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A Library Can Be The Info Marketer’s Best Friend

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Apparently it’s an accidental secret, but a library can be the info marketer’s best friend because it has access to different databases than the average citizen. Libraries had search engines before search engines were cool, and they are huge, powerful tools that you won’t want to overlook when you’re creating information products.

Public libraries are changing in order to serve their digitally-oriented clientele. Chris Sherman, a founding editor at SearchEngineLand quotes one librarian as saying, ““Most students have no idea what a database is and therefore get their information from Google, while the tremendous resources available online from our library go unknown and unused.”

library and information marketing

The Library and Your Information Marketing

Whew, that hit me right between the eyes… how about you?  It inspires me to go check it out for myself, to take advantage of the research tools as well as the research knowledge of the librarians. Municipalities are paying those people to help me build my info marketing business!

I don’t want to miss out on all the excitement Sherman describes,” … libraries are reinventing themselves as vibrant community-based repositories of important and sometimes eclectic print materials, but also offering a wide and creative range of services, access to apps, gadgets, community spaces and more.“

Libraries need more customers these days, just like most other local businesses. They are looking for ways to serve more people to remain relevant. Here’s one now, Bob Baker’s YouTube video about online databases.  It’s truly a gold mine for the info marketer looking to go deep into her topic to write a thorough e-book/ audio book product. You gotta love those reference footnotes!

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Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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