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Information Marketing JV Partner Webinar – October 10, 2012 (Transcript Available)


Fred: Hey there everybody sorry I was a little bit late. Let’s go ahead and get started here, can everyone see my screen? Let me do that now, yes Avish can you hear me?

Avish: Oh yes I hear you.

Fred: Oh good, Im I on can you see the screen?

Avish: Yes I can.

Fred: Good, okay so I temporarily thought that I was going to be incapacitated but I’ve been revived. Okay so first of a couple of things I wanted to talk about right off the bat. And obviously since, let me see who else is on the line here? If anybody else other than you and its very much as far as joint partner venture goes you are the only one, okay. So now Bill Louis told me off course because he’s the most hardworking man in the voice over business. He was not able to attend but he was just here this weekend. And I wanted to sort of go over what happened and how I think it can work. So we talked about this a little bit last time but let me just give you what actually happened. As opposed to what we thought was going to happen. So what happened okay was we are going to talk about it in terms of the. Let me do this let me launch another browser.

Let’s go to voice over training and I want to give you some of the things that happened here. First off, Bill came into town he arrived late on Friday night. So we got together on Saturday midday and we did about an hour, about one and half hours of recording. And then Sunday we got together again and did another 2 hours or so of recording. And what we did is we worked off an outline that Bill had put together. Which was about so it was introduction, there were about 22 sections and a conclusion. So what happened was I just interviewed him about the whole voice over process. And off course now I am an expert as well. Just because now that I have touched the surface and I know what he is doing? But it’s clear to me that like in every business Bill has laid out a very very specific path. That most people will not follow.And the reason they won’t follow it is because like in the information marketing business.

He is suggesting that you can’t get rich overnight you have to do certain things. And most voice over people except a recorded demo give it to an agent. And have the agent magically start to bring them a million dollars’ worth of business virtually overnight. And his model works sort of exactly opposite to that. It’s very much of a blue collar approach so we put it down and we did this interview. And so now the interview is done so here is what I am doing next. So after so interview in terms of audio form complete. The next step is to send to transcriptionist to transcribe obviously. Now after when transcription is complete, edit so we will be editing the finished transcript. And by the way the time between sending it to the transcriptionist we sort of allowing. It might be more or about like one week let’s say.

Okay now the other thing that I wanted him to do. Or the other thing that I promised that I would do as a matter of fact. Is while this is happening Fred, me was to work on writing the back copy for the book. Because we’ve got the front cover ready to go we’ve seen that on previous Webinars and that is ready to go. So Im going to be writing the back copy that hopefully when the transcript is done it will be ready to go. And by the way if you it’s just as a side note here. Did you have a chance to go through those interviews that I did with Carl Blanks?

Avish: No I haven’t yet?

Fred: Got it, just asking. So Im working on the back copy and the transcription gets done. And our first go around with the book we may do something later. But our first goal around the book is to take the edited transcriptions. And turn it into a book that is that is basically Q and A. So it will basically be Bill and then Fred, Fred and then Bill but mostly Bill talking. And that’s the format that the book will take, now I suspect and again I would like you to read a little bit. Even if you won’t read the whole thing unless you have an interest. But if you read enough of it to tell me whether or not the transcription and Bill’s delivery. When I asked him the questions made it such that this is readable. Because one of the main problems with the transcript is and I learned this a year ago when I tried to do this myself.

Is that the written word is very different from the spoken word. And often times trying to take the spoken word, transcribe it and provide it to people in written form. And say “hey here it is” it doesn’t read you know quite right. So it might because Bill gave very good answers. But Id sort of like to have you as one of the people that says. “Yay or nay” about that but certainly for our first and this is important. For our first stab at the book will be done this way. Now and what will happen is that we need to know how many pages this is. So that the cover designer can take my back copy when done. Know the number of pages it’s going to be completed in and decide on the spine width of the book. And Im guessing and I gave Bill a very exact guess I for some reason came up with the number 26,500 words is how much I thought but again that was a pure guess.

I wanted to make it a very odd number to appear like I knew what I was doing. So I put this guess out there that was a total 26,500 words. So some people may be saying “well isn’t that too short” or whatever. And the answer is you know Bill basically gave everything he could. So now what we did though which I don’t know if you know if you’re on Bill’s list. I said “well why don’t we make some money with this right away?” And what we decided to do is to offer people on his list a deal. Which is when the package is going to be completed we are looking around. Somewhere let’s just say $50 for the complete package. Which is going to include the audio, the transcript and some other printed material. You know very extensive addendums they are going to go with what we did.

That’s going to be for the complete package so what we said was. And Bill send out an email to his list that said “okay that’s what it’s going to be when it’s complete. However if you want to get the audios right now, well not really right now. But if you are willing to give me $20 he said you get the audio in about a week. And you only get the audios for right now but when the full package is complete. You get it at 50% off” or something like that. I forget what we did so the good news is he made this offer last night. And the deal said either 100 units sold or 72 hours whichever comes first. Make sense?

Avish: Mmm…

Fred: And as of right before this Webinar by the way I made a prediction. I said to Bill I think I said to him Im going to sell 63 units. Im probably going to be wrong because of just before this Webinar there were 50 sold.

Avish: And when did this [Unclear] [0:09:14.1] last night?

Fred: Yeah last night so it’s been about 12 hours maximum.

Avish: Cool.

Fred: Yeah it’s about…12 hours should be it. So within 12 hours he’d sold 50 of them. So 50×20 is obviously about $1000. And so we’ve got $1000 and by the way he hasn’t even delivered the product yet. This is because people are willing to wait a week and there only getting the audios etc. But if they want to get right away there it is. And our reason for doing this is if you look at Bill’s site theres a bunch of products you could buy from bill. But if you go to any of these the voice over playbook and if you scroll down here.

Bill (audio): What is the greatest need of voice over talent today? Well its very simply this [Unclear] [0:10:10.2].

Fred: And this is $247 and this is I don’t know whether theres an audio start as well. So then here this one is $247 as well. So our problem was I think we have something but I think we don’t have something really at the lower price points. So this is going to be when it’s all said and done here’s what is going to happen. So we are going to have the book which will probably sell for $20. We are going to have the audio recording you know audio recording plus whatever. So we are going to have a $50 product. And then soon thereafter we are going to have somewhere either $77 to $97. That’s going to be and this is his, everybody can do this. Avish you can do this as well. This is a great idea I think Bill came up with it.

The top 100 questions that aspiring VO artists ask. So whatever field you’re in you can put this together and this would be a video. So you could include PowerPoint’s, you could include whatever you wanted to do. So now we were estimating that each now by the way we asked his group to send in questions. And so they sent him a whole bunch of questions and he’s compiling those. He didn’t quite get 100 so I think he maybe got 60. So by people on his list then he’s going to take 40 of his own and if you take an average of say 5 minutes per question.You are looking at 500 minutes I don’t have my calculator can you do that for me Avish. What is it about 8 hours or so? Yeah a little over 8 hours, so it would be 8 hours and 20 minutes total of video. Now what we are going to do there is since this price point.

Our problem with Bill Louis was that he didn’t have any lower price point products. And he had a lot of people on his list some of whom had bought some of whom had not bought. Because they were uncomfortable with the initial [gambit?] [0:12:49.3] of $247. So I said we needed to produce things that were in the under the $100 range. In order to get the people who first come to check him out to give them some place to go. So this is going to be for the physical book or the Kindle book. No maybe we go a little lower for the Kindle book, let’s say that we did. I don’t want to go too low here but let’s say we did and I don’t know what the magic upper price point is. But I think maybe $997 for the Kindle book. So now what’s going to happen is eventually we are going to have prices that go from $10 to $20 to $50 to $70 to $97.

And then his other stuff that’s $147 then $247 and other things. The point here being that he has a lot of people on his list. Im sorry, with the people on his list I don’t want to say a lot because he doesn’t. I think he has up to now 1200 so with 1200 people on the list I think theres at least I think now its 50 let’s say let’s just overestimate. And say that he’s had 120 people buy which is 10% of his list not bought. So 90% of his list have not bought. So what we are trying to do is to give these people a way to enter his actual funnel of customers who have actually purchased. And bump that up from $120 so we can get people. Once they buy the less expensive list of products to say. “Wow this guy really knows what he is talking about. I am willing to invest more. Because I don’t know how you are Avish Im sure. Maybe you are a little skeptical like I am you see something you’re not willing to spend a lot of money. But you’re willing to try something out.

Avish: Right.

Fred: And so I guess it would be interesting to see and let’s pull our audience here. So everybody who is one the Webinar I would like you to send me in the question area. The answer to the following question. The answer to the question is and Pam I’ll get to your other questions later. But I’d like you to answer this question for me. Thing about it before you put it in. Go to the question area right now and give me a number which if you didn’t know somebody from Atom. Somebody completely unknown to you how much would you be willing to risk when you saw something online. What’s your maximum price point? What is the maximum you would be willing to spend if you didn’t know someone to try and buy some of their cheaper stuff? So what is your price point would it be $10, $20, $50, what’s the high end of your price point?

How much would you all be willing to spend with someone you didn’tknow? You saw their site and you said “ahh Im going to do this.” So George says $25 who else? Maybe $50 from Scott, who else is going to give us some feedback here? So George says its $25, Scott says $50, who else is going to answer? $25 from Ken, what else, who else has got an answer, anybody? Is anybody cynical enough that they would only go $10? You don’t, Im telling you, here’s the deal just based on the information I’ve given you. How much would you be willing to risk? $10, $15, $20, $25, $50 so Scott is up, fairly trusting if he sold it well. Roy says $37 so we’ve got different so. But certainly every answer it’s easy to say this is less than $50. And Avish what would that be for you?

Avish: Probably around $50, $47 if I went to like a blog. And I read a lot of information and felt confident about the whole thing.

Fred: Yeah I hear you I don’t think I know very many people who didn’t know somebody from Atom. Would be willing to risk more than $50. I think that’s definitely a no brainer decision making.

Avish: If it was just a sales page no blog nothing then it’s even lower. It’s like $17, $27.

Fred: With no nothing. Let’s just say, in other words some guy has got a sales page. He’s pitching on something and it’s like “hey its $50.” Yeah I mean that would be the maximum for me. I think that for me initial purchase $20 certainly not more than $30. So Im fairly careful with purchases but that means that in every case. With 1200 people on his list and that’s starting to grow faster and faster. He’s got a 120 people have bought and again that’s probably a little overstated but let’s just assume that. But that means 90% of his list has not bought, like I said there right below. So the question is “how can we get him in the door.” And the best way to get him in the door because I mean Bill has an extensive. He’s got a blog, he’s got a YouTube channel which now. YouTube I think he has 120 plus videos. Did you know that Avish?

Avish: I did not know.

Fred: Yeah so he’s got 120 plus videos, short videos anywhere between a low of 5 to a high of say 12min. He’s got 120 videos and by the way do you know how many subscribers he has?

Avish: No how many?

Fred: Just under 1000.

Avish: Wow!

Fred: Now what were probably also going to do and I haven’t talked to Bill about this. Is one of the things he could do is get on and since he has subscribers to his YouTube channel. They may not be subscribers that are subscribing to his email list. That he just sent out that offer so I’d just I was going to just say to him. And I’ll remind myself if you remind me also Avis the need to send Bill an email that says. By the way we did an offer to list but we need to do an offer to the YouTube subscribers. In what form?

Avish: In Video right?

Fred: Yeah in video form, sure. Because that’s how they want to consume the information. So he’s got to give them a video pitch that goes over a little bit of the content. But also just pitches them so I think we’ll get more sales from that. So I’ll probably revise my number upward from 63 if we do that. So now we’ve got people because the goal is this. And I again I mean this, information marketing is a simple business but it’s not an easy business. And what do I mean by simple but not easy? The simple thing is it comes down to “get people on your list, and then get them to buy. And usually something small in price. Then get them to buy higher priced items then get them to buy more items. And then probably get them to tell their friends. Get them to hire you as a coach…. ”

It’s just get them onto your list but in order to move them from here to here. Get them to buy something it means that you have to have something that is relatively inexpensive. And to date with Bill the cheapest thing I think you could buy was for $147. And the difference between someone even if you’ve got the blog and you’ve got the video, the YouTube channel. Getting someone to take the jump from no money to $147 is a large leap. Even if you have a large so for you Lavish if you had the blog. Or you somebody had a blog and had all that stuff then how much would you be willing to to pay?

Avish: Certainly up to $50 maybe even up to $100.

Fred: Yeah and so I think that what happened was since Bill’s lowest price point was over the $100 mark. Then he really only got people that you know really believed in him. And maybe many of those people he had actually talked to on the phone personally. So I think again we go back to the very basic which is so what are the price points? And I mean you know the Kindle Book, your Kindle Book can be under $10. I have mine set at $4.95 or $4.99 whatever it is. And then a physical book I think mine is set at I think $20 or $19.95. And so then what I want everybody, I want everybody should be doing is thinking. Okay what are my price points and so let’s just you list the price points. And then you go okay I need something around $10, I need something around $20. I need something around $50 I need something around $100.

I need something around $200; I need something around $300. $400 and again some of these can give you $500 and then maybe something at $1000. And then some of you may go “oh I guess we can stop there.” No, no don’t stop there will be people like [Unclear] [0:22:9.1]. Who will love him enough to spend $2500, $5000 and then $10,000. More than that is tough but for the $10,000 program its 3 days one on one with Bill. By the way he has sold one of those, did you know that Avish?

Avish: Really? I did not know that, that’s awesome.

Fred: He has sold one of those; I think he gave them a discount. He may have said since you’re going to be my first 5 people or whatever he was doing it at half. So that’s, this person actually paid $5000 for the 3 days, I think. And they are doing it in stages they are not doing it all at once. But the point is that everyone who’s listening on the Webinar right now. Should first put up this list on their white board or wall. And then as you fill in the blanks with what is this? Is it a Kindle book, is this a physical book go down through each one of these price points. And make sure that you have all Modalities covered. Which would be audio, video, text, coaching, group coaching. And there you have it you just develop your price points and then insert the various stuff. And now by the way when you get to something like $400 it could be a combination of items 3, 4 and 5.

So it doesn’t have to be but you’ve got to make sure. That at the end of the day here with these price points that all of the modalities are covered. That you have some audio, youhave some video, you have some text, and you have some group and personal coaching. And that you are all set to go. So it really is going back to the traditional model of what’s going on here? That’s what you want to do there so in our case Avish we have 4 speaking experts. And by the way let’s talk to people a little bit you made some progress on the Click Bank stuff right?

Avish: Yeah I got a page with some information that was for people who want to be affiliates. I am going to send that out.

Fred: Let’s see it lets see where that is?

Avish: Yeah I’ve got to find the exact links.

Fred: Okay as you are looking for that. So Avish put up a page for Click Bank we’ll call it CB. And this is to solicit others to help sell the program. As soon as you’ve got it let me know.

Avish: Yeah I’ve put in in the chat box do you see it?

Fred: Okay, huh, didn’t come through. Oh did you put it in the chat or in the question?

Avish: In the chat.

Fred: In the chat. Well, okay I see I wasn’t even aware that there was a chat box, okay so let’s do this. Should be down a little bit, whoops! Oh I shouldn’t have done that because I have my screen sized. So this is and for all of you who are, you can see my screen right Avish?

Avish: Yeah.

Fred: So it is, let me just copy that. And let me make this a little bit bigger. So there it is it’s basically And tell people what this is Avish?

Avish: This is a page set up specifically for the Click Bank affiliate programs. So if you scroll down its step by step so we have a 7 part audio series recorded earlier this year. Which was an interview with several different experts including Fred and myself. And recently we got it up on Click Bank so the way you really make money on Click Bank. One of the big ways is people can resell your product as affiliates. So to promote that and to make other people’s lives easier. We wanted to sell our stuff we created this page which right now is just a way to drive. People who already know our stuff to say. “Look you can make 75% commission per sale and its available at Click Bank and this is how you do it.” And also getting people to sign up because if someone signs up as a Click Bank affiliate. We don’t have any other contact info.

So we want to get people signed up and the benefit there. To them is that I just want to get this up and going. So what we are going to do is create resources for people as well. So graphical banner poster ads that they can post onsite and things like that. Pre-written emails that they can maybe just send out to the list if they want. The resources that they can use to help sell our stuff. Trying to leverage the power of other people marketing for us.

Fred: Got it, now one of the things that people might be asking is. “Why the heck would we sell it and give away 75% commission?”

Avish: I can only think of 2 reasons its number one is 25% motivation in something for us is better than 100% of nothing right. And the second is that this is not the only source of potential revenue our side has. So by giving away that much we’re encouraging other people to sell it. Now they are in our funnel the people who are buying the product. So we are essentially getting paid for leads. In the end they’ll end up paying us and we can sell them the coaching, the seminars. All those products down the road.

Fred: Yeap. And again I think this is a, and I think you noticed it too. A typo in here or something.

Avish: Well the easiest per sale based on the second one in the middle of the page.

Fred: Got you. The other thing that Im always. Is there something that you can control? Can you make it so that the amount of letters the amount of words online. This looks like it’s sort of a [Unclear] [0:29:11.5] or is that a function of the browser.

Avish: I could possibly put in some brakes and force it certainly.

Fred: Because I would put instead of the dash I would put 3 dots. [Unclear] [0:29:26.8] and then put and 75% commission and maybe put that in bold. 75% commission per sale. I might have this here this go to the next line.

Avish: Yeah that should be easy enough to do.

Fred: So yeah try that but I mean I think this is a great place to start. And so have we had any and is this up and running yet or not?

Avish: Its up and running but I haven’t sent anyone to it. So an easy [Unclear] [0:29:53.9] is going. Send an email out to the list tomorrow which will announce this. And see what kind of results that starts to generate.

Fred: Yeah and if anybody is on this call and on the Webinar. That wants to do this what special offer do we have for them Avish?

Avish: That’s a good question…

Fred: Yeah get to that thing. Basically those of you that haven’t participated in the Click Bank process before. Like I am doing some consulting work for them. And more and more I am liking who they are and what they are about and how they do their business. And so I would encourage you it makes it super-easy too. Because you don’t have to have Merchants accounts and everything like that. So the whole thing is automated for you. So if I go on now if I go to Click Bank will I find our product listed?

Avish: It should be there I mean we have checked it before so.

Fred: Let’s just see here. We are just going to go to promote products. And we will act like I am coming from the outside. And so if I am looking what should I put in the search box? Speaking?

Avish: I mean if you want to make sure you’ll find put in speaking expert. You know we are still in the category of…Oh yeah and you’ve got to that search is different, go to Market place. [Unclear] [0:31:16.8].

Fred: Again some of the stuff.

Avish: Something to add to your notes.

Fred: No. Yeah.

Avish: Put it in there.

Fred: Make sure to remind me. Yeah remind me with an email because that’s something Im going over with them. So here it is, so this is Speaking Expert Audio Series.

Avish: Yeah.

Fred: Okay so there it is. Theres quite a few public speaking ones here. Yeap Im looking at the gravity index on this. So there you have it and it would be something easy to do. So if I wanted to promote this all I would do is click here right. And it gives me there you go and it’s as easy as that. It’s a hop link which is basically and affiliate link. There you go anything else Avish to add to that.

Avish: Ahh no that’s the basic gist of it so Im curious to see who if anyone responds to this. And according this analytics we had [Unclear] [0:32:36.3] sells yet. And Im hoping that by having a little more people who are familiar with it. With us with bring a little more weight and recommendations and sales.

Fred: That would be good and what is the price point for the product?

Avish: I believe it is $97.

Fred: $97 and they are getting 75% right?

Avish: Yeah.

Fred: So they are getting over $75 a sale, good deal. Yeah I like that. By the way I was talking and don’t think it was telling anything that I shouldn’t be sharing. But the best price point for Click Bank seems to be right around the $50 something like $47. So if you are selling a product on, so we may want to look at a way to try to do something. And calling it something slightly different. Maybe we do the strip the strip down, how many components; there are 7 components of our program right?

Avish: Yeah 7 components.

Fred: So 7 pieces so maybe that’s for the full version that’s $97. And then maybe what we do is we have 3 parts for $47 and then you use the other 4 parts as an upsell.

Avish: Mmm…

Fred: Because I know that this is the sweet spot here. So Im just trying to think if we could find a way to get that into the $47 price point. Then we can use everything else we have. There is a comment I guess from Cam that says “Kindle prices seem high.” I covered that a while back so I assume that she was referring to the $997. In the case of a very very specific let’s just look at that because that’s sort of worth looking at. Now let’s just take a look at KDP and Well it’s good let’s go to Amazon and search for we are on books here. Sell your brain follow my book here. So if you want to buy the physical version of my book there is your price its $1995 in physical book form and $499 in Kindle form.

I think now, so why would I suggest that Bill Louis do something different? Because Bill Louis is in a bad, again Im suggesting that the good place to start is the $995 and $997. I wouldn’t go outside the $995 and the $997 price point only because of the commission. That Amazon gives you you’re maximizing your commission. Assuming that you’ve got an equal amount of sales. If you’re just under $10 because you could still get your 70% of that piece through Amazon. So the sweet spot for Amazon is somewhere between $299 and $999. But again I did mine at $499 because there seem to be sufficient [Unclear] [0:36:05.7]. The reason why I am saying Bill should start at $997 or $995 whatever it is. Is because I think that his market is so narrow and so targeted. And the other thing I think we did was we looked at let me just go there and show people this. Was that your cat?

Avish: Yeah Amanda’s cat is sitting behind me.

Fred: Oh do you have a cat, that’s Amanda’s.

Avish: Yeah she brought 2 cats when she moved.

Fred: Cool okay I didn’t know that. So you’ve got a voice over here you’ll notice voice over this is the most popular one, $1779. Kindle edition $1482, frankly I just don’t think that this is sensible. I really don’t it doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would you only give people I think that the minimum discount of the Kindle. As compared to your physical book should be at least 50% off. I think the publishers have to be wrong I mean how many times do we see we’ve had this discussion before. You go find I’ll give you a perfect, I don’t think I maybe I did look at this. A traditional publisher like Bill O’reily’s [Unclear] [0:37:23.7] so let’s see there you go. Oh yeah so you can get the actual book for $1675 or the Kindle book for $13. You know what you’re not going to induce me to buy with that smaller variation.

And certainly the publishers if they had their act together would realize. That you are making a whole boatload of money on the Kindle edition. Let’s see here he’s got this, look at this so his “Lincoln’s last days” this is for kids $1169 or $10. You can save $1.70 I mean it just makes no sense to me. So if we go back here and let’s look at the voice. Oh there it is, Im sorry. So the voice over stuff again Im suggesting that Bill Louis prices at $1995 for the physical book. Or $995 at least start there you’ll may go down to $777. Im not sold on having it to be there but let’s test it there. And this is something that the folks in Amazon that the Kindle group never got back to me on. Where if you’ll agree to, now here’s one look at this, theres money where your mouth is. A complete insider’s guide theres the Kindle edition just 99cents.

My suspicion is this isn’t selling a lot if he went that low. Kindle edition here from $578 that’s good this one $1357 and 0 interesting that’s [Unclear] [0:38:49.8]. But you want to research your competition okay. Voice over voice actor, what’sit like behind the mic? Sixteen customer reviews wow look at this is a lot of reviews for this one. So you need to go ahead and check out what your competition is doing and look at it. But again for our purposes I think the pricing being somewhere in the neighborhood of between. You know somewhere at I think you start at $20 for the physical book depending on how long it is. Oh by the way speaking of books oh my God, Avish I don’t want to say the name of the person this is. But I will allude to it and you will know who it is and just because I don’t want to embarrass that person.

In case they ever get on the recording of this Webinar. I don’t see them on the Webinar now but I just want to give people a cautionary tale. In the group that Avish, Bill and myself were working on there was a person that you will know. Who was working on a project and she was finishing up the writing of a book. She’s a New York City person so Avish you probably have enough information to know who Im talking about.

Avish: Yeah I think so.

Fred: So what happened was just yesterday in the mail I got a copy of her book. Now her target audience is executives I won’t say in what field exactly but these are executives. Avish if I showed you this book, oh my God!

Avish: Really.

Fred: It looks everything is you know the cover looks pretty nice and whatever. The problem is the back cover and the inside type size that was chosen. And the letting in between the lines it looks like a children’s book. And to me this is a credibility killer not a credibility enhancer. So my point is that here is the dilemma, you’re writing a book or you’re going to get a book transcribed. You are going to get an audio program transcribed and turn it into a book. But you say to yourself “oh well this really isn’t a lot of material. I’d like to make the book thicker what Im going to do is increase the size of the type.” No, no, no do not do that I would rather have you if you want to do anything. You know maybe make it a smaller book, smaller in terms of the actual physical overall size. But do not increase the size of your type so that you have 150 pages. Because it literally, it kills your credibility rather than enhances it. So if I sent you this book Avish you would just be appalled.

Avish: Wow!

Fred: And I would never ever buy someone something from someone who had a book like this. Because I would think that they were not savvy. Because it literally would hurt rather than help their reputation. So if you have, let’s just take the and I told this to Bill as well. Bill Louis and I sat down and did this interview because we were trying to knock out this book as quickly as possible. So now in addition to transcribing the audio. We are going to add other sort of addendums and whatever so that’s say is a few more pages. But let’s just say that we only end up with 85 or 90 pages. I am not going to expand the size of the type in order to make it look like we have more substance to the book. So that when you get it in the mail it’s fatter. No but we have the cover design so the spine will be a little bit thinner and we go from there.

So it’s just a matter of we don’t want to try to make something out of nothing. We don’t want to make it look like there is more than there actually is. The answer is well when somebody says how long it should be? It should be as long as it needs to be to get it done and get it done in an efficient fashion. Because frankly and I remember telling this story about the Late Cory Rudel who was an Internet Marketing guy. And Cory used to sell this package and I remember either I got a copy or he gave me a copy. It was about $700 and it came in the mailand it weighed 4 and a half pounds. It was like 6 big manuals and after getting it my first thought was. “You know what dude I would have paid twice as much money for you to give me an 100 page manual. Rather than all this additional crap!”

People are not, you know the value equation says it’s not how much it weighs when we put it on the scale. Its how much value do I get out of it if I follow the advice that you give me? And is that advice easy to follow, can I get through it? And the answer is not with 700, 800 and 900 pages in that Cory Rudel manual. It was monstrous and it just didn’t make any sense. Any thoughts on that Avish?

Avish: Yeah I agree theres I think you can market it any way. Theres that fun factor I guess where you feel like “wow Im getting a lot.” But if you never use them, well you can always market. [Unclear] [0:44:21.1] you know you could try pad it out into just direct information, what not.

Fred: Yeah I agree. And so that’s anyway we are getting sort of close to the time. Does anybody have any questions on anything that we have talked about? Let me see a few items here, let’s see. Yeah one of the comments is that this is that there are some people that you are mentioning Pam. Im not fans of so I won’t repeat their names just be careful that’s all that I can say. A book should look like a real book it shouldn’t look like a children’s book if you’re going to use it as a promotional item. Let’s just go for a second back to mine here. Your brain, so if we go to my book here and we look at it. Woops let me just put this in here, look inside. Okay it’s tough to see it but I’ve got to keep this size but just in terms of the size and the type.

Oh by the way that’s an important item right here. If you go to Kindle take a look at what I do before the first page of my book even starts. So here’s your free offer, that’s a physical face of the book. Get your free educational marketing course why, because if I sell a book on the Kindle store. Or a free book from Amazon Kindle I don’t know who those customers are. So we’ve got to give them some sort of a seductive offer that brings them back. So I give them this link and I capture their information. So I would take a look at this as an example the point is if you look at the type. This is like normal type this is not like oversize type to make it like look like you know. This is the right way to do this, trust me. And now the other thing that I do differently and by the way do I have another review here.

Let me see if theres anything else. Yeah theres good stuff in here so I mean by the way I actually think. I’d like to get if I got 20 more 5 star reviews I’d like to get a couple more 3 and 2 stars too. Again because it doesn’t look as credible when you have a lop sided. But 10:1 ratio is nice for the, to do. Any other questions let me see here. David says what is a good source for editing one’s books? David that’s a good question and the best source is a spouse or relative. Who is good and will do it for free. But other than that you can get people to edit. And I have a woman that I recommend her name is Jill Townsend. Do you remember what her email address is Avish? Do you know Jill’s?

Avish: No I don’t really know her.

Fred: I think this might be, check that out but Jill Townsend. You know that the way that we could find it out is we could go to how to choose to write-a-great- Or is it just I forgot. Yeap it is “write a great” She does a lot of writing of just biographies so get in touch with Jill at this address here. And tell her I sent you and this will give you; she’s a good person to go to. If you wanted to I guess you could go to Elance or even on Graig’s List. On Graig’s List you can find some amazing things really really cheap. So David try that. Let’s see, Eileen says she is an editor as well, Eileen why don’t you send me what’s your site address? So I could take a look at that and send people to it. Eileen if you get me that I will put it up here. So just put another little comment in the questions box.

You know Eileen I am waiting for you to put that up? Put in your URL and I will put it up, I am giving you to the count of 5. 1, 2, 3 there it is, you know Eileen I’ve got a question for you. “People can find you on LinkedIn,” I want a website I can’t do that. I’ve got to have a website because if not it begs the question, why not? So you need to put together a website as soon as you do I’ll be happy to put it up. But you can’t just say to people “You can find me on LinkedIn.” No plus you’ve got a weird spelling of your last name like I do. And so you’ve got to have something specifically related to like you know to what you’re doing. Like go reserve on off course not on cheap domains. Web name like “I edit your” or something like that.

So the next time you come on I’ll be happy to promote it if you have a website. Because going through LinkedIn is too convoluted I want to find out who you are. What you do, I don’t want to have to go to a separate site. That’s not connected specifically to you because again that’s a credibility killer. Here is Jill and so if I am competing and just think about this. If you’re competing against Jill who has this great site “write a great” And this is all of a sudden and you have a LinkedIn link for, you can’t win against someone like her. Because she’s got you out-gunned because she’s got her own site. So if you want to and again you can put up sites super-quick, super-easy. I know you don’t have a site it’s under construction Eileen get it done. The company name that’s great but where’s the site?

I got to tell you I’ve got to burst you on this because you can’t run a business. That has an online component without a website. So as soon as you get it done I’ll be happy to do that but you can’t just say. “Find me on LinkedIn, find me on Twitter.” You have to have more credibility. So make sure you do that and so we will be happy to promote it. So there we have it at about 50 minutes the bell has rang. The college class is officially over and we’ll see everybody same week, same time, same channel.

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