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Niche Selection or Niche Targeting (Transcript Available)

Transcript follows:

Fred: 1 o’clock. Let’s get started. And again I will share my screen which I haven’t done yet. There you go. Hopefully everybody can see that. Yes. Okay. I hope everyone can see it; I think they can. Just getting started here.

I wanted to talk today about one of the things is I’ve got a new JV partner from Iceland named Mark. And I wanted to show you quickly, I don’t think — I don’t see him on the call yet though. But I wanted to show you and maybe I should wait till he’s on till I show that to you. Oh there’s Mark. He’s just getting on. We haven’t yet put him on as a, not as a, participant yet. One second. Okay. So here we go.

One of the things we’re going to talk about this week is you know niche selection/niche targeting. I guess. And I wanted to show you Mark’s site. I hope Mark, you don’t mind me doing this. I’m actually going to see if I can un, I wonder if I can, I think I can; no, I don’t know if I can unmute you or not Mark. Let me just check here one second. Mark are you there? Mark if you can hear me speak up. Mark? Hello. I think I’ve unmuted you.

Hey Dave are you there?

Dave: I’m here Fred.

Fred: Cool. I’m trying to get Mark who is the subject of today’s webinar to respond to me. I don’t think he’s responding yet. So maybe I should send him some kind of a message.

Dave: Do you see him on? I don’t see him on line on the attendee’s list.

Fred: I see him on towards the bottom there and I unmuted him.

Dave: Okay.

Fred: But so I’m a little confused. Anyway so we’re going to talk a little bit about niche…

Mark: Hello?

Fred: Mark. Is that you?

Mark: Oh hey Fred yeah. I had muted myself by the way see.

Fred: Okay good here. Let me just — first off do you mind if I show people this video from your TS method here?

Mark: No, please do.

Fred: Okay. So this is — Mark is a new JV partner and he’s in Iceland and this is his video “imagine Burning Fat without Training at All without Starving Yourself Simply by Getting the Timing Right.” Let’s take a look real quick. I may not play the whole thing but it will give you an idea of what he’s doing here and I think it comes across a little bit loud. I tried it earlier so let me put that down about a half. Here we go.

Video: Hey guys and gals. This is Mark. And you’re probably here because you want to figure out how to burn fat for real. That’s great because I’ve got you covered.

Fred: Now I’ve got a quick comment there Mark.

Mark: (Chuckles.)

Fred: I think it’s maybe a little bit. I think it’s sort of over the top. I don’t know if I can believe this guy. And I think…

Mark: (Chuckles.) Yeah. I see what you mean there.

Fred: I mean it’s just — it’s almost like you’re trying to do a spoof of a video; not a real video.

Mark: (Laughs.)

Fred: Because when I talk to you you’re enthusiastic and you get, you know, you get excited about stuff. But I don’t see you as being sort of the hypey kind of guy. I mean I like putting the video up there but let’s take a look here. So now what you’re trying to do obviously is just get people to opt into the site, right?

Mark: Mmhmm. Correct.

Fred: Okay. So now the other thing you’ve got to do is make sure and test your sites in different browsers. Can you see the problems here?

Mark: Yeah. I see it now. Definitely.

Fred: Okay so now you’ll discover it’s coming through with weird stuff, right?

Mark: Mmhmm.

Fred: Yeah. You may want to test that on some different… Hey Dave do you have any suggestions on why that is happening?

Dave: Uhhhh.

Mark: That’s in Microsoft Word.

Dave: Yeah. Well the problem is if you import, if you copy and paste from Microsoft Word into html or an editor, it’s going to bring in all this weird formatting.

Fred: Don’t copy and paste from MS Word.

Dave: And quick decipher it in Word Press. There is a button on the page editor that says if you want to import from Microsoft Word paste it into this box and it will strip out all that formatting.

Fred: Yeah because Bill Gates was basically early on the devil. So he screwed all this up and made it so that it was impossible to work with MS Word files because there are all kinds of extraneous nonsense in there. Dave any other comments on that before we move on? Because I’m going to try and talk more to Mark about niche selection and niche targeting.

Dave: Yeah. Last thing. Write your copy in a text editor and then paste it from there. It will save you a lot of trouble.

Fred: Which is what I’m doing right now. I’m in a text editor file right here which is the Mac version text edit. Which by the way Mark if you don’t have. I know that we talked about that. Did you look into getting a Mac?

Mark: Me no. Not yet no.

Fred: Yeah. I mean that’s sort of a big investment but man I’ll tell you. Everyone, even Dave Hamilton, who is on the call that just responded earlier who is the web marketing magician.

Mark: Yeah.

Fred: Dave why don’t you tell people about your transition?

Dave: I was the anti-Mac for a long time. I was the nerdy guy in the commercial. And I got one and I’m like what the heck was I waiting for? I have a Mac and a PC on my desk and I never touch the PC any more.

Mark: Yeah. All right.

Fred: That’s true with most people who are in the information marketing business. So Mark why don’t you check into that? I know it might be a little bit of an investment.

Mark: Definitely.

Fred: Now here’s the thing we’ve been working with. When I first got on the phone with Mark. Let me go back and just sort of erase some of this stuff. Mark told me his niche was weight loss. But then he said no I’m going to make it a little bit tighter. I’m going to make it weight loss for baby boomers. And I said to myself how many baby boomers are there in the United States; and it’s probably what 70 to 80 million and again he’s targeting. Here’s the interesting thing. Being that you’re from Iceland, you’re still trying to target primarily the US market, correct?

Mark: Yep.

Fred: Primarily. But what I said to him is it would be nice to first you know. I always tell people that you should try and work the concentric circles outward from where you are first. You know become the weight loss expert in Iceland (typing). That’s what I would do because that’s a quick and easy way to do it. It’s a whole lot easier with what about 300,000 people these days, right?

Mark: Yeah definitely.

Fred: So now the other thing is you told me you had one primary competitor. Right?

Mark: Yeah. Correct. He’s like totally famous all over the country.

Fred: Okay. So what you want to do is you want to try and become the next guy because he can’t be on the throne the whole time. You’ve got to depose him.

Mark. Hmm. All right.

Fred: And I think that Bill O’Handlin’s suggestion to call yourself. And I don’t know if they’re using this term in Iceland is all well, but the Fat Whisperer?

Mark: (Chuckles.)

Fred: That Bill came up with that? I think that’s a really good one. And by the way…

Mark: Yeah. It’s smart.

Fred: Yeah. I know. I’m saying that when you get… Bill came up with that. Bill O’Handlin came up with that. Didn’t he?

Dave: Yeah.

Mark: Yeah he did. Yeah.

Fred: Yeah. And so. Now here’s the thing. When something like this comes up, you better do it right now when we’re on the call. When something like that comes up the first thing you need to do is go register the domain name. Like right now. Like while we…

Dave: It’s already — I already checked. fatwhisperer and are both taken.

Fred: Oh they’re both taken. Okay. So. It just goes to show you whenever you come up with…

Mark: What about the weight loss?

Fred: Excuse me?

Mark: What about The Weight Loss Whisperer for example?

Fred: Ahh that’s just not as tight you know.

Mark: Not as good. Yeah.

Fred: The wording just doesn’t work as well. So anyway here’s — lesson number one is always reserve the dot com of the name you come up with immediately. Because if not…

Mark: Yeah.

Fred: Somebody else will grab it. So that’s something to think of just off the top.

But let’s do a little bit of work on figuring out a little bit about the niche. We’re trying to understand how to get this down. So the first question is on niche selection and targeting is how many are we looking for in terms of possible prospects. This is one of those things where if you know again if you’re a well known nationally known entity here in the United States you can target a much larger niche. If you’re someone who’s just breaking in, you want to try and target a niche that is in general somewhere between 100,000 to about 300,000 searches monthly on Google. And the best way to do this…

Mark: Okay.

Fred: …is to look at the Google — and let me just pull it up here. Let’s go to the Google external keyword tool –keyword tool — let’s see here. Keyword tool; external keyword tool. I think that’s it. Okay so. Let’s just look at some of these just to give you an idea. And for everybody watching this just put yourself in his shoes. So now let’s put in weight loss and start with the biggest sort of term here. I’ve got to put in… Let’s see if that gets me in. Okay. So here’s weight loss has 11,100,000 global searches monthly. A much too large number for us to try and go after. Too big. Now again. Have you got — have you got some recipes put together for how to do this stuff?

Mark: Me? Yeah. Oh yeah. I’ve got a…

Fred: Weight loss recipes (both talking at once). Is a good one?

Mark: Yeah. Like Coca Coca recipes. Yeah, yeah I do yeah.

Fred: Take a look at the screen. Can you see that? Weight loss recipes?

Mark: Okay. One second. Where is it here?

Fred: Can you see my screen?

Mark: Yeah. I see it there.

Fred: Okay. So the weight loss recipes around 90,000. So I mean that’s something you can target but we’re looking more for a…

Mark: Okay.

Fred: General sort of term here. What? Any suggestions Dave?

Dave: Well I mean. I kind of start with what does he want to do? And then you can find the right niches. Is it exercise or diet or and then the right people.

Fred: So who is he? What are his skills? So let’s — so you’re. It’s exercise. What else? Diet? Right Mark?

Mark: Yeah. Okay. Yeah I mean my background is you know from coaching league level athletes the training. But also nutrition is a really big part of it as well as supplementation and things like healthy sleep. So that’s really a holistic kind of thing. Even the rehab part. The pre-rehab part. It’s really all part of the same training. So but if you go down towards the training, the nutrition, supplementation, short-term fasting. It’s both build-up training and that’s my job. You know that’s what I do with league level athletes and then the business was more into the weight loss market really.

Fred: Okay. So why don’t we — I mean to me it sounds like you’re already working with athletes.

Mark: Oh yeah.

Fred: Why shouldn’t we put in something like weight loss for athletes? Let’s concentrate on that group already. Because that’s a group you’re already working on.

Mark: Mmhmm. Sure.

Fred: And again that’s not going to be that big a number. But I think that. Let’s put in here fitness for athletes. Woops. I’m just trying to make this niche a little bit tighter. But I think that you have…

Mark: Yeah.

Fred: I think you have an opportunity. You’re already working with league level athletes and one of the things I told Mark to do was to go out and get some video testimonials from his existing clients which you

Mark: Mmhmm.

Fred: I know I just told you to do that. Have you been able to get any of that video yet?

Mark: Yeah. It’s all in the works. I talked today to two guys that had one of the supper clubs, one of the players. They all gave me the okay. And a day or so before that I talked to a premier soccer coach you know who’s going to give me — just tell me what to say. So they’re all lined up and there will be plenty plenty more.

Fred: Okay good. So you’re going to get… He’s going to get lots of videos. So lots of videos from existing clients. Now the thing is all of your clients pretty much are athletes, right?

Mark: Yeah. Most of them. Yeah.

Fred: Yeah. So now I don’t think. I think we should probably look to do some kind of elite weight loss training stuff for them just working with athletes. Now I don’t think we’re going to be able to get the sort of the professional athletes yet on board here. But I like the fact and again Dave if you could give me some feedback on this also. Because I think we’ve got a few of the other protégés that are coming a little bit late. One of the things is that it’s sort of his exotic Icelandic background and accent I think lends it to doing something a little bit different in the American market. Where he can claim that he’s got the Icelandic secret formula or something.

Dave: Yeah I was thinking the same thing. There are a million — not a million — but there are a lot of American muscle heads that could say hey I could get you pumped up and lose weight.

Mark: (Chuckles.)

Dave: But this is different. He’s the guy with the accent and he’s the guy in Iceland which who knows anything about weight loss in Iceland but it’s memorable.

Mark: Yeah.

Fred: I think that you’ve got to work on your background. You see one of the things in coming up with a niche selection is you’ve got to look for your personal background. Your background both personally and professionally. So if we have — we’re going to go through each of those personally. I don’t know. Did you have any story where you were fat as a kid or any of that kind of stuff?

Mark: Yeah. I mean that’s on my stage letter and it’s all true really. I was actually fat; I was 265 pounds at five foot nine, six-foot even. And yeah. So I burned all that. That’s evidenced by the pictures. Unfortunately I don’t have any good before and after pictures. Just the after ones. But I was fat yeah. Definitely.

Fred: Got it. Okay. So then you can tell that story. I mean you can. You can’t get anything from your parents or anything? Where they had pictures of you as a fat little kid?

Mark: Not really. It’s also…

Fred: They burned them?

Mark: (Chuckles.) That’s right. I was more as an adult really but some years back. Nothing digital and the ones that I have like old photos. They are none of them like real before and after photos. I don’t have anything good. Maybe a good photo they have where they see me with chubby cheeks if I can find that one. It would be the best I could find if at all.

Fred: I’m not going to encourage you to Photoshop anything on to your head.

Mark: No. (Laughs.)

Fred: So here’s the deal. First off you want to tell your story. So we’re going to look at your background both personally and professionally. This is in an attempt to figure out what should your niche be. I mean we have somebody on the call right now who is a buddy of mine from here in Las Vegas who did a lot of blackjack; and so we’re working on a program for showing people how to play blackjack effectively.

But again each of us should look for what our own background is personally and professionally to try and help target this niche. Again looking for somewhere between 100,000 to say 250,000 or 300,000 searches on a regular basis. Now let’s see Branch has a question here. Let me see what his question is. One second let’s see. Let’s see he knows that guy. Okay so. Let’s see here. So we’ve got 100,000 to 300,000. That’s what we’re looking for when we do this kind of a search. So now if it’s less than that it’s okay but it just means that in the event that we go and try to target something that only has you know 10,000 people it means that we then have to sort of go after sort of a higher priced product offering. Because…

Mark: Yeah.

Fred: This — fewer numbers just means we have less people that we can target. I’d rather see you in this case. I don’t think it’s very difficult. Why don’t we take a look? If we were to Google something like fitness training for top athletes. Now this is what you should be doing here is looking at what results…

Mark: Mmhmm.

Fred: …or which results come up when you Google, we Google the term in your case. You know training for top athletes. And then what we want to do is look at the top 20 results and see what they’re offering. And what — how can we — we’re not looking to duplicate what they’re doing. But what we’re looking to do is to try and figure out what can we offer that’s a little bit different than what everybody else is offering so let’s start with that.

So everyone who is listening on this call this webinar should be thinking about what’s your background? If you’re trying to get into the information marketing business. What is your background personally? Again the fact that he’s… Let’s list some of these things. I mean he’s from Iceland. So we’ve got to put that in there. And so now this is I think that we maybe let’s see if it’s available. And again if it is you’d better reserve this right away. Something like the Icelandic weight loss. We don’t really need to reserve weight loss secret. What does that sound like to you Dave?

Dave: Well see I was thinking the same thing. You know the South Beach Diet. Who knows what South Beach has to do with anything but it stuck?

Mark: (Laughs.)

Fred: Well I think that South Beach worked is because you’ve got all those hot young bodies running around on South Beach. I think that’s where they were going with that.

Dave: You know I’m actually looking on my other monitor. You know how they have countries based on obesity?

Fred: Yep. Yep.

Dave: Where America always tops that list? I wonder if Iceland is like super healthy and he reveals the secret of how Icelandic people or I don’t know. That just. But I like that direction.

Fred: I do too. I do too. So again what we’re going to be doing… Now the Icelandic weight loss secret is a little bit different than what we’re trying to do here with athletes. We may want to go with… This becomes something that we do probably later. Whereas the Icelandic athletic diet or whatever. Something like that.

Dave: Yeah.

Mark: Okay.

Fred: Something that we’re trying to target.

(Phone rings.)

Fred: Who is that? Is that yours?

Dave: Sorry. That was me. Sorry.

Fred: I just want to make sure that we don’t lose out on the fact that we’ve got a real good story to tell here personally for you, Mark.

Mark: For sure. For sure.

Fred: Does that make sense?

Mark: Definitely. Can I just give you just a few ideas I had too so to see if you you know if you like them. For example a train like the Vikings or something like that?

Fred: Nice.

Mark: Something for the Vikings to do.

Fred: Yeah.

Mark: Yeah, isn’t it?

Fred: (Typing) Train like a – like a Viking.

Dave: Where are Vikings from? I’m sorry. I should know that.

Mark: From Iceland really.

Dave: Really? Okay. That’s cool.

Mark: From Scandinavia you know. Especially I mean. Iceland is the Viking hot spot really you know. So.

Fred: Yeah. That’s cool. Again.

Mark: Yeah isn’t it?

Fred: I think that’s great.

Mark: Yeah. And I had a few other. Some ideas are posted on the Facebook yesterday. I apologize to everybody by the way for getting like a ton of e-mails from me. I had no idea you know. This is the first time for me. It was not on purpose. But anyway apart from those ideas that I posted yesterday I have for example former athletes, male or female which is more niched. Because they usually always get fat when they stop competing because they are eating the same as before but not burning it off.

Fred: Yep.

Mark: That’s an idea.

Fred: Yep.

Mark: So retired athletes .

Fred: Yep.

Mark: Including maybe some rehab because they usually have some lower back or knee or elbow, shoulder or issues. Things like that.

Fred: Yeah. I like that idea. I mean you know. That’s a really good market too I would think. People who are athletic in their youth who when they quit playing football, basketball or whatever they stop playing, they started getting heavy.

Mark: Yeah. They do, yeah.

Fred: And what do you think of that? What do you think of that, Dave? What’re your thoughts?

Dave: That’s… that’s a great. It’s funny because I’m reading a book now about a Navy SEAL, one of the top Navy SEALs. And you know when you look at the – in the pictures they show him now. I’m like wait a minute this guy’s all chubby. He’s a Navy SEAL. I’m sure that’s what happens. I mean that’s a niche. How do you keep a retired athlete from ballooning up?

Fred: Yeah. I like that. And obviously you’ve got a lot of people that you know. I could see you doing something like saying as a headline “No longer the athlete you once were” kind of thing (typing)?

Mark: All right. (Chuckles.)

Fred: Get back into the shape you were in at age 19 (typing) or whatever it is. Age of 19.

Mark: All right.

Fred: You know something like that. In other words… yeah I like that. It’s targeting athletes. And the thing about it is is that people — this can include people who are high school athletes or college athletes who are professional athletes. I think it is a pretty… Let’s check on that. So let’s go back to our Google external keyword tool here which I already got rid of. Let me just see if I can do the history here real quick. Okay. Let’s see if it’s going to make me do this thing again. I don’t think so.

Former athlete. I don’t know. Let’s put that in just to see how many searches. Former athlete 1,900. You know what? This is going to be sort of interesting because I think there are a lot of people who wouldn’t call themselves athletes unless they were really really significant competitors when they were in you know whatever year in school. But I think that we’re on to something here Mark. So again.

Mark: Cool.

Fred: Just to summarize. Look for the background. Your background both personally and professionally to try and determine which market you should be targeting and what you should be going after. Because to me, to not go after athletes given your background would be crazy.

Mark: Okay.

Fred: You know and I think that that’s you know so. You know what. Why don’t we see if this is available? Hey Dave are you in a browser to try and check out the…

Dave: Yep.

Fred: Like. Let’s say former athlete fitness or something like that. Former back… Wait, wait, wait. Here’s another one. How about back to your old Something like that.

Mark: Okay.

Dave: Okay. That’s available.

Fred: What is it? is available?

Dave: Yeah that’s available. Fitnessfor… I’m just…

Fred: How about this one? Can you see this on the screen?

Dave: Yeah. Oh. Nice.

Mark: Okay. Hey fitness. Yeah. Nice.

Fred: Or glory days. That’s a whole Bruce Springsteen song thing.

Mark: (Laughs.)

Dave: That’s available. That’s. That’s. Because people get when you say the glory days. They understand what that means.

Fred: Yeah especially here in the states Mark.

Dave: Yeah.

Fred: So I’d reserve.

Mark: Yeah definitely.

Fred: I’d reserve both of those. The problem is that although the URL is kind of clever. It’s not going to get a lot of you know traffic from the fact that you’ve got your keywords in the title of the URL. So but again. You should reserve them anyway. That’s why I said you know everybody should have the sale domains for profit just because you’re going to be reserving a lot of domain names.

Mark: Mmhmm.

Fred: Good. Okay. So that gives us some ideas. So anyone who is watching, listening to this the key here is to look at your background personally and professionally and make sure that you’re chasing after something that at least has a certain critical mass number of people that are looking for it because if I put into Google keyword tool you know obscure. Or here. German literature (typing). You know you are a German literature freak and you want to produce something for other German literature freaks. Well German literature. Well actually it’s not bad. It’s got 12,000 searches monthly. But in general. Things that are. Things that you love may not be things that a lot of people find appealing. So you better check your Google external word tool to find out how many people are searching for what it is you are going to try and target. That’s the sort of the message here. Dave any thoughts?

Mark: Yep.

Dave: No I agree entirely.

Fred: Okay. And so. That’s something that you should do. Hold on. Let me see if I can get Branch in on this. Let me just mute you again Mark if you don’t mind.

Mark: Yep. Sure.

Fred: I’m going to get… Hold on one second here. And let me see. Branch do you mind participating here? Let me see if I can unmute you. You there buddy?

Branch: Can you hear me Fred?

Fred: Yeah. You’re here.

Branch: Yeah.

Fred: So again. Let’s talk a little bit about you know if you don’t mind sharing a little bit about your stuff. If we’re looking at the background and targeting here. You know in your case you had you were probably. Would it be correct to say that you were one of the top 20 blackjack players in the world?

Branch: For what I did. Yeah. Absolutely. There are different types of ways of attacking the blackjack game but yeah. For what I did that’s fine.

Fred: Okay. So again it’s really easy in Branch’s case because we’re working together on putting together a site on training people on how to play blackjack. Believe it or not, the nice thing is is that because of his connections in that world, he has some people that he knows who have some fairly large mailing lists that are targeting gamblers. And so it makes it a little bit easier. And by the way his book just came out today. Is it the same as the web site name? So it’s is his web site. So he does that as his you know what he really loves to do now but he had this background that we’re trying to make some off of a little bit in terms of… What’s the name of the book Branch?

Branch: It’s Hiking Las Vegas: The all in one guide to Red Rock, Mt. Charleston and Lake Mead.

Fred: The All in One Guide dot dot dot. Okay so. Hiking and working. People get that on Amazon or where can they get it?

Branch: The best is my site because I give them three bonuses and save them money. It’d be

Fred: Got it. So at – not that we’re going to have a ton of people here or maybe we will. Let’s just bring that up just to show people here (typing). Okay so. Receive valuable hiking tips for free. By the way on this? I don’t think that’s a compelling… How many? What percentage of people are signing up for this list? Branch?

Branch: Oh. I just looked at the stats. I think like seven or eight percent of everybody that comes.

Fred: I think you can increase that substantially. Dave do you have a thought on what to put and how we would do that generally?

Dave: Maybe just describing a little more and making it a little more enticing. I mean what’s a hiking tip? If you had an eBook or a download or you know something that they were looking for that might be helpful.

Fred: Yeah I might go with something like you know. Seven. You know seven hiking secrets or whatever everyone needs to know. I just think it’s just a little bit too vague here on the receive value of hiking tips. Let’s make it…

Branch: Yeah I agree. On the other site it’s much better but it’s a different batch.

Fred: Okay. So here it is now. By the way what does the cover look like? You were excited about that I know.

Branch: Well right there on the left there. That’s the book.

Fred: Got it. So here it is. Hiking Las Vegas and this is now 83 hikes all within 60 minutes of Las Vegas strip. So he’s got all kinds of stuff here. So now if you buy the book directly from him, he gives you all kinds of additional offers. Now did you already go out to your list with an offer Branch?

Branch: No I’m actually doing that now.

Fred: Cool.

Branch: I put it on other places but not my list. I’m doing that today.

Fred: Got it.

Branch: I just got the book yesterday.

Fred: I know. I know. You were expecting it to come in and it did. So now. On this site so what you’re doing is as supposed to going into Amazon, he’s giving them all kinds of additional free stuff so that they will buy it from him and not from Amazon because he’ll… If they buy it from Amazon he loses 50 percent of the revenue. So now is the publisher allowing you to buy your books at a good rate?

Branch: Yes. Very good.

Fred: Okay yeah. Because you’ve got a relationship with him I know. So you’re buying books directly from him at a much reduced rate and then selling them yourself.

Branch: Correct.

Fred: Are you doing your own fulfillment?

Branch: Right at this second. Yes. But if it gets too busy especially if I do TV or anything like that then no. I’m looking for somebody to do that because that isn’t…

Fred: Well I’ll give you, I’ll give you…Many of us use Speaker Fulfillment Services.

Branch: Okay. Thank you.

Fred: And you can contact Brett Ridgeway there whom I have known for a while and he may be able to help you. Let me just see if that’s coming up here. We’ll pull it up for people to see. Let me just add that. Speaker — ahh I can’t type — fulfill services. Okay so here it is. So they will do anything from CDs and DVD duplication all the way to books and all that other kind of stuff. Okay. So. I would recommend that you talk to these guys. Under services, let’s see here. Shipping they will do again. This is the kind of stuff they can do for you. And they’ll do all that. So I would check them out.

Branch: Ok thanks.

Fred: You got it. Dave any comments?

Dave: No. I’ve had good experiences with them too. So.

Fred: By the way for people that don’t know these folks, Speaker Fulfillment Services, and, the one thing I would have you know about them is they will basic, they will do CD/DVD duplication which most of us now are trying to get away from that and doing digital delivery. But they will also do shipping and fulfillment which is a pain in the butt. So we’re trying to get away from that. So check them out for that kind of service. Dave what…

Dave: The truth is Fred.

Fred: Yep.

Dave: With a hiking book. A hiking book is nice to have on your shelf. So I can see him selling a lot of books as opposed to just downloads for that.

Fred: Yep.

Dave: Just my thought.

Fred: Yep. And Branch there are plenty of pictures in here now too, right?

Branch: Oh yeah. Because of the nature of hikes out here they are not marked. You need to identify landmarks and I’ve taken pictures of those so there’re probably literally 300-400 photos.

Fred: Now do you have — do you also have — you used GPS coordinates to tell people where to go, right?

Branch: Correct. Yeah every hike no matter how simple it is has GPS coordinates. So if they’re…

Fred: Now going back that’s perfect. I mean going back to, targeting a niche say for Mark. Boy you talk about hiking Las Vegas really specific. Yet Branch, when people would say wow are there enough people? How many people come to this area of the country either Las Vegas or the nearby areas to hike? Is it a lot?

Branch: It’s beginning to be a lot more. Back in the heyday of Vegas of course, they were just marketing the casino aspect. But now because we’re in a recession they are marketing Vegas any way they can. And one method is the outdoor activity be it hiking, mountain biking, whatever. So it’s actually a very good time for this to happen.

Fred: Good. Wait a second. I’ve got a thing from Dwayne here that says Icelandic. is available and is available. Good Dwayne. Thanks. Those are good.

Dave: Ho ho. That’s good.

Fred: Train like a Viking. That’s good too.

Dave: Well you know one I was thinking of Fred is become a Viking again.

Fred: Become a Viking again yeah. Or former Paul says is available. Yeah. All of those are great suggestions. The problem is when we come up with… The beauty about Branch’s site here is hiking Las Vegas has the keywords in there that people would be searching for. So you’ve got to sort of… Shoot I’m in favor of reserving a lot of domain names but it’s in Mark’s case you know it’s a little more difficult because we don’t know exactly what keywords we are targeting. But in Branch’s case how much better can you get if someone is coming to Las Vegas and they wanted to go hiking, they would probably put in hiking space Las space Vegas dot and just Google it. Of course when you do that his site comes up. So if I go to hiking Las Vegas (typing) here he is. Hiking Las Vegas. So he’s got that in there. And now Branch how did you get the whole plus one thing added to the site?

Branch: Honestly Fred I’ve been doing so many things if I don’t factor in every little thing. I don’t remember.

Fred: Yeah. Now because I’m just wondering if my site has that as well. I don’t know if I do. I don’t think I do which is sort of annoying me now. No mine doesn’t have it. Oh yeah it does. Plus one right here. I’ve got it. So Stanley, my web master, is doing something right. There is a plus one thing on mine. Good. Let’s see. Other things to talk about.

One of the things that I also wanted to talk about given the fact that I guess Dave it’s just you and me; Branch is here as well. But the other protégés for whatever reason, I know I just spoke with Bill Deweese and Avish sent me something saying he probably couldn’t make it on. But yeah. Good suggestions from the audience here both from Paul and from Dwayne.

You know what? Let’s open it up for some questions. Anybody have any questions? Let’s open it up but in the meantime let’s talk a little bit about. I’ll mute you here again Branch just in case. Just for a little while. Let’s talk about. Dave, we talked about the idea of making sure. Let’s talk a little bit about the difference between the front end back end kind of stuff that we were just talking about. Because I think that that sort of plays into this as well. So the front end and the back end in terms of information products are worth talking about. Front end product meaning something you sell initially. Initial sale and the back end is what you sell later or after. One of the things that Dave is creating — Dave is creating sort of a very very basic and why don’t you tell people Dave. Because Dave is the web marketing magician by the way. Let’s put that up for you here. He’s the web marketing magician. I’ll make that a little bit larger here so you can see it.

So Dave one of the things that you are finding, especially with people who don’t have background on the web is what?

Dave: Well I deal with a lot of beginners and that’s fun. I like working with people but what people run into is they are very excited by things but they get overwhelmed very easily and they think I need to go read more, listen more, learn more. But they don’t do anything. And it takes a long time typically between someone gets the idea and when their first product is literally out there for sale making money. Even if it is not a great product something out there so you can learn from it and maybe it will do well. And out of this observation I said… I said let me put together very very streamlined process to create your first info product and get it out there selling with spending the least amount of money and taking the least amount of time. So I’m about 90 percent done. I actually don’t want to give the URL out yet…

Fred: Yeah. Not yet.

Dave: …because the membership site the walls are down. … (tape glitch 39:05) could go in but that’s the idea. But to your question Fred this is a front end product. This won’t be real expensive and it’s loaded with value. But the entire idea is to get people in the door so we can then upsell them to bigger and better things.

Fred: Yep and that’s the key. Get them in the door and then sell them the expensive stuff. Now that’s based on the fact that you’ve over delivered in value on the front end, too.

Dave: Exactly. And you know somebody just told me a really good example of this and that is Disney. You think of all the free stuff Disney has out there. They have Disney radio and my kids watch Disney cartoons and everything. That’s just to get people hooked on Mickey Mouse and everything. Then the upsell is buying some DVDs which every parent has a ton of DVDs; and then the next level is let’s all go to Disney World or let’s go on a Disney cruise. And then the elite which very very few people do. I learned this at in the Princess Castle in Disney World you can rent that for a honeymoon suite for like $15,000. That’s the absolute peak; but you see there’s a free get them in the door; then the $20 just to keep them buying, then go to Disney World and then maybe there they higher up there. And you can easily parallel that to anyone’s business.

Fred: Yeah. And that’s exactly right. And the thing about it is is that Dave — one of the other things Dave is that whenever I talk to people about information marketing in general, I’m always talking to them about the three things which are the product itself, the traffic, and then the conversion. Now one of the things that you’re noticing is most people are now putting in terms of conversion.

By the way I just recently did two really — they were great interviews only because I got a good guest. And if you look under — if you go to you will find two of them. Hey Avish I will be right with you babe. If you go to and this is what I want everyone who is on the call to do here is you will find that there’s… I found the right guy to give us these interviews and let’s just see here. Where is that? I don’t know now. Where the heck? Is it under? Oh here we go. Okay. So. Conversion. See this conversion techniques for information marketers? This is an incredible one for everybody to click on here. And this is my – the interview that I did and the actually that I did with… I did this with Ben Stickland.

“Okay welcome back.” (computer interview plays).

Fred: No I don’t think that’s it. Where did we put that? Is that under free? I don’t even know where the stuff is on my own site. Audios? “Do you know Avish? Do you remember where that went?

Avish: What the…

Fred: The theme…

Avish: Where that webinar is?

Fred: Yeah. Now you know what? Maybe it was… It was just an audio interview so I think it’s under audios. I apologize. Let’s see here. It is… Ah. I have no idea where it is. I can’t find it on my own site. Let me just see here. You know what? There’s got to be something here. Yeah this is. I don’t know. This is with Berg. Huh. Well anyway I’m not going to waste your time. But anyway I’ll try and figure out where that is. But I know that I did a… I did something with… I did an interview that should be up here and of course now I can’t find it which is always helpful. Maybe it’s under teleseminars. Let me just check here. Sorry to hold everybody up for my stupidity here. I don’t see it there either. So. Oh you know what? Let’s just do a search on the site for Stickland. There we go. Search.

Avish: Yeah. I just did a search on markets seminar so it’s…

Fred: Okay. So here it is. Generating more traffic. I don’t really know. Where is this? Is this under? Here it is under… If you search Ben Stickland. He’s got one on traffic and one on conversion and both of these are phenomenal. If you go here and find this particular post by putting in the word Stickland, S-t-i-c-k-l-a-n-d , and this is actually an audio. Click to play. It should have some kind of a little thing. This guy really knows his stuff. But what I did was and this is an interesting thing to do as well which is to… Whenever I do an interview with somebody who I think is particularly sharp is I have it transcribed as well. But this interview went really really well and you can see. Again I just did it on Skype and I recorded it and it should come up here in a second. Let’s see if it does. Oh wow. I don’t have the required software? Are you kidding me? On my site? That’s sort of screwy.

Avish: (Laughs.)

Fred: That can’t be right. Is that coming up on yours Avish? If you click on it?

Avish: Oh let me see. Let me try to click play and see.

Fred: Hey you know what? Don’t worry about it. Anyway check in Avish. We’re talking with Avish Parashar and Avish and I are Joint Venture partners in Why don’t you give people an update on this site?

Avish: On the air?

Fred: Yep.

Avish: Sorry. I hit play on that thing and it’s working for myself. Okay. Sorry, what did you ask me?

Fred: Give us an update on this site.

Avish: Oh well the update is that last week my original Fiverr guy failed so I hired someone else on Fiverr to SEU and got the report that he did his thing and as of today we’re up to number eight for public speaking jobs. And he’s Ron (45:33) if you want to go on to Google.

Fred: Public speaking jobs? Let’s see.

Avish: You added an I at the end of public.

Fred: Oh I did. Okey dokey.

Avish: It’s showing those results anyway.

Fred: Okay let’s see. You’re at number eight in your stuff?

Avish: We should be number eight.

Fred: There it is.

Avish: There it is.

Fred: Excellent. Excellent. So tell people a little bit about how — how and why we think we got there.

Avish: Well following the process the first thing I did was wrote a made a page very – optimized a phrase public speaking jobs. Then I did article marketing on my own which was… I created Fiverr as one article and submitted it to five different directories. The keyword hyper text links back to that page. And the next step was the complicated one which is what that SE software makes useful or very easy. Rather than investing in the software myself I found some on Fiverr. Now I don’t think they would do as complete a job as I could do on my own if I had the software but it’s also a 1/20th or a 1/30th of the cost.

Fred: What are we looking for? Let’s go to Fiverr and tell people what are we looking for and why.

Avish: I just typed SENuke into the… One word.

Fred: And what is SENuke.

Avish: That is a piece of software that Ermil told us about that he uses. And what that does is that will take an article. It spins it for you. It automatically submits it to a whole variety of article directories and sites like that; and it also automatically handles the pinging and what not. I think it can do a lot more than just what the time here but it also spaces things out like… I watched a tutorial video on it or the kind of sales video. It doesn’t just dump it. It actually has pre-set campaigns in there. So one of the things Ermil was telling us is you don’t want to like everything. You don’t want to ping everything. You don’t want to have everything linked back to your page. You want to ping some stuff but not others and you want some things pointing back to each other instead of directly back to you because …

Fred: I’m still confused if I’m watching or listening to this. What is SENuke and why do we need it?

Avish: SENuke is a piece of software that will submit and ping your content to a huge variety of forums, article directories, PR places, things like that. All with various.

Dave: The end result Fred is higher rankings for your pages on your site.

Fred: Yep. And so we’ve seen that because that’s what happened with speaking expert. We got up to… Now that’s one of the keywords that we’re targeting was public speaking jobs, right?

Avish; Oh yeah. Yeah. That’s the one. That’s the first one. I haven’t attacked any of the others yet. I wanted to get this one down. But yeah. So obviously now it’s started. There’s a few things I’m going to do myself now. The next stage in the process so to speak. To see if I can get this into the top five or top three.

Fred: Yeah that would be great. So what — how long has it been up that high and so has it increased our number of visitors?

Avish: You know it hasn’t yet. Yesterday I checked and we were at like 15. So this Fiverr thing just… I just got the completed report so.

Fred: Fifteen for the day?

Avish: Today was the first day I saw it on the first page.

Fred: So 15 for the day visitors?

Avish: No, no, no. We’re at position 15 as of yesterday.

Fred: Got it.

Avish: Today is the first day I saw us on page one. We are getting some traffic to that page. Now some come from a random subset like at public speaking jobs plus something else?

Fred: Yep.

Avish: So we’re starting to see a little bit from that.

Fred: Got it. So now what do we?

Avish: To answer your other question 15 a day is about where we’re still at. So.

Fred: Yeah.

Avish: For some reason over the weekend and into Monday it took a big dip and I don’t know why but then we’re back up to like 15 today.

Fred: So we’re getting 15-per-day visitors, right?

Avish: Yeah.

Fred: Okay and what’s going to happen though is what you’ve done is you’ve taken a few of these longer tail keywords and you’ve tried to optimize those particular pages for those keywords, right?

Avish: Yeah or just that one page. Yeah yeah.

Fred: So now you’ve also got… How many did you choose? This is like so public speaking jobs you did one. How many others are there? How many total keywords are you targeting?

Avish: Well I started with five. I’ve only worked on the first one but if I pull up my spreadsheet I can tell you what the others are.

Fred: Five total. Started with that.

Avish: Six total I started with.

Fred: Got it. That’s right. Six cause we went after two easy, two medium, and two hard. Right?

Avish: Correct.

Fred: Okay. And for those of you who are watching and don’t know what we just said, there’re some keywords that are really competitive. And so we picked two of those. Some that are medium competitive and we picked two of those, and then some that are easy. Now is public speaking jobs an easy one?

Avish: Yeah. That was an easy one.

Fred: Okay so. We’re picking two of each so in terms of easy, medium, hard. Okay. Got it. And so what were some of the other ones? I know that there’s a number of them that are you know again…

Avish Yeah. I have a… Actually I have two of the easy ones. I’ve got to pick one. One is public speaking books. One is improved public speaking.

Fred: Yeah. And?

Avish: And then the medium ones are public speaking topics and public speaking anxiety.

Fred: Anxiety. Those are the medium. And difficult?

Avish: Fear of public speaking and public speaking tips.

Fred: Now you see one of the things that we may want to do with that last one. Don’t I have a site that includes those keywords?

Avish: Yeah. I think you might.

Fred: Yeah. I think I have public speaking tips or I may have I don’t remember all my… No that’s not…

Avish: Yeah. Tips plural is.

Fred: Yeah here is… This one is mine I think. Yeah. So what we might want to do is make this one of those satellite sites.

Avish: Yeah. That’s a good point.

Fred: And by the way what we could also… I’ve written — I wrote a bunch of articles in here. Have we taken those and moved them onto speaking expert?

Avish: Good question. I don’t know.

Fred: Make a note because you should grab all that content and just drip them onto the site.

Avish: Yeah.

Fred: And then we can remove them from the other one if we need to. So picking two easy, two medium, and two hard keywords to try and target is what we’re trying to do here.

Avish: Mmhmm.

Fred: Good deal. Well we’re getting pretty close to the end of our time. Any other — anybody got any questions? Let me see if there are any questions from the group that got interested and gave us some feedback here. Anything else that people want to know because we’re getting close to the end of our time and I wanted to make sure and give Avish… Avish anything else that we need to know about

Oh we should tell the group. We should tell them about the speaking school by the way. We are going to be doing in October; but just so they’ll know. And oh here quickly. For those of you who know anyone who is near the west coast we’re doing this in Anaheim, California on August 1st. Feel free to show up. We’ve got some really interesting hot tip guerilla marketer par excellence in the book marketing business. But anywhere if you’re anywhere near Anaheim just check out and then I wanted to tell you about Avish tell people what that is?

Avish: That is a four-day event where we will show you how to put together and deliver an amazing speech, work on your presentation skills, and it’s all very interactive with only at the most six people . We use improv comedy to make you natural, bring out your humor. And by the end of it you will have just a sense of having been put through a very fun wringer where you will be a much better speaker and you will have a lot of your content kind of… We will work with you also on how and what your content should be, what your strengths are as a speaker. It’s an amazing event the amount of progress people can make in four days.

Fred: Absolutely. Good. Dave any final thoughts before we sign off?

Dave: Nothing new.

Fred: Hey folks. Well thank you everyone. I am actually ending right before the top of the hour here. I want to thank everyone for being on the call-in. Remember every Wednesday same time same channel. Tell your friends. Tell everyone and we hope to see you on next week. Thank you everybody for being on the call.

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