buy the e-book and get Jill to review it for you quickly for $29.95 or just buy the e-book for $19.95. So for an extra 10 bucks, she’ll review it for you.

So we put the top one, the more expensive one on top because we thought people would be more apt to check that and the second one, $19.95, is just the e-book alone. So this one pulled substantially bigger numbers in terms of responses but it is the second most viewed page on the site other than, and my guess is, that maybe now that we have the video, it will be less viewed. Because again, if you don’t have a video and you want to find out whether or not Jill’s a real person, the only thing you can do is click on About Jill. Whereas if you see the video about Jill, my guess is that the percentage of people who go to About Jill will now go down. And that’s, again, a guess, let’s see what happens but that would be my guess. Dave, would you think the same or what do you think?

Dave: I would. You know, when you think about it, there, if I want somebody to design me a graphic, I don’t really care that much about the person, I want to see the graphic. But they’re hiring a person and her ability communicate and I want to know who she is, what she’s about, how she presents herself, that makes a big difference.

Fred: Yes. The only question I have about this page is this one, her picture looks so ultra perky, you know? I, you know, she almost looks Dorothy Hamil-like. But —

Jill: Are you trying to say I look old in the video, Fred?

Fred: Not at all. I think that this looks ultra perky. This one looks so, but that’s good, I’m saying. So anyway, what I think is good here is, now the other thing that we did, and again, everything that we’re doing on this site is based on trying to do, when it comes down to it, this is what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to increase average visitor value, that’s the real important thing. So if we can’t, for right now, at least, and we’re going to talk about a number of aspects of this site and we’re going to go over it and use it as an example throughout this webinar because I think it’s a great example.

But there’s a few things that we have to do, number one, and let me just back up on this a little bit. So the few things that we have to do on this site, number one is, we’re getting 18 to 20 thousand people coming there a monthly. Many of those are paid for. So first thing we’ve got to do is we’ve got to increase conversion rates, that means we’ve got to get more people to opt in and more people do buy. Now, in addition to increasing conversion rates for opt-ins and buys, for opt-ins and purchases, we also are very interested in getting people to buy more in terms of dollars. So this is why when, and Jill did not have this tab up before, which is great, she didn’t have this tab here, which was products and services. So I said Jill, we need to add this. So now Jill has created a number of different, cause right now she’s selling a 19 and a 29 dollars, she was before she got it, 19 and 29 dollar program. So now she’s got a $250 product here and she has a $150 product here and she has a $100 product here, $75 product here. And so what I said was let’s create some other things and she’s got the big kahuna here now, which is going to have its own, does it have its own page yet?

Jill: Just the Write Your Biography, will have a price on it but we’re selling it which we’re getting started on.

Fred: Okay so we don’t but this build your own bio package is going to start at $2,500. Now you’ll also notice the following, I put, we put three PayPal buttons across the left hand side and near all of these different prices, right? So now if you click on any of these, it has a drop down menu which gives you all of the different options and I like the idea that people can see and so that if they go there and they haven’t bought the book or the e-book, or the book and the review yet, they’re going to say wow, that’s really cheap compared to having her do this for me.

Like the bio emergency is $100, boy, I can just buy, so it makes it look better. But we’ve also now given people the ability to spend more money with Jill. And I think that a lot of people are not understanding how crucial it is to have lots of products at lots of different price points, prices. So, and the reason for this is, again, she started with two products, one at about 20 bucks and one at about 30 bucks. Now given the number of people that are coming to the site, let’s put some more stuff on there.

Now in addition to that, when people buy the book or the e-book, when they get the thank you note that she sends, thank you for buying, it also includes a link to go to this page right here, which gives people all of the other different options. And by the way, Jill, one thing we haven’t talked about is, I think that we should make it so that anyone who buys a $100 package or more in terms of dollars, anybody who spends $100 or more should get full credit having bought the e-book. So if they spend 20 bucks on the e-book, you should give them $20 in credit so it becomes an $80 purchase if they were to buy the $100 item which is the resume review and new bio.

We’re going to give them credit, I think, that’s not it, I think it’s the emergency, whichever it is. So the whole idea is, let’s give people credit and put that in the email that we send to them, one of the auto-responders when they first buy. By the way, thanks for buying my $20 e-book, my $19.95 e-book, but I’ll tell you what, if you want to upgrade your service, I’m going to give you full credit, what do you think of that, Dave?

Dave: Absolutely, absolutely. In fact, there’s a lot of ways to upsell when you have lots of products like this.

Fred: Yeah and so anybody who’s watching this webinar would be well-served to understand that yes, we make money, the three parts here is, what percentage of the people, how many unique visitors do you get? She gets between 18 and 20 thousand. What percentage of those buy? It hasn’t been very good up to this point but it’s been decent, she’s certainly paying her way. What percentage of people opt-in? We’ve got that but average visitor value is what we’re most concerned about.

And average visitor value can be increased by one of a few different things. You can increase your average visitor value which is total revenue divided by the total number of visitors by either getting more people to convert to being buyers when they come to your site or also presenting them with more options to spend more money. It’s sort of like the traditional, do you want fries with that at McDonald’s. So we’re going to up the average visitor value by providing people with a lot more options and options that are more expensive. So that now, on this site, products and services, she has this.

Now, on write your biography, now what we did here was, she, now let’s explain this to folks, Jill, because in case I get this wrong, you help me on this. Which is, and Jill is sitting next to me here so she can correct me if I’m wrong. So right now, one of the key, a few of the key words that she was bidding for, one of them was “write an autobiography,” right?

Jill: Right.

Fred: Now the problem is what she’s doing, there’s a huge difference between what Jill primarily does, which is a bio, and a biography. She looks at a bio as being a short one page —

Jill: Three to five paragraphs.

Fred: Three to five paragraphs, bio description of yourself. Now biography is a long form, usually a book, that people create and they call it a biography. So one of the things that she did was she found out that she was getting really, really inexpensive clicks for “write an autobiography.” And what was the other one that you put that we added on to this page here?

Jill: Oh for the autobiography, just “write autobiography,” just anything with autobiography —

Fred: Right, anything with the word autobiography —

Jill: Or “write” or “mine.”

Fred: So anything that sounded like they might actually want something different than a bio, they more want a biography, we’re now heading them to this page. Which is nine, you know, this has got to be quick and easy, not easy and quick, so Nine Quick and Easy Steps to Writing a Great Autobiography. She’s going to give them to you, she’s actually sending people to this page from, because the clicks are dirt cheap. So she’s going to tell you exactly how to do it on this page. So there you have it, she says at the end.

These truly are, and I’ll bring this down so you can see this a little easier. There you have it, these truly are all the steps and tools you need to write your own autobiography. And remember, I’m here if you need me. Many people contact me for help in starting, editing or completing their autobiographies and my services are available to you too. If you’re interested, please fill in the form the above left. Keep in mind, my fees start at $2,500 and go as high as $10,000. So she doesn’t want people filling this out who don’t have enough money to get going.

I do have other products for $250 or less. And by the way, when you have that $250 or less, we should have a link to click to the other page that people can get to which is the products and services page. So we need to add that as well, Jill. So now, what’s happening here is, that people are going to, if they’re interested at all, they’re going to fill in this contact form here with their name, their email, their phone, boom, boom, boom and then — so now we have something that’s going to cost people a heck of a lot money, a heck of a lot of money with Jill, which will do what to their, to her average visitor value? Everybody in unison says, increase it. Yes. That’s right. Because if we get one person to spend $2,500 next month, that’s going to massively change her average visitor value. Dave, any comments?

Dave: No, I think that’s great. And then, once you have the ability to test that, you can start tweaking and seeing what increases the conversion on each page. And it keeps bumping up that average value for each customer.

Fred: Yep, exactly, that’s what it’ll do. So again, these are the few of the things that we’ve added to Jill’s site. Now what happens is, it’s sort of funky here because we’re actually paying for clicks for people to get to a page in which nothing is being sold. And so the reason for that is that the clicks are so inexpensive, and we know that it’s a much better match with what people are putting in when they search on Google. But I think it’s a great idea to have people come to this page instead and then they go, oh, well what else has she got? They’ll probably grouse around on the site a little bit.

So I think that that’s important, so I think that everybody can benefit from looking at, sort of, what Jill’s doing here. So the first thing is, now should I refresh this, Jill?

Jill: Yeah go ahead, I did change it.

Fred: Okay so she changed it to 9 Quick and Easy. Okay, everybody can hear you guys so yeah, so 9 Quick and Easy Steps to Writing a Great Autobiography. And so basically, she’s giving away some great content in the hopes that, go ahead, feel free, get started. But many of you will get stuck. And when you get stuck, I want to be the person you come to, to help you get unstuck but I’m going to charge you good money for that. And again, so we’ve now taken her from somebody who sells a $19 or $29 service with the e-book to someone who is providing services that get all the way up to $10,000 if you look down here.

So what I’ve done is I’ve said, okay, Jill, what is it, and whenever I sit with anybody and whenever somebody comes to one of these bootcamps, we always sit around and the first thing we discuss is okay, what are the price points that we’re going to try and shoot for? Well, some people might have price points that are much higher than $10,000, others have much lower, but I like people to start thinking about, well what could I produce that costs, that people would be willing to pay me $10,000 for? Well, in Bill DeWees’ case, he’s got a three day seminar one on one. Okay? Now in Jill’s case, she has for $10,000, which is, I’ll write your bio for you.

Jill: Yes, I’ll spend up to a week with you.

Fred: She’ll spend up to a week with you, come to your house, play with your dogs. If you have them, you know. She’ll hang out at your place and do the dishes, I think that’s included, that might be ten five for that. So again, she’s got, so asking yourself, everybody on the webinar, everybody watching this, first thing you’ll do is when you’re thinking about information products, you have to be thinking about increasing average visitor value. In order to do that, you have to be selling more than just inexpensive, under $100 items. So let’s list them all for you, whatever you have, so in her case, she was able to do that.

Now in other people’s cases, you may not have products and services so start at $1,000. It’s certainly going to be a lot better than just providing people with the $20 e-book. But somebody will say, well my market will never spend that much money and I used to hear this all the time from a very, very, very well-known guru whose name will remain nameless, who will remain, in the self-publishing field. Hint, hint, he’s the author of a couple of books.

So this person used to tell me all the time, Fred, you don’t understand, people who do self-publishing are really cheap and don’t have the money to spend on other products and services. I said, well that’s a great, great theoretical argument, however, what if you were to offer things that cost more money? He still argued with me. Finally, he started offering things, used to offer products, all of which cost way less than $100. Then he started offering things that went I think as high as maybe $650 or $700. All of a sudden, he saw that these people he thought would only spend under $100 were spending more than that, in fact, much more than that. And he had to call me back and say, you know what, you were right.

People, again, my thinking was this, this is how my thinking went, and think about it for yourself. Okay, so somebody who does, let’s talk about the person who’s doing self-publishing. So somebody who does self-publishing, you know, and I’m talking about printing, getting things printed, not just on Kindle or whatever, which we can talk about more. So self-publishing, if somebody’s going to get a book, get a cover done, get it printed, they’re probably looking at investing at least five grand.

So someone who’s going to invest at least $5,000 to get all that stuff done obviously has five grand that they’re going to pull from somewhere to get the printing, the cover design and everything else done. So if they have $5,000, I would say that you know, as a minimum, your high end price should be $500 because who knows, they might be willing to spend 500 bucks. And if they don’t buy it for $500, who cares? It doesn’t hurt you for someone to not to buy something that you have available.

Now it will take you some time to develop whatever it is you’re selling for $500. But in other words, it is not going to be any skin off your back if someone doesn’t buy certain things for the most part. And again, you’ll be surprised, inevitably, you’ll say to yourself, I can’t believe somebody just bought that for that much money. Now obviously, if you develop a $500 product, you want to make sure it’s delivering well over $500 in value. Any thoughts from you, Dave, on that?

Dave: Well I agree, and the other psychological side of that on Jill’s page where she says hey, I start at $2,500, I go up to $10,000, that makes $250 sound like nothing.

Fred: Yep and it makes $19 sound like really nothing.

Dave: Exactly, that’s my whole (inaudible) out the window, sure I’ll buy that. So it’s, sometimes people doing that throw out big numbers just to make the comparisons and seem that much better.

Fred: Yeah and in fact, maybe on the home page, you know, we can put here, you know, we may want to have a line as, I help people write their biographies and it costs many of them as much as $10,000. But, so here she enlarges the size of the movie and we’re going to change this video so she’s pointing in the right place. But again, all this exercise is about understanding what is working in terms of you know, on different sites. Now Dave, any other comments that you have about how to do any or all of this?

Dave: No, I think it’s great, I think she’s moving in a great direction. I think the only thought that I had was on the, if she’s paying for traffic being sent to that page, the write your biography, and really the only action she’s asking people to take is hire me at, you know, to actually write your biography, that’s a pretty committed person, there’s not really an option for somebody who’s just interested. Not necessarily ready to commit and just a thought was, if there was something at the bottom, that like, still have questions, download my free report, three things you need to know before you start your biography. And you know, if you get inside of the mind of what the person that might be coming to your site, that may be the fall back. They may not be ready to hire you but they would like to some more information on this particular topic.

Fred: I agree, so in other words at the bottom here, underneath this paragraph here that I’ve highlighted, we may want to put a separate kind of opt-in for her, correct? So right underneath here, we would put, not ready to get started yet? No problem, send for this or that.

Dave: Yeah, yeah. And you hit something where you know they’re thinking about it, you know what questions they’re asking and if you say, are you thinking about blank. And they’re like, gasp, that’s exactly what I’m thinking about. They may not pay you but they’ll certainly download to get it and then you have (inaudible) to follow up with.

Fred: Yeah I think that that’s 100% true. Now one of the things that I promised everybody who was going to be on this call when I sent out an email is I have just recently now released, and if I can remember what the heck I called it, I just set up, I have a couple of products that I’m selling on Amazon’s Kindle store. But I wanted to quickly give everybody and if I can remember my own friggin link to this, free offer, oh man, of course now I’m going to have to check email or something to find this. I set up, let me just say where it is here. No wait a second here, let’s go to, hold on, I’ve got, so at, I now have a, let’s see here. Oh there it is, okay good.

So everybody now can go to this site, I have two books that are on sale on the Kindle store for a whopping 99 cents each, but these are two things everybody on this call should go to. So go to let me just copy this URL and make it bigger letters so everybody can see it. So everybody go to this site here, let me expand this. There you go, can you see that pretty well, Dave?

Dave: Yep.

Fred: Okay and I’ll make this larger here so everybody can have it on one line there. So So I want you to go there and I’ll tell you what you’re getting there. You’re getting a close to 50.000 word transcript of a book. So this item right here, 35 Seminar Marketing Tips and Secrets, that thing is close to 50,000 words long. So you’re not getting crap here. The other one is, you’re getting one huge e-book of close to, now I have only one comment for people who are on the webinar. If you’re listening to this, you have to make me one promise which is that you will tell at least three to five of your friends and send them this link as well.

So one huge book close to 50,000 words, I’m not sure exactly how long it is and one smaller article/report, I’ll call it. And that one’s about 2,500 words and that is this one, How to Build a Successful Info Products Business in 59 “Easy” Steps. So go ahead and get both of those by going to the site Now the reason why I’m doing that is that I decided that you know, one of the reasons why I’ve got this book up, and by the way, after you read it, I have another request. After you read these books, these e-books, if you would do me a favor please, go to Amazon, find the books by title and give me a review. Hopefully a good one but I don’t want to stack the deck here. By the way, speaking of reviews, I’ve got a little issue here that I’ve got to bring up with regards to Amazon and reviews.

There are obviously people who are stacking these reviews. So here’s a little suggestion, I actually, now, Dave, tell me how you feel about this. If I see, if I go to Amazon and for any product, I see someone giving, for any product, I see 38 reviews and all are five star, I think the deck is stacked and I don’t believe it. How about you?

Dave: I agree.

Fred: I don’t believe it.

Dave: Yeah well it’s funny you say that because I work with a lot of local clients here in Tampa and they get, you know, you can review a business on Google with stars. And people get so bent out of shape, they’re like, oh, somebody left me a bad review and I mean, they really get upset about it. And I say, you realize if all your reviews were good, nobody would really believe them. They think you’re making them up. So a bad review sometimes makes it seem a little more legitimate.

Fred: Absolutely and even better than that, I think if I could create a distribution of reviews that I’d want, if I had 50 reviewers, here’s what I would want. I would want 43 five-stars, maybe 40 five-stars, I would want six four-stars or maybe three of those, you know, one three-star and I’d want two one-stars. And I would then want people to refute the one-star reviews. And so this would make it, I would be much more apt to buy something if I didn’t think it was a setup of some sort.

Dave: Yeah. Well you know the first thing people, people review, they look at the one-star before they even–

Fred: Absolutely. Everyone looks at the one-star reviews first and so if you go to a one-star review and you look at the argument and it’s clearly someone who’s either a competitor or somebody just bitching about something unnecessarily, you’re just going to go, you know what, this is bologna. Right, Dave, is that how you see it?

Dave: Absolutely, absolutely.

Fred: Yeah so there is a philosophy here and so I don’t really think it’s good so I have, up until this point, I’ve never even solicited reviews and luckily, I get about, I get this kind of distribution of reviews and the best thing is, the best thing you can do for any person is when you see a one-star review and you really disagree, is go in there and make a comment on their review. Cause then people review the reviews.

Dave: Yeah, yeah exactly. Exactly.

Fred: So now, Dave, tell us anything going on with you. So by the way, Dave is Dave Hamilton and he is the WebMarketingMagician and he is at [email protected] So that is Dave’s contact information but Dave, do you have anything to say for yourself?

Dave: Well one thing that I just kind of perfected was the whole Kunaki integration. And yeah and I got the first, you know our friend Scott Straub, professor Scott Straub.

Fred: Yep, yeah I think he’s on the webinar, I think.

Dave: Oh, is he? He’s a brilliant professor out in Boise, Idaho, one of the smartest men in the city, I hear —

Fred: I only have one thing, how the heck did somebody give him a professorial designation? How did that happen? I think that Idaho must have, they must have lowered their standards or something.

Dave: They have different educational standards maybe but he can’t respond now so —

Fred: He’s mute. But no, he might send me a question here.

Dave: The whole idea, which is really exciting is, Kunaki is a delivery service which will print, produce, package your DVDs and ship them for you and it’s for ridiculously cheap, like a dollar a DVD. And it’s professional, it’s shrink-wrapped, it’s professional, in a case, the DVD has your graphic on it, it’s really nice. And what we did was we integrated it with WebMarketingMagic where someone makes an order, it goes through the system, it ships and it arrives at their house a week later, something like that. It was never automated before so —

Fred: Now what is Scott’s website again?

Dave: It is

Fred: What is it?

Dave: is one of his.

Fred: Is that one of the ones that’s got this set up?

Dave: Well, it’s —

Fred: You know what, his hat is actually funnier than yours, I think.

Dave: Again, he can’t respond. In the top left there, the college and high school, there’s a click here, that’s the product, I don’t know where the buy link is, somewhere down there.

Fred: Well, let’s try and find it here. There it is, click here.

Dave: Yeah (inaudible).

Fred: Okay so if we click to order, then we’ve got this for $28.85 so now this is a DVD or a CD, what is this?

Dave: It’s a DVD, pre-recorded.

Fred: Okay and if I ordered this, what happens?

Dave: If you order this, you know, you put your credit card in and it says thank you and that’s it, that’s all you see and you’ll get a follow-up email that says you know, it’ll say, thank you for your order, it’s being shipped, here’s the link to track it on UPS. And —

Fred: So now has Kunaki set up an, what do they call it, an API or whatever, to allow you to get into their system?

Dave: Well yeah exactly, well, its’ some custom programming having one shopping cart taking —

Fred: By one shopping cart you mean WebMarketingMagic, right?

Dave: What’s that?

Fred: You mean WebMarketingMagic?

Dave: Yeah, did I say that?

Fred: Yeah.

Dave: But yeah it’s from the shopping cart side to the fulfillment side, it’s just making sure the communication flows and you know, it’s a really slick system and the bottom line is, if you saw when you ordered it, it charged you $4.85 for shipping and everybody is used to paying extra for shipping so it’s a no-brainer.

Fred: Yeah the $4.85 basically makes it so cost of production is zero for him, in other words, that’s about the cost of the DVD and the shipping, I think.

Dave: Yeah, exactly, exactly.

Fred: Okay let’s see what he has to say here, I’m curious now.

Video: Hello everybody, Professor Scott Straub here and I specialize in helping people improve their memories and their lives. You see, when I was younger, when I was in college and in high school, I struggled greatly —

Fred: I love this, you want to see the rest, folks, you have to go to the site yourself and help Scott out and buy one of those from him. So I still think that graduation cap is clever idea, he looks very, he looks much brighter than he looks without it, is all I can say.

Dave: Yeah but I think the takeaway for people is sell your information in a lot of different formats. There’s downloads, there’s events you can come to, there’s products you can ship them, there’s membership type products. But the same stuff can be sold, some people like having a DVD that they can put on their shelves.

Fred: Yeah the only thing I would say, Dave, is that we have to make sure that, if you, and this is where I always have a gripe with people. Is, you have to make sure that if you’re selling your stuff in different forms, if you have like the one thing that I always remember and it’s a very, very well-known copywriter who I got a copy — I got one of his products for $1,000 and he says, not only do you get my manual, you get the audio along with it. And the audios are him reading his manual. Now that’s okay if you told me that’s what you were going to do.

But when you make it out like it’s a separate and different product, I don’t like that. So you’d better tell me that the audios are you reading the book that I just got, if not, I feel sort of taken advantage of because you made it sound like oh, I get an audio too, that must be really cool. No, it’s the same stuff, just different form. So make sure and if you are going to present people that option, that you make sure and tell them what it is.

Dave: Right, right.

Fred: Cool, anything else you want to add?

Dave: No, that’s just, well the other thing is, you know, I mentioned the last time about that basketball coach.

Fred: Yeah, yeah.

Dave: Well this is kind of an interesting concept of not just creating a product and not just building a website and not just getting a list of people to sell to but formulating a strategy for a launch which consists of a weeklong of, really, it’s hype. But it’s delivering great, great stuff and getting them to a point where at the end they’re ready to buy and then you say, oh, we’re going to knock 20% off if you buy today. And it’s actually really interesting to see a launch. You know, we opted in about 3,000 people in a week 3,000 basketball coaches literally around the world and every day, we’re emailing them this week and we’re getting very few opt-outs and they’re all watching these videos and then this Sunday is the actual launch, the first day, the presale. But it’s interesting how quickly people opted in and how they’re kind of, the response has been good. So it’s kind of the next level from just saying hey, here’s my product, go to my website and buy it.

Fred: Well let me, so let me ask this. So what he’s got is, he’s got now 3,000 basketball coaches that are salivating to get ahold of this material and each day, now they could opt, they, how long is it from the time he opened up the opt-ins till he’ll actually allow them to buy?

Dave: About a week.

Fred: Okay. So he’s got a week till he gets them to buy. Now is this an actual launch or is this a sequential launch where people who come in get the same series of stuff and then it launches at a different date for them?

Dave: It’s an actual launch and then we’ll turn it into one of those sequential launches after we’re finished with it.

Fred: Okay. So he’s got 3,000 people so you’re saying that last Sunday, it launched. I mean, last Sunday you had people opt-in.

Dave: We got people to opt-in, right.

Fred: Right, okay, so now, and when they eventually buy, and you can talk to us more about this in future webinars, you know what, why don’t we hold off until next week and by the way, that’s a good way to tease people to come back next week. So let’s end it now and you can tell us more about what happened, how’s that, Dave?

Dave: Sounds good.

Fred: Perfect. Folks, thank you for being here and tell your friends, tell everybody, every Wednesday, the weekly webinar and we’ll see you next time, thanks for being on board.

Dave: See you, Fred.

Fred: Bye-bye.

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