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Weekly Webinar – February 16, 2011 (with Transcription)

Male: …well yeah that’s what $1000 will do for you.

Fred: Okay, here we go. Getting started.

Male: Avish! Avish.

Fred: Avish is here, welcome, how are you? To everybody who’s just on the call. Thank you very much for being here. This is my regular Wednesday afternoon JV Partner Webinar that all of you have been invited to sit in on. And whoever is moving a mic we can hear ya.

Male: (laughs) Sorry.

Fred: Loud and clear. And so this, the purpose of this event, as is always the case, every Wednesday, is to get you familiar with what we’re, what I’m doing with my JV partners and hopefully some of that information will be valuable to the rest of you. And, so let’s just go around the horn. I’ve got some exciting new stuff to release that I’ve been waiting on. And today was almost the day. I thought it was going to be the day, but as is often the case. Let me just quickly say hello to everyone.

Avish? You can here me yes?

Avish: I can here you.

Fred: Good and, let’s see Bill Dewees , you are there, yes?

Bill D: Hello friend.

Fred: Bill O’Hanlon is there, yes?

Bill O: Yes, just for a few minutes. I’m in the middle of a virtual conference I’m hosting. Co-hosting on spirituality and therapy and I just got a quick break so I thought I’d jump on for a couple of minutes.

Fred: Sounds great, now Bill, do you – can you see my screen?

Bill O: Yeah, I can see your screen, yeah.

Fred: Okay, just checking. So what I’m going to do here, we’re actually going to put up, here’s what I’ve asked Stanley to do is to take the template Bill that you and I have used here and to create sort of a standard template that all of the protégé’s and everyone else and I can use myself because I came up with an idea.

Bill O: That sounds like a Coachee instead of a Freddy

Fred: Yeah exactly. So Stanley is going to come up with another iteration of a template for this and so we’re going to be doing that as well. So they’ll be a lot of different things but this template and if you guys go here, anybody who’s on the call who’s not a partner/protégé you can look through this and it will be sort of helpful for you because it gives you sort of the steps.

So what I’ve been doing and I think I told this to, I forget who I told it to but anyway here were the steps that I came up with and the point of this particular site and again were looking at and the process. If you come up with an introduction then you come up with main point 1, main point 2, main point 3 and then a conclusion and here is what I’m suggesting everyone does. Now each of these you know running anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes again depending on your content and how long it is and each of these is the same here and same here. I said introduction meaning you know anywhere from 2 to 3 minutes and now I forget, Avish did I send you this or did I send it to Bill Dewees? Bill did you get something from me like summarizing all this stuff?

Bill D: No

Fred: You didn’t, okay.

Bill D: Yeah I don’t recall getting that.

Fred: Actually Bill I think, Bill Dewees I did send you something that related to this that had to do with the different

Bill D: I know we talked about it before

Fred: I’m sorry?

Bill D: I said I know we’ve talked about it before

Fred: Well boy I think I sent something

Bill D: Well you may have, I’ll look back in my folder.

Fred: Yeah, well here’s what it is, the idea here is and let me just, what were doing is we’re trying to make some kind of a little bit of a standard approach. In Bill Dewees’s case he’s gotten three offerings right so when it comes down to the conclusion you know Bill is going to be offering people either the $2500.00, the 5k or the 10k package. He’s going to do that in his conclusion and by conclusion I really mean you know what’s the offer, you know, and what are you offering. And so the introduction and maybe I was suggesting this to Burke as well whom I don’t know, he’s not on the call, so and he may be arriving as we speak. So the introduction I would have an actual, sort of an actual video and then the conclusion I would maybe do a combination. Now the main points in here, we, you know the way Bill O’Hanlon did it on you know Bill is to put up almost essentially a power point or a keynote presentation and so, but I think it’s important if were trying to sell something because eventually at voice over training, which is by the way right here, I’ll bring that up, we are going to have people be able to sign up for three possible events. Now in the initial video I would think its important actual being on camera so that Bill your going to be you know on camera introducing what all this is.

Bill D: Okay

Fred: Now your main points are and in your case let’s just come up with them here on the fly. If we had 5 main points because what were trying to do here is we’re trying to communicate at this point were going to communicate content to people. So if we were to give them three main points as it relates to voice over work and what we want to communicate to them that would sufficiently to entice them to want to consider one of the more expensive programs Bill Dewees what would that be? What would give you three important things?

Bill D: I would certainly talk about the business building marketing side which is a key component.

Fred: So the business of BO, okay. Point number 2 would be what?

Bill D: Talking about the technical aspects specifically home studio.

Fred: Okay tech aspects home studio, okay the third point perhaps.

Bill D: Yeah the third point would be just to perform actually read a script.

Fred: Yep how to read a script, how to perform. Okay so those are great. So now here’s what I would suggest to do, so what, first off the reason why were doing this is to set it up so that when people come to the site my goal was to, you know, I know often times whether it’s JV partners or anyone else who’s attempting to do information marketing the biggest frustration is I need to generate some money and I need to generate it now. So what we try, what I try to do is figure out for Bill Dewees what was the fastest way for us to generate money. Now if we could get people to sign up and show up at his place to learn how to do what he does for either 3 days, 2 days or 1 day that is going to be immediate money that’s going to come in and it’s going to be clean and easy to do. So my thought was if we could put together a video that basically this video is talking about you know Bill’s three options and so that’s what this is all about. It’s all about telling people what are Bill’s three options for coaching.

And now so number one, now at the end of this, at the conclusion your going to show people, you know, what, and that’s why I asked you to put together that list Bill, what do you get.

Bill D: Right

Fred: So what do you get for each and then what is the call to action here? The call to action is what?

Bill D: Well I’m assuming you mean by that that they need to call or email right to book there time?

Fred: You’ve got it. Call Bill because when it comes to getting people to plunk down $2500.00, $5000.00, $10,000.00 I think it’s highly unlikely that anybody’s going to put in there credit card giving you the money without talking to you first. So the call to action and by the way this entire process broken up into 5 steps, introduction, 3 points and a conclusion, comes out to around an hour or about. You know again nothing, it doesn’t have to be exact but somewhere around there. 2 to 3 minute intro and at the end here the conclusion is going to be discussing okay so here are your options, if your going to work with me I’ve got three things and then your going to list all those things and in that case this conclusion might be done in a combination and this is how I see it, a combination on camera and bullet points, you know, to the side. So the way that I would envision it is if you’ve got, let’s say you had a full page here like this, if your looking at the now what you might want to sort of create Bill is you talking on camera, in this case it’s taking up like 2/3 of the screen compared to the opt in box here and I would say that it might be better to do it in the reverse fashion. So if you could picture the drop in box has been moved to where your video is here, this video and vice versa you would be talking in a smaller sized box of about 1/3 of the size and all of the bullet points for each of these programs would be coming in on a screen about this size, PowerPoint style or keynote style. Does that make sense?

Bill D: Oh okay so in other words they’ll still see me on video but at the same time we’ll be like the PowerPoint presentation?

Fred: Yes

Bill D: Illustrating what….oh okay

Fred: See the reason for that is this, I think that both in the introduction and in the conclusion it might be a wise idea to actually see you and know your for real because I mean I want to actually see you as your demonstrating. So you could actually point over to your bullet points if we were doing it over here and you know again this would be reversed where this would be about this size and this would be this size. So now you’d be pointing and you just say, “Well if you take, look over here on your left” or “on your right” whatever it would be I can always screw that up, “I’m going to give you some of the points and you can see if you were to come to my 5 person $2500.00 one day event here’s what your going to get. Your going to get this, this, this and this. Now if you opt for the 2 day more personalized event it’s, you know, it’s a $5000.00 commitment, maximum 3 people its 2 days and here are some of the additional things you’re going to get. Now for the last program, the $10,000.00 program your going to get this, this, this and this in addition to what you would get at the 5k program and by doing that” and then you say to people, “So what do you do now? If you’re interested in either, any of these programs just pick up the phone and call me. Here’s my number. I look forward to talking with you to find out whether or not this is right for you.” So that conclusion and you know again for that given all the bullet points you might have to put in there, who knows, that conclusion might be anywhere, I’m guessing for between 7 to 10 minutes.

Bill D: Okay

Fred: And so I think that this gives you, are you understanding? Does this make sense Bill?

Bill D: Yeah it sure does.

Fred: And so what I’d like you to do is and if you don’t know how to do this yet maybe you should, you know, take a look at or learn how to do this, you can split the screen in such a way that you record a video that goes here on this side taking up say 2/3, you know, the video taking up 1/3 and the PowerPoint taking up a 1/3. Now Bill O’Hanlon whose done a lot of work in PowerPoint verily easy to do right, we can just record a screen flow video or record anything, an iMovie and then put it on part of the screen and then put the PowerPoint on the other part, right Bill.

Bill O: Yeah that’s a doable thing and you know Fred and I did it backwards, we recorded the audio. It’s much easier if you have the slides and you just do a voice narration over it actually.

Fred: Yeah, well the thing about it actually is I don’t just want a voice narration, I want

Bill O: Oh you want the video next to it?

Fred: Yeah, I want to have a video next to it and I think that

Bill O: Yeah but you know yeah it is you just have to take a little time to coordinate it. The timing is challenging let’s just say that.

Fred: But it’s doable.

Bill O: Yeah it’s doable and you can do a picture in picture in iMovie if you want to do it that way or you know you can do it in PowerPoint. Yeah it’s doable and you can do it in keynote.

Fred: Yeah so, I mean, for a trained professional like Bill Dewees this will be easy.

Bill D: Yeah, you’re really stretching me on this one Fred. But we’ll get it done.

Fred: Yeah but you know what my whole point is done is better then perfect. My suggestion is Bill here’s your homework assignment, sometime before the end of this weekend slap something together, I don’t care if it’s crappy, let’s just get something there as a starting point and then we could say, “hey you know what maybe we could make it a little bit better here” and I want everyone you know whose a JV Partner or anyone else for that matter to give Bill some comments because I don’t really care, you’ve, I have seen people close people on much more expensive programs with crappier videos and stuff that your going to do Bill, trust me.

Bill D: Okay

Fred: So get it done is rule #1 here. So let’s get it done. So if you can keep this, any comments, thoughts on that?

Bill D: No that does make sense and if I’m jumping ahead here to something just you can pull me back but within the call to action should I create some sort of deadline or the idea of qualifying and all of that?

Fred: Here’s my thought, I would say that the next ones are coming up within the next 30 – 60 days, you know, give me a call to discuss this. I think that creating, I mean it’s always important, just say our guess is they will fill up quickly because we’d be lying with the first ones to say we know they feel up quickly. So let’s just be truthful with people and say, “Hey if any of this appeals to you give me a holler”. And in terms of the dates what you may want to do though is to block some dates off on the calendar for each of these events and again this one, the $2500.00 is the one day, you know, the 5k is the 2 day and just, you know, you may want to have those and the 10k is the 3 day but that’s only 1 person. But I’m just saying let it be our biggest problem you know that we don’t get this quite right. Let’s get it, let’s get it online and get it up and let’s see whether or not we can gain some traction. But obviously once this is up here our big challenge is still you know getting visitors but I’d like to see that at least up and running. Does anybody else have any other comments on that?

Dave: Fred this is Dave, just want to throw it out to Bill that I do this kind of stuff, the picture, the little, you know, the personal face over a PowerPoint or screen capture on screen flow, I do it all the time and I can, I’d be happy to give you some tips or show you have to do it when, you know, when you get to it.

Bill D: Cool thanks Dave

Fred: Dave let me just ask you and Dave Hamilton by the way will be at the, flying out to Vegas tomorrow to hang out for a few days here, Dave what I’m describing is, did you hear it earlier where I said, “Take up about 1/3 of the screen with a video and 2/3 of the screen with some kind of keynote or PowerPoint presentation”?

Dave: Yeah, well with screen flow it’s almost, you’re dragging and drop your video. It’s really, really easy to do. It’s like you drag the video, you stretch it down or stretch it out.

Fred: Yep, I, you know what, I’m in the middle of recording this right now or I would demonstrate it to you but he’s right which is when your recording in screen flow and by the way Bill Dewees do you have screen flow?

Bill D: Yes I do

Fred: Okay, so when your recording in screen flow there’s actually a setting that allows you to turn on the iSight camera and for those of you folks who aren’t Mac people I have no idea what you should do but for the Mac folks in Screenflow it allows you to be recording the video while you are going through some other functions. So again Dave why don’t you tell him a little bit, just explain to all of us exactly how this would work. Would you be recording the video off the iSight camera and then creating a keynote presentation on the side? How would you do it?

Dave: It’s exactly that. You’d start, you either record a PowerPoint or just a screen capture and let’s just say for simplicity we’re recording the screen capture where your moving your mouse around, you would just click on, you would also want to record your camera and your microphone and while Bill I’m sure you have a USB microphone or something like that you could just use the camera and mic on your Mac and you just start recording and start talking and when it’s all said and done there will be 3 tracks, there would be your audio, the screen capture and the video coming from your camera on your laptop. And then you can just go in on a timeline and say okay at the beginning I want my picture to be really big so you stretch it really big and then as you start going through your presentation you maybe shrink it down to the bottom corner of your windows so they can see more of your screen and then when you wrap it up then you stretch out your video of your face a little bit more and when you render it it will be, it will just be very, very fluid, your video will just shrink down and then come back up and you can move it around like that.

Bill D: Okay

Fred: Yeah you know it’s, the beauty about screen flow is basically you can be recording anything on the screen the same time you’re recording you talking, talking right to the camera that’s built into the computer. So it makes it, you could do this in a couple other different ways and I’m sure you know we could come up with those but the simplest and easiest way, Dave here is my question for you Dave Hamilton; what is the quality going to look like after this is done? Now if you look at the screen that we have in front of us right now voice over training and Bill’s, I caught him right as he was beginning this video, are we going to get pretty decent quality for this?

Dave: No you’re going to get awesome quality. Well let me ask you, well I’m trying to think if I, I want to show you one of mine.

Fred: Okay well why don’t I give you the screen, why don’t I do that.

Dave: Well actually keep talking. I’m going to go on the Web and find one where I’ve done this.

Fred: Okay and so let’s go back to content for a second while your looking for that Dave.

Dave: Okay

Fred: So this is going to hold true and I see that, you know, Avish you’re on the call and Jason as well, let me just address this. Again if were trying to find a way to generate revenue quickly I sort of like this whole concept of you know the intro video, the three main points and then the conclusion which gives people the different options. Now as far as I’m concerned we can use this for anything and in the case of the program that Jason and I are working on right now it would come down to basically sort of two options and that’s, it’s just something that allows people to find out, okay here’s what I’m doing, here’s the things.

Now Avish in our case what we would probably be doing is getting people into a program like we said before there would be two options. For those of you, Avish of course is my JV partner is the speaking expert site and so here what we’ve decided between us and we’d like your feedback on this, that for speaker we’ve really got sort of two options as it turns out. And one is to concentrate on speaking skills and the other one is to concentrate on speaking business. Avish are you in agreement with that?

Avish: Yeah absolutely

Fred: Okay so now does anybody, so what were trying to do is were trying to get people who are either aspiring or existing speakers to join us for a program that either teaches them how to improve there speaking skills, teaches them how to improve there speaking business, the business side or both. So what were going to have is sort of two separate, it’s almost like two tracks of a seminar or at a convention. One track is speaking skills the other track is speaking business and/or you can get both. So what were thinking of is something where people would pay, you know, something like $300.00 a month for this and this one same $300.00 a month and what were trying to do is then and then we would say or both for you know $500.00. Whatever the numbers are this is the concept and the speaking skills class, you know, and maybe that meets 3 times a month, every 10 days, maybe this one the same and so what we would then do is okay if you want 1 of these it’s $300.00, whatever the price is for x dollars or both for that amount. Now does anybody have any comments on that?

Bill: That was good. The only other question I might have is you do one for beginners and one for people that are already making money doing it professionally and helping them expand internationally, nationally, raise there rates, raise there game and be better speakers; but I think some people would say I don’t want to go in here and you know if I’ve already been doing it, I don’t want to go in here with all these people who don’t even know how to get a job, you know, I get jobs.

Fred: Avish, good point Bill, Avish what do you think?

Avish: No I think that’s, absolutely on the business side, probably on the speaking skill side as well. I think that’s a good way of separating it and you might even be able to change what you charge for advanced speakers too.

Fred: I would agree. Bill I think that’s a good point because again I would hate to be in a session where were talking about ridiculous, what I would consider to be dumb stupid stuff when I should be talking about things that are a lot more advanced yeah.

Avish: Well especially if were setting up coaching thing where you and Bill are where people are going to be, where half the benefit is the interaction between the people. You want people to be at a kind of similar level I would think.

Fred: Yep, Bill do you agree?

Bill: Yeah and I think the only other thing to is that you might have a specialty in corporate training because I do almost no corporate training, I do almost always other kind of training for the general public or for professionals and maybe I’m a speaker who’s doing well in that area and I want to move over to corporate land. So I don’t know how this, how many of these distinctions you want to make but I, you know, that would grab me in a general speaking skills and the business thing wouldn’t grab me.

Fred: Oh by the way speaking of that and that’s a very good point also, I just wanted to highlight Avish’s who was almost going to say something Avish as an F with a starting word but Avish’s girlfriend but it’s an inside joke, but Avish do me a favor, could you pop the link into the questions area for the You Tube because I don’t have it on this screen?

Avish: Yeah let me, Stanley said he put it up on if you just want to grab it there.

Fred: Oh wait yeah; yeah I’m sorry you’re right, sorry. Let me do that. I think he’s already got it up there. Now let me just highlight what happened here is this is, this is what Amanda, Avish’s girlfriend did for us here and let me just see video demo. I want to show you what she did here which came out pretty darn good. And this is thanks to her brilliant editing. So can everybody see this by the way?

Male: Yep

Male: Yep

Video: This is a story of hot Texas. In Texas there lived a man named John and he, there lived a girl named Sally. And Sally wanted to be a cowboy but unfortunately back in the day women were not allowed to be cowboys. (ding!) . Unfortunately back…

Fred: So this goes on, I just wanted to show you, what happens is it was really well edited and we threw in what I was trying to get across to people and let me sort of start it again here because I think it’s important to see this.

Video: Out of the houses. And unfortunately back in the day women were always pregnant because they like them bigger in Texas. So we will show you how in fact Improv comedy can be used to help you do those presentations and make them more effective. (Music) Life isn’t scripted and I know how much you want it to be with your presentations and your brochures and you know what you want to say. Life is the ultimate improvisation. (Music)

Fred: Now I’m going to stop that just to say that one of the things that we did here, not we did but Avish and Amanda did that was really good here is the speaking demo that your seeing here was trying to, basically what Avish and I do, have done and will continue to do in the future up on stage is using, you know, using improv, you know, improv to improve you know fill in the blank. So were trying to find a way to have this so some corporate person will watch this video and say, “oh we could use Avish and Fred to help us with leadership, with customer service, you know, with sales, with innovation okay that’s even another one, but we’re trying to put as many categories as possible because basically we can do that. So Avish why don’t you tell people who are listening on the call, both the JV partners and others, why this is so important in a video demo.

Avish: Well because you want the person who’s watching the video, you want to let them know how they can use you because they might see it and be like, “Well this sounds fun but I have no idea how that flies”. So you have to connect the dots of course is what you have to say. Especially with the improv it’s a little different out there you have to let them know how here’s where and how you can use this stuff.

Fred: Yep I agree. Whoops I screwed something up here, sorry. I put the volume down to zero but keep talking Avish. So what he did was notice one of the things was he cut to the audience to show that we were in front of a large group. He’s dropping in as he did here all of the different things that we can do this for, sales, customer service, negotiation, teamwork, leadership. There’s not a whole lot more left if you think about it and what happens is

Avish: And there’s a second similar montage where I think we drop in all kinds of uses

Fred: Yeah here you go, listen. So watch this. When it comes up here it says, “High energy, hilarious presentation that are perfect for you know conferences, perfect for retreats, perfect for sales meetings. Like it’s basically perfect for anything. Just give us money we’ll make it perfect. That’s the basic bottom line, right Avish?

Avish: Yeah it’s tough though because like you said you want to create that essence without coming across like a jack of all trades.

Fred: Yeah, yep and I think that really though when it comes down to it guys when you think about it in our case here when were doing the corporate gig and by the way we just, you know, luckily we got booked again we’re speaking March 17th in Philadelphia of course it’s great for Avish because he barely has to roll out of bed to get to the venue.

Avish: It’s perfect.

Fred: So it’s one of these things where were trying to, were trying to make sure that we have universal enough appeal but I think that for the most part people are booking us because they want something fun and interesting that also has content which again I think that’s, you know, what our play is here and like I told Avish the last time we spoke when we speak to these groups and I’m sure that all of you guys who are on this call are going to have the opportunity to do this, there were two goals. We only had two goals at the first presentation we did for this company.

1. To make them think we did a, you know, we did a great job
2. And to set it up for more business.

Those were the two goals. So now every time we do another speaker engagement those are still our two goals and luckily this goes around, catch this guys, we’re speaking to the human resources department. Now if you know corporations if they like you there going to recommend and approve anyone who wants to use you as a speaker which is nuts. Any other thoughts on that Avish?

Avish: No I think you covered it all there.

Fred: Okay. Anybody else have any questions, thoughts, ideas now again relating to this or something else we can talk about more. I just wanted to throw in what Avish is doing here?

Bill: Hey Fred I’m just curious do you guys sell product there as well?

Fred: It’s a good question and the answer is usually when you have a corporate event corporate equals no product.

Bill: Oh okay

Fred: Now what are, what is, what did we sell, what did we sell is repeat engagements, that’s what we were selling. So were getting paid like for ½ day, this one coming up were going to get paid $7500.00 to spend like 90 or like 3 hours plus expenses. So now that’s nice and I mean what were selling is so that the next gig. All were doing is were trying to make them go away going:

1. Man you guys are great
2. Who else can use these guys within the organization?

So in essence our product that were selling at the event is our ability to come back and do it again for a different segment of the group. Does that make sense? So Bill that answers the question right?

Bill: Yes, thank you

Fred: Cool. So Jason are you there?

Jason: I’m here.

Fred: Cool, Jason I don’t think, are we really ready, should we start talking about anything yet or not?

Jason: I just sent you an email of some of the rough copy but maybe we could just allow everybody to finish they page and know its coming.

Fred: Okay, so

Jason: I’ll leave it up to you.

Fred; So Jason and Fred have a huge launch coming up shortly that will astonish and amaze you because I had nothing to do with it and really it’s the result of a JV between you know between Jason, myself and some tech gurus and what this is going to mean is all I can say is that we are going to make it extremely easy for people in any area of information marketing to get access to there customers. So this is coming up and Jason I don’t know by, well you know and I think that Stanley is probably on the call, what were going to be doing is were going to have Stanley, the problem, and we can talk about the issue and the problem which is technical people, you know, sales is not there strength, that’s not what they do. So what were working on right now, the technical side of this, Jason correct me if I’m wrong, is basically complete, correct?

Jason: Yeah correct

Fred: Okay so the technical side is completed but what we need to do and this is all were waiting to do is design a great landing page for this.

Jason: Hey Fred I just send some copy over to you but I’m going to go ahead and send that to Stanley if that’s okay.

Fred: yeah and just tell him I don’t know if you remember the URL we’re using for that but I just registered it and you may want to remind Stanley that’s the, do you remember the one I sent you?

Jason: No I completely forgot and it makes me feel funny to talk so cryptically right now.

Fred: I know, it sounds like we have some; we have the Manhattan Project that we’re developing. Yeah sorry I don’t mean to be too coy guys but here’s the deal, we do have something that’s really, really cool and we thought it was done and ready and it is but the problem is the sale side and the landing page isn’t ready yet and so I don’t want to get people all excited and, but there will be two options for this program and it’s going to be something and again this is something I have to give Jason a lot of credit. Jason was able to see a really good opportunity as it relates to information marketers and we’re going to be launching that shortly. I’ll put it out the minute it’s done I will be getting you guys the information on it and getting everybody else involved as well. Jason anymore thoughts on that, that we sort of won’t sound like were talking mission impossible here?

Jason: No I’m just excited and look forward to talking not so cryptically to everybody on this call you know that there peers and friends so.

Fred: Yeah I apologize for that too folks I don’t mean to sound like were being idiots here but the thing is that we really don’t want to tell you about it until because your going to, I love this, your going to get so excited about the idea that if you were to tell you what it was and not be able to send you a landing page you would be angry with us and so I want to make sure that’s fully up and ready to go. Jason other then that can you tell people, I’m starting to load some of the other things on the JV partner site on Facebook, now Jason you saw a couple of those and you thought they were pretty good. I just want to remind all the partners that on Facebook on that page there, I’m starting to upload a lot of resources and the one thing I ask a favor for all the rest of the partners is this, if you, you know, if you, you know, see or read something of interest, you know, please give us the cliff notes of it that way we can have it and share it with everybody else because I think that you know it’s always great to see the original version of whatever it is but it’s always nice to have the cliff notes version as well.

Let’s see here, Dave did you have anything, Dave Hamilton you have anything you want to add? Dave Hamilton who may not be there, he may be muted or something. Bill Dewees, Bill what about the, talk to me then about when we’re talking about this in terms of the various different elements here. My idea is and I mean I just saw somebody else send some email out that was, let’s just say it was borrowing some of my material and you really have to think of product, group coaching and individual coaching as the sort of three tier model going from and I’ll do like the restaurants do here, from least expensive to most expensive and I think that this model is you know it’s really perfect for everyone of us and that means going from zero dollars in terms of product up to probably you know realistically $1000.00 and that’s per product. So that includes free and paid products. And so once we have this funnel set up here it allows people to just sort of check there price point to decide where they want to go. Bill any; do you have any questions Bill Dewees about what we need to do next?

Bill D: No let me just tell you what I’m doing. I’m getting some feedback here. Can you hear that? Okay, and just tell me if you think I should redirect my energy but I am putting a lot of energy into right now the whole tele-coaching thing which would really be the group coaching. I’m kind of working my way backwards through this thing I guess. The individual coaching of course I’ll get that together for this weekend but I’m also working on the curriculum for that, so that’s where a lot of me energy is going right now. Which I foresee being about $800.00 a head this week, you know, once a week thing.

Fred: Got it and what, how is this going to be, and now again there are a fair number of people that are teaching voice over right?

Bill D: Yeah, yeah, I mean, yeah, yeah. Probably 5 that you could name by name and maybe 10 or 15 out there that do it on a regular basis.

Fred: Okay do you see what I just put up on the screen?

Bill D: How am I different?

Fred: Yeah, in other words that’s what I want to see when were promoting this I want to see, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 as many as we can come up with for how is Bill different because chances are if somebody finds your site they will have already found or they will in the future find your competitors site and so I want to make sure that at the very, if your talking to me about your tele-coaching program here, you know, I want you to show me how is this different then all these other people that are soliciting me for the same stuff and I want those differences to be something that those competitors that competition can not match. Okay so what can we put in there, you know? So and here’s a good example, now I guess some people will do this, if so you will move it out, how many people and I would put in there, how many trainers invite you to there home/studio to really see what goes on? I do.

Bill D: Oh that’s good, yeah.

Fred: You know things like that. Another thing is, how many trainers, you know, will show you exactly how they find business that you could actually compete with them, you know, that kind of thing. In other words I would lay out because my whole thing is I think there are going to be plenty of people here that find you that are going to say okay what is different about what you do Bill, you know, I see that your other competitors here have similar programs. Why this one? Why you? Why now?

Bill D: Right, right no that makes sense and I think our number one thing is going to be the fact how many coaches actually make a decent living as a voice over artist and not as a coach.

Fred: Right and here’s the other thing now, I know that your daughter and folks listen up to this very carefully Bill’s daughter and her name is?

Bill D: Mallory

Fred: Yeah Mallory, llory correct?

Bill D: You’re correct

Fred: Okay so Mallory she scanned in all your 1099’s didn’t she?

Bill D: Right

Fred: Okay, are those, have, are those somewhere on the site yet?

Bill D: No there not on the site. We’ve got them scanned and uploaded on

Fred: Okay just make sure that you x’d out your social security number there.

Bill D: Yeah I did

Fred: Unless you have life lock of course.

Bill D: Yeah I was thinking the same thing.

Fred: So the whole idea here is here’s the thing, it’s so many people are teaching people how to do stuff and I see it with information marketing as well, many of whom aren’t making a dime doing it. So here’s the proof, how is Bill different, you know? You know does your voice over coach actually make money? Bill does. Here’s proof and then what we do is we actually show the 1099’s which there was like some ridiculous number of them, right? How many were there?

Bill D: I don’t remember off hand. See I had so many clients. A lot of little, yeah lots of them. I lot of them under the $600.00 a year too.

Fred: Yeah and so what you want to do is after you put in all those 1099’s you can say and this is just the ones I made over $600.00 with there are also x number of clients and I would list them who paid me less then and I would actually, I would actually give them a number.

Bill D: Okay, Mallory yeah she knows all that. I can get that from her.

Fred: Yeah so it would be cool for you to show me all your 1099’s and then on the bottom of it say and I made a total of $43,459.00 from an additional 26 other clients.

Bill D: Right, okay

Fred: You know because we want proof here. So if I’m going to use you as a coach there’s a couple of things, there’s another thing I want to know, not only how much did you make but how good a teacher are you because that’s another thing which is I don’t really give a rats behind how much money you made, I only care about one thing, can you teach me how to do this too?

Bill D: Right

Fred: So then the answer to that is or the next question is prove it. So then the question becomes how do you prove it?

Bill D: Well I had, you know, I wish I could say I had a lot of voice over students, I hadn’t, I had a lot of (43:40) people who work in radio and television though who I’ve taught.

Fred: Right, okay so you’ve taught them right Bill?

Bill D: Yeah, yeah

Fred: Can we get them to give you some testimonials?

Bill D: Yeah I’m sure I can dig up some testimonials.

Fred: Video better then audio better then print. So if possible get them to get on camera to give you testimonies.

Bill D: Okay

Fred: Okay because then I want to see, you know, and specifically you know answering the question, what did Bill teach you in the industry? How good a teacher was he? Would you recommend him to others?

Bill D: Okay, yeah

Fred: So let’s go through that, what did he teach you? Let’s see how good was he in training you? Would you recommend him to others? Those are the three questions we want answered in that testimonial.

Bill D: Okay

Fred: Does that make sense?

Bill D: It sure does.

Fred: Good, excellent and Avish the other thing, and by the way I keep coming back to this one thing which is anything and even for the $800.00 clients let’s go back to this, let’s go back to the $800.00 because let’s just say the tele-coaching is going to cost people $800.00 and again this is tentative pricing for 6 weeks right?

Bill D: Correct

Fred: Okay, question then is what do I get and can I call you to make sure it’s right for me? Now you don’t have to spend all day on the phone but for an $800.00 commitment you know I may want to talk to you.

Bill D: We could do that

Fred: Yes exactly so yeah call me. So now the thing that you’re going to want to do is we’re going to want to have a separate landing page for each of these programs. So the tele-coaching were going to have the $2500.00 one day max of 5 people etc and then were going to have the same with the 5k max of 3 people for 2 days and the 10k for 1 person for 3 days and we should have a separate thing laid out. It doesn’t have to be real expensive but just a separate page where you should do this.

Bill D: Okay so it doesn’t have to be, it can be within the domain right?

Fred: Yes it doesn’t have to be a separate URL.

Bill D: Okay

Fred: And you know what, now I mean eventually we might end up wanting to have separate URL’s because were just gaining real estate but for right now let’s just concentrate on getting this all down on one page. So I see 4 pages here. So 4 pages you know 1 for the tele-coaching and 1 for each of the others.

Bill D: Right and by the way the tele-coaching that I’ve included as part of the package for the other three does that make sense to you?

Fred: It does

Bill D: Alright, I just wanted to make sure you were okay with that.

Fred: What does everyone else think of that? Jason, Bill, Avish what do you think of that? Absolutely no comments.

Jason: Hey this is Jason, I just want to let you know I’m listening and I think it’s a great idea.

Fred: Okay

Bill D: Thanks Jason

Fred: Jason thank you for your support. So yeah I think that we’ve got reverb going on there. Whoever’s on we all of a sudden have feedback here. So what we’ve got is we’ve got people with 4 different options and if you think about it right now, if you look at this right on the screen you can see there’s an $800.00 option, you know, there’s a $2500.00 option, there’s a $5000.00 option, there’s a $10,000.00 option which means Bill people don’t know who you are yet and so were going to put those up but chances are and I just saw some other person, I sat in on a Webinar the other day where somebody was trying to convince people that you should sell expensive programs and my answer to that is yes if you can and your well known and if you aren’t you better have less expensive programs to let them get there feet wet with you.

Bill D: Yeah

Fred: Because I just, you know, I would want to have both. So let’s get, the other thing is on the products where do you stand with those? So we came up with you know I think there were a total of you know 70 or so topics and so how are we doing on that? Again I’m not trying to push

Bill D: Well I haven’t created anymore then you’re aware of. The last ones we recorded are the last ones that I did this past week.

Fred: Okay so what I would do though is like I said before is do we have those yet, just list them.

Bill D: Yeah I have a list and it’s not, you know, once I really work through everything and then looked at all my competitors I found out a lot of those topics really integrated into other things as well. So you know the whole points on those main topics.

Fred: Be careful because I sort of like the idea of separating things out in a very fine granular manner because I think for a couple of different reasons. I think from an SEO standpoint it’s going to help. So what Bill’s point is that he’s looking at 70 topics and he’s really from looking at his competition says really all this boils down to is 13. Well let’s separate them into 70 and then group them into categories.

Bill D: So Fred even if there like relatively short that’s okay but just keep them more granular?

Fred: Yes

Bill D: Okay that makes sense.

Fred: Yes I would keep it more granular because then what we can do is we can have a separate page or a separate topic heading that will have some benefit as well.

Bill D: Okay

Fred: Let’s see here Avish any thoughts here before we’re getting close to the end of the hour here?

Avish: I have nothing really to add. I got the 1/3 modules now off the site so that’s moving along.

Fred: Okay so let’s look at that. So it’s we now can click on products, so we click on products and here, see this is sort of cool. What we’ve done here is Avish has listed and I don’t know if everyone can see that but I’ll try to increase the size here. So under products we have getting started in the speaking business, professional speaker marketing, professional speaking mechanics. We’ve done those three correct?

Avish: Correct

Fred: I can click on any of these.

Avish: You click on it here and scroll you down to, down the page.

Fred: Okay got it. So everybody see this? You may want to take a look at this it makes a lot of sense. So now we are not yet at module 4, we haven’t completed module 4 but we will do that you know soon and were going to add and were going to eventually get to, I guess we have 7 total modules here?

Avish: Yeah as of right now. There may be another one but I’m not sure how that’s going to work.

Fred: Okay. Now these are other products that are existing and available for sell right, on the right?

Avish: Correct, yeah

Fred: So if I just click on this one I can click on more info and its going to give me a way to get that.

Avish: Yep

Fred: Perfect, good deal. So then

Avish: Now where do you come up with the $17.00, $5017.00?

Fred: That’s some copywriter that wrote that copy for me.

Avish: I like it

Fred: Yeah I mean again somebody just asked me about, I think one of the questions in the publishing a book coaching program that Avish is involved in with me and Bill and for anybody who wants to do anything in the book publishing you may want to take a look at this site, One of the things that one of the people asked who’s a coaching person in there was you know they had 10 reasons or whatever and although Moses or yeah he jumped on those 10 commandments in this day and age I would keep it, I would keep it an odd number, odd better then even to answer your question just because people tend to, an odd number, I mean if you think about it this formula can help you lose 20 pounds over night. This formula can help you lose 17 pounds. Which sounds more real?

Bill D: 17

Fred: Yeah the one that’s an odd number not rounded numbers generally tend to sound more believable. Again when you’re coming up with a number here we are sort of using the method of rectal extraction to come up with the number.

Bill D: That’s a scientific method

Fred: Yeah it’s a highly scientific method. So anybody else have any other thoughts here, we’re getting close to the end of the hour and again Jason I think that what we should probably do is next Wednesday when everything is definitely going to be fully up and running is Jason will take, will help at the very beginning of the process to let everybody know what were doing. Does that work for you Jason? I’ll take that as a yes. His silence defaults to yes in my book. Just remember that for the future guys. Anybody else have any final thoughts, comments, questions, ideas, opinions?

Jason: Hey Fred it’s Jason I just got a call from PR Web, if you remember from our last call, the call that we had during this week that I made a PR fumble and I was so enthusiastic last week about press releases that I sent out a test this week and PR Web called and I just asked them if I could have a do over. So we’ll see.

Fred: Ah nice. And so why don’t you tell people quickly what did you do wrong?

Jason: Well I did a number of things wrong, a lot of rookie mistakes. First of all I got so caught up in the enthusiasm of releasing press that I didn’t really think too much in terms of who do I actually want as a new customer, you know, so what is the purpose of my press release and long term what is my SEO objective and as much as I talked about it last week to you guys I had some good experiences before what I did differently between this time and last time was I just wasn’t as focused on my intending outcome as I was previously and I don’t know why but I got a little bit SEO happy. I bought one of the bigger, there were like 4 package deals and I bought the one that I could put as many URL’s in the body of the article that I wanted to and I just got crazy. So I have some URL’s that are going to take people in places where it’s unrelated to even what I’m talking about where I thought oh this might just be great to have it because of reason x, you know, now I look back over a lot of, I guess it’s that sinking feeling in your gut where your like it’s probably the same feeling you have where you go out to party and you’re the guy that had one too many.

Fred: Yeah

Jason: That’s a little bit how I feel here.

Fred: Yeah but the nice thing is it’s not like you spent you know $10,000.00 it’s not like you did what I did with spending tens of thousands of dollars on software that never worked.

Jason: Well that’s the thing, you know, part of information marketing is where everything is. You’re going to catch things, you’re going to make boo-boos but I think one thing is to figure out what you learned from the experience.

Fred: Well what you can do also is when we get to next week and we’ll tease a little for next week here that you can help explain sort of what you would do differently on the press releases as well as talking about that because were certainly going to want to have a press release for that.

Jason: Okay well I most certainly will.

Fred: Okay super. Anybody else with any final thoughts here or we will finish up. Going once, going twice. Well very good guys. Thank you very much for being on, all the guests thank you for participating. Tell your friends, tell your relatives. Same time, same station next week. Thank you all for being here. Well see you next time. Bye guys

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